Chapter One - Tonight is Ours

“But, Ada…no…I can’t,” Legolas argued with his father. Tears welled in his blue eyes. His heart was breaking. Legolas’ father couldn’t do this to him. He didn’t want this. He wanted to stay here with his love.

“You will marry Prince Elladan to seal the peace negotiations. You will live in Imladris and you will obey Prince Elladan and you will no longer be my heir.” Thranduil said coldly. He didn’t care if he hurt his son; he only cared how to better his kingdom and this treaty would be very profitable for Mirkwood.

Legolas let out a loud sob and turned away and ran to his chambers. Saelbeth glared at Thranduil angrily before he ran after the young prince. He found him curled up on what had become their bed. A tear slipped from the Advisor’s eyes as he watched his beloved suffer. “Oh Legolas, I tried…I did my best…I’m so sorry.” Saelbeth said mournfully.

Legolas looked at Saelbeth and held out his arms for the other to join him. He buried his face in Saelbeth’s neck. “I don’t want to marry him. I want to marry you.” Legolas whispered into the other’s neck.

Saelbeth held him close, “Let’s make the best of the time we have. We…after you leave, we can write each other.” Saelbeth said softly.

“Yes, but it won’t be the same you…we…” He stared to cry again, his slim shoulders shaking with the force of sobs.

“Shh… love, everything will work out someday. True love can conquer all.” Saelbeth murmured.

Legolas kissed the other’s neck and nodded. “I love you.” He whispered and lay back and pulled Saelbeth on top of him. “Make love to me, Sael. I need to feel you inside me this last night.” Legolas whispered. He would be leaving in the morning and would probably never see his home or lover again.

Saelbeth held him close and then slowly undressed them. He pressed their bodies and lips together. “I love you, my prince. I will take no lover except you,” Saelbeth vowed. He grabbed a knife form the table and cut his finger. He held it to Legolas’ lips. “Take it please, Melamin.” He pleaded. “With this blood, I bind my heart, mind, body, and soul to you.”

Legolas felt a surge of strength flow through his body and his eyes widened. When Saelbeth removed his finger, he said. “Saelbeth th…you shouldn’t have!”

“I had to; you’ll need my strength. I love you and through the bond, I will still be with you.” Saelbeth whispered fiercely and then put Legolas’ legs on his shoulder. Gently he pressed his hard length into Legolas’ tight entrance. Saelbeth moaned lowly and leaned down to kiss Legolas to keep them both quiet.

Legolas moaned into Saelbeth’s mouth and pushed against him. Saelbeth paused when he had fully sheathed himself. Legolas squirmed, wanting him to move.

Saelbeth felt tears in his eyes as he began to thrust hard and deep into his lover. He finally broke the kiss, needing air. “Legolas, I love you.” He panted as he thrust hard and fast. He reached between them and stroked Legolas’ burning member.

The younger elf moaned and quickly spilled himself over Saelbeth and his own body. “Ai, Sael!” he cried and felt his muscles tighten around the other’s member inside him. Saelbeth groaned Legolas’ name as he reached his climax. When the orgasm was finished, he pulled out slowly and curled up next to Legolas. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Legolas murmured as he ran his fingers through Saelbeth’s hair.

Saelbeth smiled at him. “Let’s make this night special and happy so you’ll be able to hold onto it no matter what happens,” he said as he caressed the other’s cheek.

Legolas nodded and leaned into his hand. “Yes, m’love, tonight is ours.” Legolas said with a slight smile.

“Yes, tonight is ours.” Saelbeth murmured before claiming Legolas’ lips again in a lock of passionate love, hope and desire.


Chapter Two - Till We Meet Again

The sound of knocking woke the sated couple; they had only just fallen asleep. Legolas opened his eyes and smiled at his love. Sadness was in the back of their eyes but they had promised each other only happy memories.

Legolas crawled out of bed and pulled on a robe. He opened the door; it was one of the guards telling him it was almost time to go. “Thank you,” Legolas murmured and as he shut the door. “Oh Sael…I can’t,” he whispered as he began dressing.

Saelbeth held back sobs as he watched his lover. “We can do this, Melme. We have to. Till we meet again, I will always be with you. Remember I love you.” He pulled the other close and bestowed him with a passionate kiss. “Till we meet again, Legolas.”

“Till we meet again, Saelbeth.” Legolas answered as he clung to Saelbeth. “I love you and I always will. I will remember you binding yourself to me. It will help me survive…Remember to write…”

“How could I forget?” Saelbeth asked.

There was another knock, it was time to go.


Legolas curled upon his sleeping blanket and stared into the fire. His heart ached for home and Saelbeth. It had been a week since the entourage had left. They were almost to Imladris, one more day. Legolas had one more day to be his own. He thanked the Valar that he wouldn’t have to be bound to the prince. His father had done that much for him. He would be married to Prince Elladan and would be there for the prince’s needs. Just one more day…


Saelbeth glared at King Thranduil. “How dare you do that to Prince Legolas!” he seethed angrily.

“It’s none of your concern, Saelbeth.” The King answered coldly.

“Sire! I’m your chief advisor! You didn’t even consult me!” Saelbeth said on the verge of yelling.

“Get out! Leave my sight until I call for you,” Thranduil yelled angrily, his face flushed crimson.

Saelbeth turned around and stomped out. He went to Legolas’ chambers and lay on the bed. He could still smell his lover’s scent on the bed. He closed his eyes. A week…This week had been an eternity.


Chapter Three - Possession

Legolas sighed sadly as they rode past the gates of Imladris. They took him straight to Elrond’s home. Elrond, Arwen, Erestor, Glorfindel and the twins had come out to greet him. He looked down and sighed again. Gracefully, he slipped off his horse and went to stand before them.

“Welcome, Legolas.” Elrond said and smiled at him. “Are you ready for the wedding?” He asked.

Legolas looked at him in shock. He would have thought they would have given him time to settle in and get to know Elladan before…before the marriage. “Now?” he asked still in disbelief.

“Yes, now.” Elrond answered him and looked at him oddly. The twins snickered and Arwen hid her giggles behind her hand.

Legolas blushed and looked down. “I suppose I’m ready” he whispered and thought, ‘Not that I have much choice.’ He looked at his future husband and sighed. At least he could tell the twins apart. He had met them a few times before but only a few words had been exchanged at the time.

Elladan smiled coyly and went to him and took his hand. Legolas closed his eyes and followed them into the Hall of Fire. There the ceremony was performed and they were married. A feast was served with Elladan and Legolas as the guests of honor.

Legolas didn’t eat much and felt sick. He was relieved when it was over and Elladan led him to their chambers. Nervousness and apprehension made his hands tremble. Would he have to let Elladan take him tonight? His heart ached for Saelbeth, the only one that had ever touched him intimately. Legolas shook his head to keep from sobbing.

“Welcome to your new home,” Elladan said softly as he ushered the blonde Sinda into the room. The younger elf was more than he had hoped for. He had met him before when Legolas was just an elfling. He closed the door and then turned to his new husband.

Legolas stood still and then looked at Elladan. He fidgeted nervously and looked down. Elladan sat down on the edge of the bed and patted the place beside him. Legolas joined him and wrung his hands together in his lap.

Elladan rubbed Legolas’ neck. “Why are you so nervous?” He purred into Legolas’ ear as he moved closer.

“I…I’m not nervous.” Legolas stammered and forced himself not to tense more under Elladan’s touch.

“Hmm...But you are a beautiful one.” Elladan whispered as he gently pushed Legolas back onto the bed. He frowned when the blond struggled. “You are mine, Legolas. You will obey me. Is that understood? Your only purpose in life now is my pleasure.”

