The doorbell rang, a Christmasy tune holiday tune echoing through the castle. Vesta hopped off her plushy computer chair, scurrying to the door. Who would be coming to her castle at this time of night? She opened the heavy door and was greeted with a freezing burst of cold air, but no one was there. She sighed, about to close the door when a voice…a very familiar voice caught her attention.

“Oh holy night, the stars are brightly shining,” the deep voice cooed, becoming gradually louder. Vesta was about to step outside as a boy of a man with wild curly brown hair, snowflakes decorated it and the darkest brown eyes she had ever seen stepped in front of her.

“Long lay the world in sin and error pining, till he appeared and the soul felt it’s worth,” the crescendos and decrescendos of the powerful voice sent shivers down Vesta’s spine, her eyes glued to the boyish face.

Vesta could hardly believe that it was Josh Groban, *her* Josh standing in front of her. He winked playfully as he continued to sing, “A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoicing, for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.”

Vesta’s eyes widened, watching as Josh fell on his knees in front of her, his voice rising so powerfully that it made her tremble and nearly lose her balance. “Fall on your knees. Oh hear the angel’s voices. Oh night divine.” His voice grew softer, “Oh night when Christ was born.” Then with a burst of passion, he sang in his deep operatic voice, “Oh, night…divine!” He closed his eyes, looking down, before singing the last few words as softly as he had began. “Oh, night…oh night divine.”

Vesta squeed, clapping her hands excitedly. Josh shushed her; his dark eyes sparkling, opening his mouth to sing again. “We wish you…” he paused looking around. He coughed slightly. “We wish you a…” he stopped yet again. “Uhum, guys!” he muttered under his breath. As he did, four shimmering lights were seen as four men(or Elves) appeared before Vesta’s eyes, Marton Csokas, Craig Parker, Lord Celeborn and Marchwarden Haldir. Josh nodded and began to sing again but this time four other deep voices joined him.

“We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas…Good tidings we bring to you and your kin, good tidings for Christmas…and a Happy New…Year!” Vesta nearly fainted staring at the five men of her fantasies.

“Group hug!” Marton yelled and soon Vesta was surrounded in the middle of giant group hug. Josh and Marton kissed both her cheeks and at the same time, whispered in her ear, “Merry Christmas!”


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