“Ow, ow, ow, ow,” Jun whimpered, snatching his hand back from the handle. “You didn’t turn the stove off, Kirito!” he whined.

“Un…You didn’t tell me to ne,” Kirito called from his perch on the couch. Dragon Fist was blaring from the TV and Kirito watched Jackie Chan in the current fight scene that was playing.

“Did to! You would hear me if you’d turn off that movie sometime today,” Jun said, running cool water over his fingers. “Ow, ow, ow, ow,” he mumbled, reaching with his other hand to turn off the stove. “Next time I’m just going to feed you Inagos,” he hissed but loud enough for Kirito to hear.

“From your family’s confectionary store?” Kirito smirked and heard Jun make an annoyed sound. “What you make anyway?” he asked, moving to lean on the breakfast bar.

“Who cares what I made? My hand really, really, *really* hurts!” Jun whined, shaking it slightly.

“Mind over matter, Jun. What’d you fix?” Kirito asked again, pushing dark hair back from his face.

“Shrimp stir fry with rice if you must know,” Jun answered, reaching for a potholder and moving the pan to the table. “Set the table, please.”

“You set it,” Kirito countered, going back to the couch and turning the movie back on, smiling slightly. He really didn’t like to annoy Jun.

Jun pouted but got out the plates and set the table, setting the chopsticks down last. He sat the pan on a metal plate in the center of the table and spooned a serving onto both plates. “Come eat, Kirito,” he said, glancing in the living room.

Kirito waited a moment and finally switched off the VCR and TV. “It was just getting to the good part!” he complained good-naturedly.

“You’ll get over it. You’ve watched that movie about a dozen times today. I’m beginning to think you like Jackie Chan more than me,” Jun pouted as he sat in his seat and picked up the chop sticks.

“How could I like him more than you? You look like him…but younger…and cuter…and all mine!” Kirito teased, beginning to eat, glancing at his boyfriend playfully. “You really are so cute, especially when you pout like that!”

Jun blushed slightly. “Baka,” he mumbled, “and I’m not pouting!” He ate slowly, pushing the food around his plate an obvious pout plastered on his face.

Kirito sighed. “Can’t you take a joke, Jun? We’ve known each other a long time. You should know how I act by now,” he said, reaching over to push the other’s lighter colored hair out of his face. “Forgive me, Jun?” he asked, putting on his best puppy face.

Jun sighed. “On one condition…” he started. “That you tell the rest of the guys about us,” he said, “I want to know that you aren’t ashamed of me but it’s just that… I mean we’ve been dating for over 4 years and you still haven’t even told Kohta! Sometimes I’m just scared you are hiding me because you’re embarassed.”

Kirito chuckled softly before bursting out laughing. “You are so silly, Jun. Everyone all ready knows!” he snorted, his face nearly falling in his food when he saw the look that Jun gave him.

Jun’s big eyes were larger and rounder than usual his face seeming to fight over whether it should pale or flush red. The beautiful mouth that Kirito loved to ravish was open, forming a perfect ‘O’. “How? When? I…when did you tell them?!” he sputtered.

“They saw us that one time we did it in the tour bus and we thought no one was around…” Kirito said, trying not to laugh at his lover’s embarassed reactions to much.

Jun finally gave up trying to react to such a revelation and finally said, “I love you, Kirito.”

Kirito smiled. “I love you too, Jun,” he murmured, his cheeks actually turning a little red, now it was Jun’s turn to laugh and laugh he did.


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