Legolas whimpered softly and realized that his desires and dreams were being taken away from him forever. He was beginning to understand that he had become nothing but a possession and Elladan was his master.

“I understand.” He answered, anger and resentment in his voice, but helplessness at the powerlessness he felt to do anything.

Elladan smiled. “Good, I don’t want to hurt you but I will if you disobey me.” He said and straddled Legolas’ hips. “Have you ever been taken?” He asked as he ground his erection against Legolas. He felt the younger one’s member begin to slowly harden against its will.

Legolas felt the familiar tingling of arousal and fought it. “Yes,” he whispered and remembered nights with Saelbeth. Especially that last night. They had made love and talked until they both fell asleep exhausted.

Elladan smiled. Virgins were always fun but he wasn’t in the mood to be gentle so it was good Legolas had some experience. He wanted to go hard and fast. He pulled off his robe and noticed Legolas’ shock that he wore nothing underneath. He shrugged and started to pull off Legolas’ clothes, Tearing them in his impatience. He nudged Legolas’ legs apart and positioned himself between them. “Oh, Legolas, a rule…inside this room you call me master and do as I say.” With that, he thrust into the other hard and fast, his head thrown back in ecstasy.

Legolas groaned and writhed in pain as Elladan thrust into him and gave him no time to adjust. Legolas had never been taken like this. Saelbeth had always been gentle and loving. Legolas felt his arousal fade as the brutal thrusting went on. As his member became soft, his body became likewise limp, allowing the invasion but refusing to respond.

Elladan smiled at how helpless Legolas was and thrust harder. Finally after what seemed like hours, Elladan climaxed.

Legolas felt the softening member leave his body and sighed with relief. He felt Elladan pull him close and closed his eyes.

“Next time, Legolas…I will expect you to respond and love what I do.” Elladan murmured as he fell asleep, completely sated.

Legolas cried silently and reached out with his mind toward Saelbeth but failed. He was too tired and weak. Saelbeth was probably asleep anyway. Legolas was alone and he would just have to get used to this life as a possession.


Chapter Four - What did we do wrong?

It seemed an eternity that Legolas had been gone. Saelbeth’s heart wept and through their bond, he could sense the young Prince’s distress and unhappiness. It pained him that he couldn’t save the Prince. He did all he could and sent every ounce of strength he could spare.

At night, he relived that night before Legolas left that special night he had bound himself to Legolas. Oh, how he wanted to speak to him! Would they be condemned to a love they could only express in letters? Cursed to never see the face of their beloved again? What had they done so wrong to be punished by the Valar?

These questions ran through Saelbeth’s mind and he fought back bitterness. He had to hope, he had to be strong…for Legolas. With determination he took out a pen and paper and began to write to the blond prince who held his heart.

My dearest Legolas,

Oh, Love I miss you. My heart aches for your presence. My arms long to embrace your warm body and feel you close to me. My feet want to run to where you are, so that my eyes may look upon your beauty and so that my ears may hear your melodious voice. That I might smell your sweet scent and that my soul might not be so burdened.

Oh Legolas, Oh my love, tell me what evil thing we have done to deserve such cruel punishment from the Valar. My soul cries out to yours. Can you hear it, Legolas? Can you hear it across the miles? Can you feel my love and strength where you are, so far away from my side? Have you forgotten me? Oh, please tell me you have not forgotten me. Tell me you love me and you still want me. Oh, Legolas, I do miss you so. Write back to me my love.

All My Love,


Saelbeth wiped a stray tear from his cheek as he folded the letter and sealed it, addressing it to Legolas. When it was done, he stumbled to his bed and cried himself to sleep. Maybe morning light would bring a new day, but in his heart he knew it was not so. The sun would never rise in his heart again.


“Don’t they understand? Can they not see? I’m not a monster. It wasn’t my desire! I fought it, I did!” Thranduil whispered in a broken voice into the void darkness of his room. “I didn’t wish to hurt my only son. I was thinking only of myself and my kingdom and for that selfishness…I can never be forgiven.”


Chapter Five - Meetings

Legolas sighed as he crawled out of bed. Three weeks he and Elladan had been married. He could never remember being so miserable in his life. It was not that Elladan was so cruel; Legolas could have been in a worse position. It was just that every time Elladan touched him, he felt as if he was betraying Saelbeth.

Why did this happen to them? What great sin had he and Saelbeth done to deserve this hell? Legolas shook his head. They had done nothing wrong. This was the result of his father's cruelty, and the Valar had allowed it. 'Oh Nienna, please hear my prayers,' thought Legolas.

A knock on the door startled him as he finished buttoning his robe. The only type of clothing he was allowed to wear, he reflected bitterly, was robes. He missed leggings and tunics, but most of all, he missed his freedom. With a sigh, Legolas opened the door and smiled at the servant. His name was Lenwë, if the Sinda remembered correctly. "May I help you, Lenwë?" Legolas asked.

Lenwë bowed. "This letter came for you from Mirkwood, Sir. Also, Lord Glorfindel requests an audience with you."

"Where and when shall I meet him?" Legolas asked as he took the letter. "I'll come back at noon to escort you to his chambers for lunch," Lenwë answered and bowed again before leaving.

Legolas sighed as he shut the door and went back to the desk and sat down to read the letter. Gently, he broke the seal and unfolded the letter. He smiled when he saw Saelbeth's handwriting.

My dearest Legolas,

…Legolas, my love, tell me what horrendous thing we have done to warrant such a dark fate from the Valar! My soul cries out to yours! Can you hear it, Legolas? Can you hear it across the miles? Can you feel my love and strength where you are, so far away from my side? Have you forgotten me? Please, tell me you have not forgotten me. Tell me you love me and you still want me. Oh, Legolas, I do miss you so. Write back to me, my prince!

All My Love,


Legolas smiled at the letter and caressed its words as if they were the writer's face. He missed Saelbeth terribly. Would they ever be together again? Time passed quickly as he read and reread the letter. A knock on the door startled him, and he quickly put the letter away in his old traveling pack. Elladan would never look there. He then opened the door. Lenwë bowed "It is noon, m'lord; are you ready to go see Lord Glorfindel?"

"Yes," Legolas answered and sighed as the other led him to the blond Elf-lord's room. He wondered why the ancient Elda was calling him. Had he done something wrong? No, Elladan would have handled that.

When they had reached the door, Lenwë knocked and then left, leaving Legolas alone outside Glorfindel's room. The Elda finally opened the door and smiled warmly at Legolas. He ushered the younger Elf inside and to the prepared lunch. "Sit down," he said indicating one of the chairs, while Glorfindel sat in the other.

Legolas sat down nervously and watched Glorfindel. He began eating, wondering when Glorfindel would tell him why he had been called here.

"Legolas, you're probably wondering what you are doing here. The reason is simple. I've noticed how miserable you are, and I'd like to become friends with you. Everyone knows how Elladan can be, and you'll need friends like me," Glorfindel said as he looked up from his plate, casting his powerful and commanding gaze upon Legolas.

Legolas bit his lip and nodded. "Your friendship would honor me," he said as he dared to look up and offer Glorfindel a weak smile. He knew he could trust the other Elf.

Glorfindel smiled back. "I will keep anything you tell me private, Legolas," he said, confirming Legolas' thoughts. "Feel free to seek out my company at any time. I'm here for you."

Legolas grinned and felt a lot better. "Thank you, Glorfindel." They went back to eating, saying nothing further. After lunch, Glorfindel spent most of the afternoon showing Legolas around Imladris, as Legolas had spent most of his time in the confines of Elladan's chambers. The Elda told him stories and did his best to cheer the young prince. He hoped someday Legolas would trust him completely. Hopefully, that day was not far off.


