I think it’s truly hard to describe X-Japan’s style. They have heavy metal songs such as “Drain” but then ballads such as “Endless Rain”. Yoshiki was a musical genius and by far the most talented musician and composer in my opinion.

Yoshiki Hayashi is the creator of X-Japan, which was started in 1982, and was at the time called X. The other founding member was Toshimitsu Deyama(commonly referred to as Toshi). Yoshiki really liked KISS’ music and that American band was a primary influence on the beginnings of X. In 1987 Hideto Matsumoto(A.K.A hide) joined the band as the lead guitarist Tomoaki Ishizuka

(Pata) was also a guitarist and Taiji Sawada was the bassist, for the time being anyway. X finally renamed itself in 1992, becoming known as X-Japan; this was done since there was an American band known as X. X-Japan never really became famous outside of Japan.

Yoshiki tended to write most of X-Japan’s music and the lyrics were mostly about desperate love, death, loneliness, sadness and painful realities of life

From Left to Right: Toshi, Taiji, Yoshiki, Pata, hide

X-Japan is a Visual Kei group. Also though I hate to say it, though J-rockers tend to dress very feminish many aren’t actaully gay(though I can say a few of whome I’m sure are including hide, Yoshiki(bi) and the guy from Pierrot).

In the picture below it might come off that Yoshiki(the shirtless one) and Toshi are gay(which of course *is* a possibilty as far as I know neither has ever been married), but they are best friends. This picture is from the Last Live Concert. It was a very emotional song that they were performing called Forever Love. Really Toshi and Yoshiki were both having it hard emotionally during the song and this was a part when Yoshiki and him were hugging. When you see it for real you understand it really was them as best friends hugging. Not as lovers or anything of the sort.

X-Japan officially disbanded on September 22nd, 1997(T_T). The announced their Last Live Concert. They’ve enjoyed 16 magnificent years, gaining crowed all over Asia. They released 5 albums, 18 singles and 15 concert DVDs. X-Japan was the first band ever to sale out at Tokyo Dome. What a legacy to leave and what an example to live up to.

The only reason they never went international(which I think they should of) is that Toshi was to limited in his English. Hmph…They would have done fine singing in Japanese!

Now for the bios. ^_^ What you all have been waiting for. ^_^ They are sorta random…

Name: Yoshiki Hayashi
Birthday: November 20th, 1965
Birth Place: Chiba, Japan
Leader & Founder - Drummer - Pianist - Mad Composer

At the age of 4-5 Yoshiki began learning piano. His mother was a piano teacher. He also started learning to play the drums at the age of 10, after he had found his Father’s dead body; he had commited suicide due to some finacial situation, at the age of 33.

Yoshiki was best friends with X-Japan’s vocalist, Toshi, since kindergarten. Yoshiki, unlike Toshi, was what we would call a ‘problem child’. He was a troublemaker who made bad grades; Yoshiki only seemed to show interest in language classes which he excelled in. He is fluent in 4 langauges: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese(duh!).

Yoshiki is know for his tear storms as much as his excessive drinking. He was and is a very emotional person. He is also one of the top five celebrities to cause the most damage to a hotel room in one night, at a grand total of $60,000.

In the beginning when no one wanted to sign X, Yoshiki created his own record company, Extasy Records. Mrs. Hayashi supported her son and sold the family buisiness, giving Yoshiki all the money. Yoshiki now produces Dir en Grey and other bands (I think he had a hand in L’Arc en Ciel during their Indies era).

During X-Japan concerts, since Yoshiki is both pianist and drummer when there was a song that required both instruments one would be prerecorded and he would concentrate on the other. Yoshiki is a very intense muscian. He has broken both his wrists and his neck playing the drums; his wrists have been broken several times, but after breaking his neck he always were a brace while playing the drums.

After X-Japan disbanding in 1997 and hide’s death in Yoshikie was very shocked. He swore he would never touch a drum set again, trying to forget his tragic past. Though in recent years he has said that he hasn’t entirely accepted the premature separation of X and he still can’t look at pictures of hide, but that he must move on with his life. He said in a interview while in Korea that he missed the band and that he talks to Pata and Heath but rarely Toshi(which I find odd).

Yoshiki is now living in L.A. and is a producer. Extasy Records is a successful company that is helping struggling j-rock bands be heard. He still returns to Japan once a year to have dinner with his mother.

He has recorded various solo projects( mostly instrumental and orchestral) and he performed for the emperor of Jpan on his birthday(the emperor’s birthdy I believe). He played ‘Anniversary’.

Now for Kit’s opinion on Yoshiki. I adore him. I consider him the most talented drummer, pianist and composer that ever lived and is still living. ^_^ Mana runs a close second for composer but I have to say I enjoy Yoshiki’s songs more…sorry Mana fans. ^_~

Yoshiki is very beautiful in my opinion and I like how he is open with his emotions…sorta…

For two years after hide passed away he shut himself away from everyone but he is finally moving on and I think he is a very strong person. He throws himsefl into whatever he is doing and takes it out on himself when things go wrong.