"Elladan, ionen, he is a Prince. Give him at least some respect,” Elrond told his son. He had been watching Elladan treat Legolas no better than a dog, and he was fed up with it. "He's your husband, and you will treat him as such!"

Elladan gritted his teeth and then answered, his jaw clenched. "Yes, Ada, but if he disrespects or disobeys me, I have the right to force him to obey and respect me!"

Elrond shook his head. Elladan truly was going to ruin any chance of having a happy, or even content, lover. Elrond knew that someday his son would regret these actions.


Chapter Six - Used

Legolas sighed as he tired to concentrate on his book. Elladan said he had a surprise for him, leaving Legolas with a cold lump of fear in his gut. His husband had been gone for an hour; he should be home soon.

A few minutes later, Elladan stepped into their room with a human close behind him. The Half-Elf smiled at Legolas. “Legolas, this is Estel.”

The Sinda bowed his head politely to the Man, ignoring the lusty looks Estel sent him. Legolas shivered and brought his gaze to Elladan “Estel has been away with the Rangers of the North, tracking Orcs. He is a very good friend of mine,” Elladan said.

Estel smiled at the beautiful Wood Elf lying on the bed. He would have to thank Elladan later for giving him this opportunity. “Hello, Legolas,” came the sultry voice of Isilidur’s heir.

Elladan sat down on the bed absently stroking Legolas’ silky golden hair. “Do you like him?” Elladan asked Estel. The Man nodded, his eyes roving over the lithe body of the Prince. “Do you want to try him?” Elladan offered.

Legolas gasped in surprise. “Elladan!” he protested. “I will not.” Elladan slapped Legolas with a resounding crack, causing a small whimper to escape the young Elf’s mouth. “Elladan, please,” he begged, but was promptly struck again. His cheek was turning an ugly purple.

“Legolas, you will learn your place. You are nothing. You are only here to pleasure others with your body. That is your purpose. You are my slut, and you will spread your legs for whoever I tell you to,” Elladan hissed into Legolas’ ear. He grabbed between Legolas’ legs and squeezed cruelly. “You’re mine, and I want to share you with my friend. So, undress and do whatever Estel tells you.”

Legolas nodded dumbly, giving his reluctant his consent and undressed. He then lay back on the bed waiting for Estel’s instructions.

Estel undressed after Legolas returned to the bed. Elladan moved to sit in a chair, leaving the bed to the Elf and the Man. Estel smiled lasciviously at Elladan, climbing beside golden Elf. He whispered against the delicately pointed ear, “Dearest Legolas, if you obey me, I will be gentle and not hurt you, but if you don’t…” He let the words trail off, the threat thick in the warning.

Legolas nodded; his wide blue eyes studied the Man fearfully. “Spread your legs for me, Legolas,” Estel murmured. Legolas obediently parted his thighs. His eyes filled with tears. How can this be? Elladan was bad enough, now he was expected to pleasure others as well? A sob choked in his throat, and he looked away.

Estel pitied Legolas as he took him and was as gentle as he dared with Elladan in the room. He did his best to pleasure Legolas, and he found his release as swiftly as he could. Legolas felt so good around him, the temptation to prolong the act was strong, but he didn’t give in. Not long after Estel and Legolas climaxed together, Estel pulled away, cleaning himself of his fluids. “Thank you, Elladan,” he said, slipping into his pants. “You’re a lucky Elf.”

Elladan smiled and nodded, “I’m pleased you enjoyed ‘it’. You have my permission to use it anytime you please.”

Estel nodded, leaving quickly as guilt set in for using the Elf in such a way.

When they were alone again, Elladan went to the bed and kissed Legolas sweetly. “Very good, sleep now,” was all he said before leaving. Legolas stared at the door after it had closed. He felt violated, used and worthless. Why hadn’t he fought Estel? Maybe Elladan was right about him. Later that night, Elladan came in drunk with another friend… one not as compassionate as Estel…


Chapter Seven - Save Him

Saelbeth’s heart tightened in his chest; Legolas’ anguish gripped him. He bit back a scream as pain engulfed him, filling him with rage and worry. Saelbeth fell to the bed, clenching the sheets, focusing his attention on the bond he shared with Legolas. He sent as much strength he possibly could, lacing love and devotion into it.

Finally, he succumbed to darkness of oblivion.


Hours later, Saelbeth woke with pain in his body and sorrow in his heart. He felt grief through the bond and tried to send his lover comfort; if only Legolas knew and understood… A sob caught in his throat, and he buried his face his pillow. Oh, he loved Legolas. He would take the younger Elf’s place if he could. Despair gripped Saelbeth’s heart as he stumbled out of bed and changed his clothes. He went swiftly to the chambers of the only Elf that could undo this mess.

Thranduil opened the door after the second knock, and Saelbeth bowed his head to the King. Thranduil’s usually full, golden tresses were flat and dull, and it had lost its radiance. Dark smudges marred the delicate skin beneath the great King’s eyes; his shoulders were slumped and his pallor was that of death. Saelbeth looked at him, almost feeling compassion, before he remembered what this Elf had done to his own son. "Sire…" he said, straightening his back and lifting his chin.

Thranduil nodded at the other, bowing his head. "Saelbeth, what is it?" he asked as he opened the door further, motioning for the younger Elf enter the King's rooms. The chamber was extravagant, as was expected of King Thranduil. The bedclothes were made of crimson silk; the furnishings were plush and grand. With a sigh, Thranduil poured himself and Saelbeth goblets of wine. He offered Saelbeth the glass and took up his own.

Saelbeth took the glass with a nod of gratitude and took a sip of the strong wine before beginning. "My Lord, something terrible is happening to Legolas; I can feel it. They are hurting him!" Saelbeth said, the pain of his lover's suffering lending him strength. "We must save him; we must bring him back!" His eyes were troubled as he stared into the eyes of his King and friend. At least, they had once been friends, but at that moment, Saelbeth wasn’t so confident. "Elladan is not treating him right. Please, please save him, m’lord," he begged, his voice hoarse with emotion. "Bring him home."

Thranduil shook his head sadly, not meeting the Elf's eyes. "You know that I cannot. I signed a treaty. Legolas is Elladan’s, and Elladan can do as he desires. I’m sorry, Saelbeth, but my hands are bound. We can not risk breaking our alliance with Imladris."

The King then looked at Saelbeth, his eyes haunted. "No matter the cost." Thranduil's eyes clouded with sadness. "Do you think I want him there? Do you think I wanted my heir to become a plaything of some Imladrin half-breed?" he asked fiercely, and Saelbeth know these questions were not meant to be answered.

"I see. Peace is more important than the welfare of your own son?" Saelbeth snapped bitterly, standing and pacing angrily. "I love Legolas, Thranduil! I am bound to him! I feel everything he endures. I am in almost constant pain. Please, my Lord, bring him home, before they break him beyond out ability to repair." The Wood Elf ceased his pacing and turned his burning eyes to the King once more. "Thranduil they *will* kill him."

Thranduil shook his head. "I cannot. Now, leave before you overstep yourself and anger me. Leave me to my grief in peace," he said softly, and looking away from Saelbeth.

Saelbeth quietly exited the room with tears streaming down his face. "I will save you Legolas." he said vehemently. "I swear by the Valar," Saelbeth vowed, heading to his quarters where he fell into a fitful reverie.


Chapter Eight - Morning After

Legolas awoke to a throbbing throughout his body, and the scenes from the previous night replaying in his head. How could Elladan have done this to him? The other Man had been cruel, not like Estel, and Legolas could barely force himself out of bed.

His pale ivory skin was covered in ghastly patches of purple and black and several cuts and dried blood covered his chest, buttocks and back. With difficulty, the beaten elf made the trek to the desk. Taking out a parchment and quill, he began to write Saelbeth.

Dearest Saelbeth,

I miss you so much. Life is so empty without you by my side. I am doing well. I’ve made a good friend, Glorfindel. He has befriended me, and I am ever so grateful to him for his kindness. Other than that, life is dull here without you. My longing for you ensures I cannot enjoy much else. Elladan treats me well; do not worry.

Imladris is a beautiful place; an eternal autumn with beautiful colored leaves. There are many waterfalls, though I have not had the time to enjoy them; I hope that one day I will.

What I hope for more than time to enjoy waterfalls is for us to be together again in Mirkwood, in my beloved home. We must hold onto that hope, otherwise we have no chance. Do not give up, Saelbeth; do not give up on hope or our love. Someday we will be together again.

I love you,


Legolas sighed as he pressed Elladan’s seal onto the paper. He fingered it before setting it down and writing Saelbeth’s name on the envelope. A soft knock at the door startled him, and he limped weakly to it. “Who is it?” he called through the door.

“Glorfindel,” came the muffled answer. Legolas grabbed his robe and tied it around himself lightly before returning to the door and opening it for his friend.

“Meldir, how are…” the Elda’s words trailed off as he caught sight of Legolas. The Sinda's face had several bruises, and one of his cheeks had a small cut on it. “By the Valar, what happened to you?”

“It is all right, Glorfindel. It looks worse than it is,” Legolas answered softly, letting the other in and shutting the door behind him. He limped to one of the more plushy chairs and sat down gingerly. “Come sit down,” he said with a smile at the blonde Elf.

Glorfindel didn’t really believe Legolas, but didn’t press the matter. “What have you been up to this morning?” he asked as he sat down on the chair across from the Sinda. “I wrote a letter to Saelbeth,” Legolas said quietly. The last time they had talked, Legolas had confided in Glorfindel about his relationship with Saelbeth. The Elda had warned him to be very careful in the correspondence.

“I see. Would you like to give to me? I can make sure it gets delivered,” Glorfindel asked, and Legolas nodded. The Sinda stood and retrieved the letter, handing it to Glorfindel. “Thank you, Legolas," Glorfindel continued, "I shall make sure it gets to Mirkwood safely.”

“Thank you, meldir,” Legolas replied with a soft smile.

“Legolas, I know you're hurt; you're limping, and you have bruises and a cut on your face. What happened?” Glorfindel’s voice was low and filled with concern, looking at the young prince who had been taken captive, stripped of his title and position.

“Elladan brought a Man last night and let him use me. He was cruel; he flogged and beat me. Elladan just watched,” Legolas said in a choked voice.

Glorfindel’s azure eyes flared with anger and hatred. “How dare he,” the Elda fumed, standing up and stalking out of the room, leaving a stunned Legolas staring after him.


“Elrond, something must be done,” Glorfindel thundered as soon as he entered the Elf-lord’s office. Elrond and Erestor looked up, startled, at the raging Elf.

“What is it, Glorfindel?” Elrond said calmly.

“Your eldest son is destroying Legolas! He let a Man rape Legolas last night. The poor Elf can barely walk,” Glorfindel spat out in disgust.

Elrond sighed, “I can do nothing, Glorfindel. You know that.”

Glorfindel shook his head, “You would allow Elladan to harm another Elf? I thought I knew you better than that, Elrond. I was very wrong about the type of person you are.” He turned around and left, slamming the heavy oak door behind him.

Erestor glared at Elrond and said simply, “He is right.” Erestor stood up, running after his distraught lover; he had to help the hotheaded Elda cool down before he hurt someone.


Chapter Nine - Paperwork

Legolas is hurting... that is all Saelbeth can think. That his lover his hurting and he can do nothing. Nothing... Why? Why Legolas? Why his dear, sweet, innocent Legolas?

Saelbeth could not understand. No treaty was as important as Legolas! Why couldn’t Thranduil understand that?

Saelbeth shut his eyes. He was so tired. The advisor had been sending Legolas all the strength he could through their bond, yet he still did not feel any improvement. He was so worried about the Prince. He had not heard from him… What if Elladan had found his letter? That would be terrible for them both. Saelbeth scolded himself for the thought. He had to be positive.

He had to do something -- something to distract himself. What could he do? Silinde might be able to spar with him, but did he have the strength for that? No, he didn’t. Saelbeth was too exhausted. Paperwork. He would look over the documents that had been piling on his desk since the fateful day Legolas was sent away.

Saelbeth quickly walked to his office and sat in his comfortable chair. He sighed as he shifted through the paperwork, barely able to concentrate. It was a wonder he hadn’t been dismissed. Thranduil was already angry with him; he had to get his work done.

With determination, Saelbeth delved into the documents, looking them over and fixing that which needed it. Meticulously, the Sinda filed away the documents. Several needed King Thranduil's signature, and he dreaded speaking with him.

With a sigh, he realized he was done. He decided he would take the parchments that needed to be signed to Thranduil the following day. Tonight, though, he would go to bed. The Elf needed to sleep. He quickly left the office and walked through the long corridors to his chambers.

To his surprise, there was a letter on his table. Legolas. He tore open the seal... Elladan’s seal, he noticed in disgust. The letter read:

Dearest Saelbeth,

I miss you so much. Life is so empty without you by my side. I am well. I have made a good friend, Glorfindel. He has befriended me, and I am ever so grateful to him for his kindness…

…Do not give up, Saelbeth; do not give up on hope or our love. Someday we will be together again.

I love you,


'Someday we will be together again.' Saelbeth reread those words over and over. He struggled to believe them. Why was Legolas lying about Elladan? Saelbeth knew better. He could feel it, but he wouldn’t let Legolas know. He couldn’t do that to him. With a sigh, he took a parchment and quill, beginning to compose the letter.


Mirkwood is desolate and cold without its sun. You are its sun and you have been stolen away. The land waits with baited breath for the day you will return. I pray every moment to the Valar that it be not long.

Nienna has become my companion, sharing my grief. I miss you so much, my dearest Legolas. I cannot seem to remember the last time I smiled when it was not in your presence. I doubt that I have, except for you letters.

I can hardly think without. It is late though. I must go. I await your next letter with much anticipation. Be careful though. I hope that Glorfindel protects you.

Melin chen,


He yawned as he sealed the letter and laid it on the table to give to a messenger in the morning. With heavy movements, he undressed and crawled under the sheets. Time moved so slowly and it seemed years before he finally cried himself to sleep. Morning would never come. Never. Not, until his blessed sun came back to Mirkwood. He hoped and longed that it would not be lengthy wait.


Chapter Ten - The Picnic

The weeks passed slowly as Legolas waited for a letter from Saelbeth. They seemed to be the center of his universe. He craved to just touch the fine print of his lover’s hand, knowing Saelbeth had touched it. That pleasure was enough to sustain him, help him survive Elladan’s cruelties.

A knock sounded on his door a moment before Glorfindel entered. Legolas smiled at the Noldo. Glorfindel had befriended him when no one else would look at him. He was eternally grateful to the Elf-lord. “Good afternoon, Glorfindel,” he called.

The blond Noldo walked over to him, smiling at Legolas. “I have a letter to you, from Mirkwood,” Glorfindel told the Sinda, handing him an envelope that bore Saelbeth’s seal. Glorfindel watched Legolas’ eyes light up with happiness. This was how the Prince should look all the time, not bogged down with sadness. He was though, because Elladan treated him as if he were nothing. Glorfindel had always loved Elladan dearly, but this behavior was uncalled for, and Glorfindel would do anything to stop the way Elladan treated Legolas.