In essence I love Yoshiki Hayashi. ^_^

Name: Hiroshi Morie(a.k.a Heath)
Birthday: January 22th, 1968
Birthplace:Hyogo, Japan

Before joining X-Japan Heath was part of bands produced under independent record labels. He was the bassist for Paranoia for two years 1987 and 1988. He was also part of Media Youth for a brief time in 1990 and then joined Majestic Isabelle. He was the bassist for this band during Exstasy Summit ’91. After that he joined Media Youth again but completely left it in June of 1992.

Heath joined X-Japan 10 months after Taiji left the group in 1992. I don’t know much about it but it is said from many sources that the first meeting between Heath and X-Japan was tense. I will try to research more and let you guys know. ^_~

In 1994 he started his solo career and since then I believe he has released a few singles and 2 abulms(which I would love to get my hands on). He was a magnificent Bassist but he could sing too! He has gone on to have a successful solo career and he has many songs that are on popular shows such as “Detective Boy Conan” which is an anime. Heath currently co-owns his own record company, M Records, with his brother.

Besides Toshiya I have to say that Heath is my favorite bassist followed closely by Yu~ki. Heath has awesome beats and he’s just…Heath. ^_~ I really do like him. I think he is very talented. I don’t know much of his personality and such but I think he seems to be a kind-hearted person.

Name: Toshimitsu Deyama(A.K.A. Toshi)
Birthday: October 10th, 1965
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan

As I said previously Toshi and Yoshiki were friends since Kindergarten. Yoshiki was picked for Toshi’s first kiss since their mothers thought it would make a kawaii picture. Toshi did very well in the structured enviroment of high school and held a 90% average and was planning on attending a reknowned university to study medicine…but then Yoshiki happened…

Before Toshi went of to uni, Yoshiki asked Toshi if he would come with him to Tokyo and form a J-rock band. After deliberating for several days he agreed. And so started the legacy of X-Japan.

Some say that Toshis the root of X-Japan’s separation. I really don’t think so…If you watch the last live he was obviously besides Yoshiki the most upset about it. Though…he has recordered some solo works that reflect different emotions than X-Japan, though I don’t know if this is grounds to say that he is the reason X-Japan disbanded.

Toshi is performing in dinky places such as supermarket parking lots, bars and shopping malls so in other words…he ain’t doing so hot. I think it’s unfornate that so many X-Japan fans blame him for the premature separation of X-Japan which has ultimately led to his failure as a solo artist.

But nothing last forever. I’m thankful that there was 10 awesome years that they gave us. They have fans around the globe and we can still share their songs.

I love Toshi a lot. I think he has a wonderful voice that few can rival in my book. Those few being Kyo, Klaha and Gackt. ^_^ He was a very fun guy and also very emotional though not as much off kilter as Yoshiki and hide were. ^_^ He was very stable in my opinion. I think he is an awesome musician and I hope no one ever forgets him. ^_^

- Nothing Last Forever, Because Forever Fades... - ~ Yoshiki

Name: Tomoaki Ishizuka(a.k.a Pata)
Birthday: November 4th, 1965
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan

Pata joined the band in 1987 he is the backup guitarist(hide being the lead guitar). I think Pata is very skilled and I do like his style though hide was much better. ^_~ He is very shy, which you can tell from the performances. He is very reserved and dresses as such. *chuckles* You almost have to wonder what he’s doing in a Visual Kei group.

Another thing about Pata is that he is rarely seen with out his good friend Jack Daniels(that’s whiskey in case you didn’t know).

After X-Japan disbanded Pata started working on solo projects. His solo career is a reflection of his classic guitar style and have a jazzy sorta sound to them. He has many instrumental pieces and has been compared to Joe Satriani(who I have no idea who that is). In his solo work Pata’s talent really shines though, showing us the maginicifcent guitarist he was, when you couldn’t see that while he was playing in hide’s shadow. Also before hide’s death he appeared as a guest guitarist on albums and tours.

As I’ve said I enjoy Pata’s playing. I enjoy him in general besides the fact he ain’t so hot looking. ^_^ I like like him with the black curly hair the best though the mohawk is just a little weird on him. Regardless of his looks he is an awesome muscian and I wouldn’t mind at some point finding his music and buying it.

Name: Hideto Matsumoto(a.k.a. hide(pronounced He-dey))
Birthday: December 13th 1964
Birthplace:Yokosuka, Japan
Guitarist - Backing Vocals

I’m planning on doing a whole separate essay on hide so his bio is not going to be extensive. ^_~

I find it hard to belive that when hide enrolled in primary school he was overweight, an outcast and teased by his classmates. Shiittttt he’s fucking beanpole in X-Japan LOL. ^_^ In Secondary II he started liking KISS and he bought his first guitar in Secondary III; it was a Gibson guitar, which caused his classmates to dub him ‘Gibson’.

After that hide when to costume school. He was about to graduate with Yoshiki asked him to join the band(Yoshiki has a way of ruining people’s educations!).