Legolas took the letter and carefully broke the seal. He could almost smell Saelbeth’s scent, though he knew it wasn’t there. The Sinda looked up at Glorfindel, motioning for him to sit. He was so relieved to finally have a friend. Glorfindel made sure Elladan didn’t too far, though there was not much he could do. Legolas was still grateful for the willingness Glorfindel showed to protect him. Sighing softly, he unfolded the letter and began to read...


Mirkwood is desolate and cold without its sun. You are its sun and you have been stolen away. The land waits with baited breath for the day you will return. I pray, every moment, to the Valar that it be not long.

Nienna has become my companion, sharing my grief. I miss you so much, my dearest Legolas. I cannot seem to remember the last time I smiled when it was not in your presence. I doubt that I have, except for you letters.

I can hardly think without you. It is late, though. I must go. I await your next letter with much anticipation. Be careful. I hope that Glorfindel protects you.

Melin chen,


Legolas set the letter down and closed his eyes as a desperate longing filled his heart. Saelbeth was miserable, more miserable than he was. His lover had no one in Mirkwood. No friends, no Glorfindel. Legolas was lucky, he now thought. Saelbeth was alone, whereas he had Glorfindel. It wasn’t fair; life wasn’t fair. For the first time in his long life, Legolas wished someone dead. He wished Elladan would die and leave him alone.

If only wishes came true.

“How is he, Legolas?” Glorfindel asked softly, seeing the turmoil on Legolas’ face. His heart had softened to this Sinda, one so sweet and innocent. How could Elladan hurt him? Legolas was a rare treasure, something that should be loved and cared for, not beaten like a rag doll.

“He is lonely, I can tell. He does not have anyone in Mirkwood,” Legolas whispered, his voice hoarse with unshed tears. His heart had shattered as he looked at the letter, and the words seemed to blur together as his eyes glistened. “I miss him, Glorfindel,” Legolas sobbed, wiping at his eyes and trying to control himself.

Glorfindel watched Legolas, his heart and soul reaching out to the young Elf. “Shh... Legolas. It will all right. I know it will,” the Noldo told Legolas, knowing his words would be of little comfort to him. “Why do you not come on a picnic with Erestor and myself?” Glorfindel asked. He thought that maybe they could cheer the prince up if they got him away from the house and into the sunlight again.

Legolas smiled weakly. “That would be nice, but I need to write Saelbeth back first.” The Sinda was pleased that Glorfindel had invited him and he hoped the Noldo was willing to wait on him. Glorfindel simply nodded, not making a move to leave, as the young prince began to write his letter.


I wish that I could make you happy, that we were together, but the Valar must have some reason for all our heartache. I wish I had all the answers to our lives' riddles, but we both know I do not. I will not try to solve our problems, I cannot. I only know that I love you, and that you love me.

I can survive, Saelbeth, as long as you love me, as long as you forgive me for each time I betray you when I lie with another -- whether it is my choice or not. I must go; Glorfindel is taking me on a picnic with Erestor.

Melin chen,


Legolas sighed as he looked the letter over and he sealed it with Elladan’s seal. He placed Saelbeth’s letter in the saddlebag and handed the one he had just written to Glorfindel. “Will you make sure he gets this?” the Prince asked, looking up into Glorfindel's eyes.

The Noldo nodded as he took the letter. “Aye, you know I will. Now, are you ready for the picnic?” Glorfindel asked. “Erestor is waiting for us in the gardens.” Glorfindel hoped Erestor wouldn’t be upset, he hadn’t planned on inviting Legolas, but he just thought it was necessary; the Sinda’s company was always wonderful. He knew Erestor would love him.

Legolas nodded and smoothed his golden hair. “Are you sure?” he asked softly as they left the room. He didn’t want to intrude on the two. “I do not want to impose on you and Erestor,” Legolas said quietly to the elder Elf.

Glorfindel grinned. “Legolas, you will not be imposing. I invited you! It will be fun,” he said, trying to encourage the young Sinda. “Erestor would love to talk with you, I am certain.”


Birds chirped merrily as the three Elves made their way to a clearing near one of Imladris’ many waterfalls. Legolas’ blue eyes watched the cascading water in wonder. It was beautiful. Erestor and Glorfindel spread out a blanket on the soft grass and laid out the food. There were fruits, sandwiches and sweets, so many delicacies that Legolas did not know where to begin.

Erestor made sure to hide the oil he had packed, thinking it would be just him and Glorfindel. He didn’t mind though, that Glorfindel had brought Legolas along. He had been meaning to talk to the Elf; he wanted to be Legolas' friend. This would be the Noldo’s chance. “Do you like the waterfalls?” Erestor asked Legolas as he lay down on the blanket, motioning for his lover and Legolas to do the same.

Glorfindel sat cross-legged behind Erestor, pulling the dark head into his lap and he stroked Erestor's hair idly.

Legolas watched and felt slightly jealous; he remembered a picnic he and Saelbeth had gone on before their lives had become so complicated. “Aye, the waterfalls are beautiful. Imladris is a beautiful realm,” he said quietly. Though, not all the Elves are, he thought to himself, an image of his bereth coming to mind.

Erestor looked up at Glorfindel; both the older Elves had noticed that Legolas left something unspoken. “But you wish Saelbeth was here with you,” Glorfindel murmured. He felt such sympathy for Legolas. The blond Noldo couldn’t imagine being separated from Erestor in such a cruel way.

Erestor met Glorfindel’s eyes, and he saw how troubled his lover was. He took one of Glorfindel’s hands and held it in a loose grip, offering his silent support. “With time, you and your love will be together again. Agreements can change,” he said to Legolas, wanting to give him hope, something to hold onto.

Legolas smiled, a true smile, and nodded. “Aye, Saelbeth and I know that we will be together again someday. We just do not know when, and the in between is the hardest,” Legolas said, trying to keep his voice from cracking.

“We shall do our best to help you; all you have to do is ask,” Erestor said meaningfully to Legolas. The Prince simply nodded, brushing back some stray locks of hair that the breeze had played with. They all knew, though, that the only possible way for Legolas to return to Saelbeth would be Elladan’s death.

And none of them believed that would happen anytime soon.


A/N: Gellen = my joy

Bereth = spouse


Chapter Eleven - Nothing More

Legolas sighed happily, almost skipping through the corridors towards Elladan’s chambers. The picnic had been absolutely wonderful; it had been an escape from his dreary life as Elladan's spouse.

The blond Prince hoped that his bereth wasn’t in their chambers yet. He didn’t know how Elladan would react if he wasn’t there. A sigh passed through Legolas’ rosy lips as he opened the heavy oak door to their rooms.

“There you are, bereth.” The icy voice of Elladan hit Legolas as soon as he stepped through the threshold. “Where were you?” he asked, annoyance in his tone.

Legolas looked up as if he were a frightened deer, his eyes wide with terror. “Glorfindel asked me to go on a picnic with Erestor and him. I was tired of staying here all day,” Legolas explained carefully.

“You should have asked me if it was all right, Legolas. You may be my husband, but you are beneath me. You are no better than my slave, my whore. I will only share you with those of my choosing,” Elladan said coldly, his piercing gaze shattering Legolas’ happiness.

Legolas bowed his head. “I am sorry, Elladan…” he whispered softly, tears filling blue eyes. “You were not here…”

“Master! You call me Master,” Elladan commanded, ignoring Legolas’ explanation. He rose and walked swiftly to the Sinda, backhanding him. “You will never leave here without my permission again. Is that understood?” he demanded hatefully.

“Yes,” Legolas answered.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good, Legolas. Now strip and I will show you what happens when you anger me,” Elladan said, his stormy eyes fierce.

Legolas quickly unbuttoned his robes and let them fall in a pile on the floor. He then removed his slippers. When he was completely nude, Legolas cowered in front of Elladan completely exposed to the cold glare.

“You are very beautiful, bereth,” the Perendhel said in mock kindness. Elladan's eyes raked over Legolas' form. “Kneel on your hands and knees,” he ordered in a firm voice.

Legolas instantly complied, kneeling like a dog before his master. He closed his eyes as Elladan circled him, assessed him. Legolas truly felt like an object, a possession to be played with and tossed aside, nothing more.

Elladan smiled wickedly, kicking Legolas’ side cruelly. “That is it, my dog. That is what you are. Nothing more. You mean nothing but a good fuck,” he whispered, lifting Legolas’ face to his and staring into his eyes. “What do you think of that, bereth? That you are nothing? You are not worth my time or anyone else. If you weren’t so tight, I would have given you to the warriors to play with. Even though there is a so-called peace agreement between Imladris and Mirkwood, it truly means nothing. We still hate Sindar; can you imagine the fun the archers would have with you? Maybe I should let them borrow you,” Elladan taunted.

Legolas breathed heavily, keeping back his cries, knowing that to show his torturer fear would only bring more. The words of his bereth sliced him; desperately, he attempted to recall the words of love and hope his lover had written; they were all he had to hold onto, all he had to keep himself alive. Saelbeth… Oh, but try as he might, he couldn’t push back the terrible words of Elladan or the pain as Elladan continually beat him. It seemed forever until the beating stopped, but he knew the pain was far from over. No, Elladan would never be content until he had desecrated every part of Legolas’ body.

Elladan mercilessly parted Legolas’ alabaster buttocks and positioned his leaking member at the tight, abused entrance. He smirked when he felt Legolas tense, knowing how much more pain it would cause the stupid Elf. Without another thought, the heir to Imladris pressed past the barrier, sheathing himself to the hilt in one smooth stroke. A low moan of pleasure burst from him as he immediately began to thrust into the unprepared body.

Legolas grunted in pain, his body instinctively tightening, trying to ward off the invasion, but it was to no avail. He murmured soft prayers to the valar. He wished he could reach Saelbeth’s mind; just feel his presence. But, there was no way he could. The pain was overwhelming; if it didn’t end soon, the Prince knew he would lose consciousness.

With one last shuddering thrust, Elladan released within Legolas, crying out as pleasure engulfed him. Carelessly, he withdrew from Legolas and struck his rear. “You’re a good ride,” he chuckled, kicking Legolas in the stomach, causing the poor Sinda to fall into a sobbing mess upon the floor. Elladan released another cruel laugh and then went to lie on the bed, promptly falling asleep.

Legolas painstakingly crawled to the bathroom, taking a short bath to wash away the blood and semen. His body was covered in ugly bruises, even his face. Tears slipped down his cheeks as he stared at himself in a full-length mirror. Finally, unable to bear his reflection any longer, he limped to the bed and crawled under the sheets, staying as far as possible from Elladan. An immortal life was such a long time.


Elladan awoke the next morning and grinned at the curled body of his spouse, his toy. He kissed the blond’s cheek before getting up and preparing for the day. He had plans to eat breakfast with his twin that morning. Elrohir… he had neglected him since marrying Legolas. He would have to make it up to Elrohir; maybe he would like to try Legolas. That could be fun.

Elladan stifled a yawn as he walked the short distance to Elrohir’s room, knocking before entering. His twin was already dressed and waiting for him. The table was filled with fruits, bread and juice. “Good morning,” greeted the elder twin.

“Morning,” Elrohir yawned, sitting down at the table and motioning for Elladan to do the same. “How have you been, Adan?” he asked.

“Wonderful,” Elladan said with a wink. “Legolas has turned out to be quite good in bed. You should try him sometime,” Elladan suggested.

Elrohir shook his head. “I think not, Elladan,” he said seriously. “I think you’ve gone to far. You treat Legolas terribly! He is your bereth, not a dog. I don’t approve of what you’ve done,” Elrohir said, trying to be careful in his wording, knowing his brother’s temper.

Elladan looked up, annoyed and angered by his twin’s words. “What right do you have to say such things to me?” he growled, pushing his chair back and standing. “Eat breakfast by yourself.”

Elrohir stood up abruptly. “Adan! Wait… Don’t leave like that,” he pleaded, grabbing Elladan’s arm. “Please, can’t we talk about it? Won’t you listen to me?”

Elladan sneered at his twin and, before either knew what was happening, his fist connected with Elrohir’s jaw. “No,” he said firmly. “Never.” Then he left as if he felt no remorse for what he had done to his twin. Legolas would pay for this, Elladan thought angrily; his disillusioned mind blamed his Sindarin husband.


Elrohir held his cheek, staring at the heavy door that had been slammed in his face. How could his twin have done that? Elladan had always listened to him. Elrohir felt his glass heart break into a million pieces. The one that should be there to put the pieces together was the one who had shattered him.

Elrohir knew he should be angry, but all he felt was numb and hurt. For the first time in their lives, Elladan had betrayed him and Elrohir hated the feeling.


bereth= spouse


Chapter Twelve - Regrets


I wish that I could make you happy, that we were together, but the Valar must have some reason for all our heartache. I wish I had all the answers to our lives' riddles, but we both know I do not. I will not try to solve our problems, I cannot. I only know that I love you, and that you love me.

I can survive, Saelbeth, so long as you love me, so long as you forgive me for each time I betray you when I lie with another -- whether it is by my choice or not. I must go; Glorfindel is taking me on a picnic with Erestor.

Melin chen,


Saelbeth sighed as he read the letter again. Darkness composed of despair and helplessness enveloped his heart, squeezing it until its beating seemed strained. The usually comforting candles cast an eerie glow around the room, making the councilor feel uncomfortable in the safety of his own chambers.

It was unfair that Legolas had to suffer so much. Just because he was a Prince, people thought he could be used to bargain with. What kind of Adar was Thranduil to sell his son for *any* price? Saelbeth, of all people, knew how important the treaty with Imladris was, but some prices were just to high and selling your child was one of them. The worth of Legolas was priceless; how could Thranduil not see that? To keep Legolas would have been worth a war with Imladris.

Legolas was so special. The young Elf was so vivacious and brought cheer to all those around him. Such a bright soul. But now, circumstances neither of them could change had dampened that flame. Saelbeth supplicated every second of the day to the Valar, praying that the flame had not died and that there were embers still burning in Legolas’ young soul.

Writing letters to Legolas was becoming a difficult task. It was so hard to continue to hold onto the hope that they would be reunited. Saelbeth sighed and beginning to compose a letter similar to all the previous ones, sending his love and affection and hope to his lover.

The words seemed empty as they glared back at the Sinda from the stationery. Saelbeth bit his lip, willing himself not to cry. He had to be strong for Legolas. He had to do something. Once more, he would talk to Thranduil. If Thranduil didn’t do something, *anything*, then Saelbeth would try to think of a plan to save Legolas on his own. Maybe he could write Glorfindel; Saelbeth was sure the blond Noldo would be willing to help him.


Thranduil stared at the blank sheet of paper in front of him. It shouldn’t be so hard to tell your son that you love him and are thinking about him, that they are special to you and you are proud. It shouldn’t be hard.

For an Adar like Thranduil though, it was. To have sold your son for anything was a grievous, unforgivable sin. He had used Legolas as a tool to achieve his goal, not caring for how it might effect Legolas or those that surrounded him. He had to admit that, even with the peace, there was a despair in the countenance of his people. He had betrayed his son, Saelbeth and his land.

He was a complete failure.