Hide was very compassion and at the end of 1995 he met with fan riddled with Peripheral Nerve Regenerative Disorder; there are only a few people in the world with a serious case of this disease. In 1996 he registered himself as a bone marrow transplant donor for a fangirl which he stayed in contact with in the years to come before his death.

During his time with X-Japan he worked on his solo albums. After X-Japan he performed with Zilch and Spread Beaver. Still continueing his solo work, I believe.

Hide holds the world record for throwing a TV the farthest…from a hotel window…I think he must have been drunk. In fact he did a lot of crazy things while he was drunk(not to mention accidently suffocating himself to death T_T). In 1997, hide injured seriously himself two times; he broke his skull in several places and then broke his ankles…both times he was drunk.

On May 2nd, 1998 at 7 A.M., hide was found deat. He was hanging from a doorknob in his apartment bedroom.(I can explain this later in my essay about him or if you are really curious I will tell you. But it wasn’t suicide though many say it is. It has officially been said that it wasn’t and none of his friends belive it was. But I am willing to explain but it is 4:25 A.M and I want to get this done so I need to finish Taiji).

There is no spelling mistake when I spell ‘hide’ with a lower case. That is the way hide did it so that is the way I do it. ^_^

I love hide. He is my favorite guitarist. ^_~ He was multitalented and I still enjoy his music and I wish he was still alive to create new music. T_T Though I do enjoy the gift that he left behind. ^_^

Name: Taiji Sawada
Birthday: December 7th, 1966
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan

Okay I will *try* to be nice…But I will say up front I don’t like Taiji. I don’t like his music.I promise you that I will be honest with the facts. ^_^

Taiji joined X in 1987; he was fired in 1992.

Yoshiki and he lived together before he joined. It is said that Yoshiki had to ask Taiji to put the cap on the toothpaste every single morning.(I just thought that was funny and had to share). But the fact that they lived together makes me wonder…heheeheh just wishful thinking…but it could be true you know. *wink wink*

Taiji was an assertive person who believed in equality in the management of X-Japan. He believed that they should all do the same amount of work and receive the same amount of money, espcially the work part. Taiji complained to Yoshiki that some of his songs that he had written with hide that were good weren’t accepted on the ‘Blue Blood’ album. At the same time he was arrested and charged for I believe it was assault and battery or something of the sort.

Yoshiki finally fired Taiji when he began asserting the equity of royalities on CDs, videos, etc. And the final reason is that X didn’t *need* two leaders. Taiji was simply to opinated and controlling. He and Yoshiki tended to clash on writing and song arrangements. Taiji later assumes in his autobiography that Yoshiki was simply to tired to argue with him…or in my opinion didn’t want to waste his time doing so.

With the bassist gone it was rumored that X would die off; they wouldn’t be able to survive without a bassist. Yet X-Japan managed another 5 succeful year of albums and concerts. ^_~

After he left X-Japan he joine dup with Loudness and shortly thereafter quit them also (he seems like a quitter to me..sorry I really am trying to be nice…).

Taiji formed his own band DTR in 1994 and of course that didn’t work out and they disbanded soon after they were formed. In the same year Taiji divorced his wife and wandered throughout Japan. He admited that he attempted suicide several times but simply couldn’t go through with hit.

Taiji attened hide’s funeral and saw the members of X-Japan for the first time since he had left X. And after all that Taiji decided it was time to live as a muscian again(DAMN IT!…I really am trying! I could say much worse!). He then joined Cozy Powell. In May of 2000 he released his autobiography(which I’m sorta interested in reading). He currently has a new band called Cloud Nine…

I refrain from making any comments about him as I have nothing nice to say.

Forever Love

Lyrics / Music : Yoshiki

Alone, I'll not go foward anymore The winds of time are too strong
I'm going to live in future with
This wound you've done to me..

Ah this embrace
In my still burning heart
In these times where nothin counts
My love will never change

Will you hold my heart
Stopping my tears
Still falling into pieces is
All my heart

Forever Love Forever Dream
Only my emotions
Bury those meaningless moments
Oh Tell me why

All I see is blue in my heart

Will you stay with me
I'll wait till the wind passes
Still flowing endlessly are
All my tears

Forever Love Forever Dream
Stay by my side
Hold my heart that is falling into pieces in the dawn
Oh Stay with me

Ah everything I care for seems to vanish
In this endless night
What am I going to lose again
If everything left has no value anymore?

Forever Love Forever Dream
Stay by my side
Hold my heart that is falling apart in the dawn

Ah Will you stay with me
Till the storm ends
Still stay with me

Forever Love Forever dream
I'm never going to take that path again
Oh Tell me why Oh Tell me true
Show me how to live

Forever Love Forever Dream
In my flooding tears
Gorgeous seasons are succeeding themselves again and again
Forever Love...

From Left to Right: Pata, Toshi, Yoshiki, hide, and Heath(actually it could be Taiji)

From Left to Right: hide, Toshi, Yoshiki, Pata, and Heath(actually it could be Taiji)

That’s all I hope this wasn’t to boring for you all. ^_^

Written by: Anestel

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