What Thranduil had thought would help had made it all the worse; there were no celebrations when the news was announced, but mourning at the departure of their beloved Prince. The guilt rested heavily on Thranduil, though to those around him he refused to show it. It was time, though…time he at least wrote a note to his son.

Apologized…even if the act was irrevocable.


Ionen, I love you. Apologizing seems worthless at the moment, but I owe it to you. It might not change the circumstances, but you will at least know I regret my actions and know that I was wrong. I’m a terrible Ada to you. I hope that, someday, you will forgive me. I hope that you are staying strong and I believe that someday things will become better for you -- trust in that. Hope.


Thranduil Oropherion

Folding the letter, and placing a wax seal on it, Thranduil sighed. He hoped that the note would arrive safely into his son’s hands and find him happy safe. It was all he could; his hands were tied.


Chapter Thirteen - Revelation

My Dearest Legolas,

Oh Legolas, Oh my love, tell me what evil thing we have done to deserve such cruel punishment...

All My Love,




Mirkwood is a desolate and cold place without its sun. You are its sun and you have been stolen away. The land waits with baited breath for the day you will return. I pray every moment to the Valar it be not long ...

I hope that Glorfindel protects you.

Melin Chen,


Elladan's hands shook with untamed fury, his grey eyes scanning over the letters he had discovered in a saddlebag under the bed. Legolas' saddlebag. Legolas was having an affair; he would pay. The Sinda would never leave him. Ever.

The Peredhil threw the letters haphazardly on the table, stomping out to the stables. In the tack room was a fierce whip; Elladan's hands caressed it almost lovingly before taking it to his rooms, waiting for his unfaithful slut of a spouse to return.

Not too soon after, the blond walked in, humming softly to himself. Elladan sneered, cracking the whip in the air. "Good evening, my unfaithful bereth(spouse)," he said with false cheer. "Get undressed, *now*."

Legolas' blue eyes were wide as, trembling, he clumsily obeyed, knowing it would only get worse if he disobeyed or delayed. The robes finally fell to the floor, the seconds slowly ticking by. Legolas clenched his hands at his sides, bowing his golden head a tear falling down his bruise marred porcelain cheek. Saelbeth.

Elladan stood, striding to the shaking Elf. A cruel hand grabbed Legolas' length, pulling, twisting it painfully. He dragged his spouse towards the bed, watching gleefully as Legolas faltered, struggling not to fall to his knees in agony.

“Stand with your legs apart, your hand holding tightly to the bed post. Don't move an inch or your punishment will be prolonged,“ Elladan instructed Legolas, who had caught a glimpse of the letters on the table. His face held an expression of a crestfallen child when his favorite toy is taken from him, his joy all gone. Elladan smirked, studying the pale body bared before him, his length stirring in anticipation of using it after Legolas was beaten.

Gently, Elladan ran the whip over Legolas' quivering backside. "That's it, fear me," he whispered, pulling back his arm, letting the whip land across Legolas' back.

Relentlessly the whip fell, yet Legolas refused to let out more than a whimper. Elladan growled in frustration, letting the whip fall idle a moment. Using his fingers, he scraped his nails over Legolas' welt covered back. The Sinda shuddered but still failed to utter a sound.

Fury renewed tenfold as Elladan stepped back further, proceeding to strike the whip full force onto the Elf's back. The tips struck Legolas' skin, drawing blood, flowing over the welts as the beating continued. Finally an earth-shattering scream fell from the blonde's lips and afterwards, Legolas no longer held back the screams tumbling from his mouth.

The cries echoed throughout the house, reaching the conference rooms farthest away from Elladan's rooms, reaching the ears of Glorfindel. The golden warrior stood abruptly, running towards the royal family’s chambers.

Minutes later, Glorfindel threw open the door of Elladan's chambers, bursting into the room. The Noldo's face was livid with anger as he grabbed Elladan's right wrist, twisting his arm back and up.

"You bastard," Glorfindel snarled through clenched teeth. Elladan dropped the whip and Glorfindel threw to the younger Elf to the floor, putting a knee in his chest. The blonde's fists flew furiously. Again and again, his strong hand collided with Elladan's face. "You bastard!" he repeated vehemently.

Erestor had followed Glorfindel, watching the scene play out in horror. He finally grabbed Glorfindel's shoulders, pulling him away. "Glorfindel! Stop! Elrond would never forgive you if you did permanent damage!"

Glorfindel choked back a sob, moving to Legolas. He gently picked up the unconscious, bleeding Elf. "Take care of that," Glorfindel ordered Erestor, nodding toward Elladan before carrying Legolas to Elrond's office, kicking the door open.

"See what your foolish son did!" Glorfindel growled. "Legolas is all but dead!"

Lord Elrond's face paled, staring in utter shock at the Sindarin Prince's limp body. “Take him to the healing wing immediately," he ordered, standing and following Glorfindel.



Chapter Fourteen

"Legolas will be fine physically," Elrond stated, his voice monotone, emotionless. Glorfindel stared into Elrond's eyes and could see the guilt, remorse in those stormy depths; the Lord looked so forlorn.

Glorfindel sighed. "He will not stay here, Elrond. I won't allow it. I will get him back home or I will die trying," Glorfindel said seriously, staring straight into Elrond's grey eyes. "I suggest you deal with your heir before I finish what I started." The blond's hands were clenched as he thought of Elladan, his knuckles white from strain.

Elrond turned away, staring out the window. "I made a mistake, Glorfindel. I will try to make amends, but Elladan's actions may have pushed Legolas beyond reach. We many never succeed in healing him and bringing him back. Take him to Mirkwood and tell King Thranduil that we are sorry for Elladan's actions and that the alliance is secure on our part. Stay as long as necessary and you may take Erestor with you."

Glorfindel nodded, bowing slightly. "Yes, m'lord. We will leave in one week. That will give Erestor and myself time to prepare our sectors for our extended absence. I will talk with you again before we depart," Glorfindel said in a tight voice before stiffly exiting from the room.


-One Week Later-

"Are you ready, Legolas?" Erestor asked the Elf softly. The advisor's eyes were gentle, watching the blond's stiff movements. Personally, he thought they should wait a while longer to leave. Legolas wasn't fully healed and the journey would be hard on him with his injuries. But Glorfindel wanted to get Legolas away from Imladris; Legolas acted as if he wanted away as quickly as possible too.

"Aye," came the quiet answer and Erestor made sure not to touch Legolas as he took the bags from him and led him to the stables. Glorfindel was waiting with their horses saddled and prancing to leave.

Legolas climbed upon his mare immediately, looking blankly ahead. He ignored the searing pain moving through his body. He was going home but still...he felt so numb. "We're going to take you home...Everything will be all right," Glorfindel said, wanting to hug the Elf, but Legolas would go into a crazed fit if he were touched. Glorfindel had begun to wonder if Elrond had been right when the said, 'Legolas may never heal.' He hoped Elrond was wrong.

"Home..." Legolas repeated the word as if it sounded foreign. "Home."


Chapter Fifteen - Be Strong

The trio was fast approaching Thranduil's caves; in the distance, the vague opening could be seen. Legolas stared straight ahead, eyes unblinking.

Glorfindel shivered, gazing at the almost lifeless eyes for a moment. The journey had taken three weeks and during that time, Legolas' physical wounds had completely healed. But as for the mental injuries, there was little if no improvement.

Glorfindel and Erestor worried for Legolas but also for Saelbeth and King Thranduil upon seeing Legolas in this condition. Neither would be surprised if they were executed immediately and war was declared upon Imladris.

"Glorfindel, one of us should ride ahead and announce Legolas' arrival," Erestor said, reining in his horse to trod beside Asfaloth. "I think you should stay with Legolas..." Glorfindel managed a small smile, leaning to kiss Erestor gently on the cheek.

"Thoughtful as always," he said. "Ride ahead but be careful," Glorfindel conceded.

Erestor nodded, galloping off with a wave back at his lover and Legolas.

"You're almost home, Legolas," Glorfindel said softly to the Sinda, smiling a little at the almost imperceptible nod. Maybe going home would help Legolas heal.


Saelbeth's heart raced staring in disbelief at the servant who had brought him the message. Legolas was home. He dropped his paperwork on the desk, running outside to wait for his lover.

The advisor stood there waiting, not paying heed to those around him. Legolas was coming back.

Within an hour, the two horses and riders came upon the clearing. Legolas climbed off his mare and immediately, he was bombarded with a tight hug and a loving kiss from Saelbeth. Saelbeth... Even though the Elf *knew* this washis lover and not Elladan, he could not keep back the fear overcoming him; soon he began to tremble, his body tensing a tight as a bowstring.

Saelbeth pulled back, staring at Legolas. "I've missed you so, Legoals...I love you. Welcome home," Saelbeth said softly, glancing at Legolas' companion, who he assumed was Glorfindel.

The Noldo shook his head and Legolas did nothing. Saelbeth's throat constricted; what had Elladan done to Legolas to leave him in such a state?


Saelbeth put Legolas to sleep in their bed, watching him. Gently he stroked his pale cheeks, pushing the golden hair from his face. He was so happy Legolas had returned to him.

A soft knock echoed from the heavy oak door and Saelbeh reluctantly moved from Legolas' side to open it. Before him stood a tall Elf, wavy blond hair; it was the same Elf that had ridden up with Legolas.

"Saelbeth, may I speak with you in private?" Glorfindel asked. "My name is Glorfindel. " Saelbeth glanced back at his sleeping Legolas and then nodded. "We can talk in my office just down the hall," he said, motioning for Glorfindel to follow him. Glorfindel walked behind Saelbeth. His stomach was tied in knots simply thinking of what he must tell Legolas' lover. It wasn't fair what had happened to these two lovers and he could only hope the damage could be repaired.

Soon they sat across from each other, a mahogany desk all that separated them, as Glorfindel began to relate events leading up to Legolas' return. The Noldo watched Saelbeth's reaction, noticing that instead of becoming angry the Sinda advisor, he deflated more and more with each word. "His healing will be slow but I trust you will do him good and take care of him well," Glorfindel concluded.

Saelbeth stared at him, eyes filling with tears. "I have failed him! I should have done more!" he finally said as the tears fell down his cheek and he made no attempt to wipe them away.

Glorfindel's heart wrenched in his chest. "No. You didn't fail him. You did all you could. If there is anyone to blame it is I, for not stopping it sooner. Legolas loves you. He needs you. Be strong for him."


Chapter Sixteen - Not Yet

Not long after Glorfindel had left him, Saelbeth walked slowly back to his room. Slowly he shed his clothes, changing into a nightshirt.

The Advisor's blue eyes studied Legolas' face, climbing in beside him. After what Glorfindel had told him, he wasn't sure this was a good idea but he missed Legolas' warmth so much.

With gentle hands, Saelbeth pulled Lgolas lightly against him. The Elf tensed in his sleep, whimpering and shying away. Saelbeth's eyes widened, letting go. His heart pumped wildly, moving away from Legolas, tears slipping from his eyes. He just wanted to hold his lover! He wiped his eyes, staring off into space before sleep overcame him. Would he ever be able to touch Legolas again?


The sun rose and filled the room with a soft glow. Legolas opened his eyes slightly, looking about the room. His eyes rested on the Elf beside him...blond...He blinked a little and suddenly it all came back. He was home and this was his lover, Saelbeth...not Elladan.

Legolas smiled a little, watching Saelbeth. He vaguely remembered the other trying to hold him the night before. Why had he tensed like that? He closed his eyes a moment. "Legolas?" Saelbeth said softly, watching him sleepily. He moved closer to him, brushing his lips against Legolas'. He felt the smile fade, the body tense. "Legolas?" he whispered, pulling away.

Legolas bit his lip softly. "I'm so sorry, Saelbeth," Legolas said. "I...I'm not ready for all this yet..." he forced out. "Will you wait for me?" he asked looking up with azure eyes. Saelbeth smiled. "Of course," he whispered. "Of course, I'll wait forever if you need me to."


-Ten Years Later-

Legolas' pale blue eyes gazed into Saelbeth's and he smiled a little. The advisor looked so happy to have just heard his proclamation.

He was ready.

It had taken him ten years to get past all the hurt and damage Elladan had caused him, but his friends, family and his lover, Saelbeth, had brought him through. Now Legolas was ready to make love with Saelbeth again. Their bond had grown stronger over the years and it carried Legolas past his most difficult trials. "I love you, Saelbeth..." he murmured against the other elf’s neck.

Saelbeth's heart raced, his body already afire and hard with need. He had waited so long. He smiled, pressing against Legolas, holding him closer. "I love you too," he whispered, pushing Legolas lightly onto the bed, crawling beside him. Slowly, he pushed away Legolas' robes, baring his pale body to his lustful eyes. He soon ripped off his own robes, pressing himself down against Legolas. "Oh Valar, how I have missed touching you like this," he whispered, kissing and nipping at the other's neck.

Legolas moaned softly, arching into Saelbeth's touch. "I have too. Oh Valar, Saelbeth. I'm sorry," he panted. He gasped in surprise as Saelbeth's oiled fingers hurriedly stretched him. He closed his eyes, smiling a bit. It had been so long since he and Saelbeth had been intimate; it felt so good and natural to have Saelbeth touching him like this.

Soon Saelbeth's fingers were replaced with his hard aching length, slowly pressing past his barrier, easily taking him. "Ah Legolas, so tight," he moaned, burying his face in the other's neck, sucking and creating a bright passion mark.

Legolas' grip tightened on Saelbeth's shoulders moving with him as they thrust together. He groaned, sweat covering his pale body. He moved to grasp his aching length, stroking in time with Saelbeth's thrusts. "Saelbeth," he cried, his head thrown back. "Faster, faster."

Saelbeth happily complied, thrusting faster and deeper, hands moving and caressing every part of Legolas that he could. He was loving him, claiming him as his own again. Oh, he had his lover back now, completely. He pressed his lips to Legolas' in a desperate loving kiss, their tongues wrapping around another in an erotic entanglement.

All to soon their climaxes ripped through them in tidal waves, each calling out the other's name in melodic harmony. Saelbeth slowly pulled out, holding Legolas close to his body, kissing him gently. "I love you so much, Legolas," he murmured.

"I love you too, gellen(my joy)," Legolas echoed, pressing against him as he soon fell asleep in the other's arms.

Saelbeth offered up a silent prayer to the Valar that his mate was now healed body and mind. He prayed that nothing would ever separate them again.


"Glorfindel! Erestor!" Legolas called. "Dinner's ready!"

Two blond heads peaked into the dining room. "Ahh, but we were just having fun!" Glorfindel, the youngest of the twins, whined.

"Yeah, Dada, Why'd you have to make us stop? Couldn't dinner wait a while longer?" Erestor complained, pushing back his locks of blond hair.

Saelbeth chuckled. "Yes, Legolas, why'd you have to go and ruin their fun?" he teased his bereth(spouse). Legolas rolled his eyes. "Yes, yes, Dada is a monster, but you must eat and then you can go back and play till bedtime," he said, smiling at his two sons. He patted their heads as they sat at the table and then took his place. His eyes studied each member of his family and he smiled contently. He was so lucky.

True love had conquered all opposition and the end was better than the beginning.


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