The Phalanx are magnificent and fearsome, a terrible foe. But no one would ever know why Alexander the Great, General of Romes great host, chose Sycthia to launch his massive invasion with such a force that should have been directed at the capital of Persia where King Darius the Third hid in his Blue Palace, not this defenseless city.

But no, instead, this power was sent in a direct attack on a small province consisting of farmers and the like. Nothing of importance could be found in Sycthia, yet it was attacked by the most powerful army in the world.

Metal clashed as the villagers of the area fought back bravely, yet one by one they fell hardly making a dent on the inpenatrable circle of soldiers. If one Roman soldier were to fall, he was simply replaced; it was a never ending vicious cycle.

The soldiers burned buildings, killing those who still dared to fight, capturing those who did not. The musky smell of smoke, sweat, blood and burning flesh penetrated the nostrils of all those in vicinity. The sound of retching could be heard every so often as the horrific sights and smells overcame some of the weaker ones.

The horrendous smells, the terrifying sounds, the dreaded sight of the soldiers soon brought surrender. The defeated Persians were lined together, their ankles chained, all connecting to the one before them and the one behind.

The Romans marched them, cruelly and heartlessly. General Alexander made sure they were given just enough food and water to survive, but that was their only commodity as the trudged the deserts towards Rome.

And so began their new lives, forced to Rome, led to slavery. Their freedom was their cost of capture.

Chapter One

The plaza was crowded with people, pressing close to the block. All the citizens were eager to see the new slaves, and though few would be able to afford a slave, everyone enjoyed watching the slave auctions. Each man, woman and child eventually was sold. They loved to determine what kind of slave the captured people would be, judgeing by their appearance.

The captured slaves would stand upon a wooden block in the center of the plaza, wrists and ankles bound with heavy iron chains. Their faces crumpled in defeat and weariness. At the moment a young boy, no more than fourteen climbed upon the block with the “aid” of the slave auctioner, the auctioner a burly rough man.

The boy’s clothes were tattered and filthy, barely hanging onto his slender shoulders. He was slim, but muscular with almond shaped eyes dark and liquidy, giving his sharp tan face an exotic look. His brown hair was shoulder length and greasy; it was obvious that he hadn’t bathed since he had been captured. The slave was short and almost delicate looking and the crowd knew he what he would be bought for.




The prices steadily rose and Ciro looked on silently. The slave looked to be in good condition, pretty and fragile. Hephestion would like him, Ciro was sure of that. Finally he raiseed his arm, calling, “Three hundred danarii.” A hush fell over the plaza everyone some what shocked. Three hundred danarii was a small fortune at that time and it was unheard of to pay so much for a slave, even a pleasure slave.

“Sold!” the auctioner called looking quite pleased with the final bid.

Ciro walked to the booth where he would pay and pick up his new slave. His golden blond hair, curled by the humidity, crowned his face. Emerald eyes, looked over the slave as he led him to his chariot. The merchant wore rich silk, a royal shade of blue. Golden designs were sewn into the expensive fabric, depicting flowers and different patterns. He were sandles as was the fashion in most of the world. “What is your name?” Ciro asked the boy.

“Kayan,” the boy answered, his dark eyes fearful and round looking up at the other until he was nudged intot he chariot.

“Where are you from,Kayan?” the wealthy merchant inquired, watching the slave as the chariot lurched forward; Rome’s scenery flew by them in a blur of green, white, blue and red for the most part.

“Sycthia, a province of Persia under King Darius the Third,” Kayan answered, his accent more pronounced the more he talked and one might wonder how he had learned Latin.

“Ah, we’ve heard of that here in Rome. The attack seemed somewhat foolish, but Alexander the Great desired to conquer Sycthia,” Ciro commented. His estate rose in the distance and smiled upon Kayan benevolently. “We’re almost to your new home. Obey those in charge of you and you will be treated kindly.”

Chapter Two

Lush green covered the ground’s of Ciro’s large estate; in the distance a barrack and stable could be seen, livestock and soldiers milled about. Kayan’s eyes widened and he whimpered as his eyes caught sight of the fierce soldiers.

Ciro set his hand on the slave’s shoulder. “They won’t harm you,” he said. His eyes scanned his property, stretching out before them. He loved his land and all the people and animals living upon it; everyone under his service was treated well.

The large house loomed in the distance, a magnicficent structure. The chariout came to a stop when it reached the entrance. Ciro gently pushed Kayan, prodding him off the chariot.

Kayan nervously stepped off the chariot after feeling the merchant’s hand pressing between his shoulders. Hesitantly, Kayan followed Ciro into the large mansion.

Along bright long hall stretched out from the door. It was lavishly decorated with tapestries depicting epic battles, gods and goddesses. The dark eyes studied the decorations, with a child’s eye amazed and wonder filled. Never had the boy seen such glorious thing. He was almost afraid to breathe, terrfied to break something.

“Relax, Kayan. Tion, Silas,” Ciro called, looking at two nearby slaves. “This is Kayan. I bought him for Hephestion. I want you to explain his duties and ready for meeting my son.”

“Yes sir,” the blond slaves answered, They were identical; both had blond hair, blue eyes, lightly tanned faces. They were beautiful and both were Ciro’s pleasure slaves, though the older man did not call on them often.

Tion who was slightly taller than Silas lightly wrapped an arm around the newest member of Lord Ciro’s house, leading him to a chamber that had been prepared for when Hepestion would be given his own pleasure slave.

Kayan stared at the twins, letting them pull him towards the unknown destination. His young heart pounded wildly. His life had changed so fast. He had been the youngest son of one of the more prominent farmers and had never had to work much, being babied by his mother. She had longed for a girl but instead received only boys so Kayan had been pampered. In no way was he raised as a female, but closely enough that he had been spoiled.

After being captured he had changed; he was treated no differently from anyone else. Kayan’s view on life, himself and others had changed dramatically. He knew true fear, he knew pain and want; he no longer was naïve to hurt.

Kayan had decided to make the best of his new life, though it might end up unpleasant. He would make the best of his situation. He would do what he was instructed and maybe just maybe it could help his situation. Little did he know how difficult this would be.


“This will be your rooms,” Tion said, pushing open the thin silk curtain, revealing the room. There was a large bed in the center, covered up by pillows and blankets a silke canopy over it; there was a table and a beau both intricately carved and to the left was an opening to another room.

“Come to the bathing chamber. We must prepare you to meet Master Hephestion,” Silas said, leading Kayan into the bathing chamber. The room was quite large with a marble bath in the middle. The air was humid and seam rose in swirls from the water; mirrors covered most of the walls and nearby there was a shelf filled with oils and soaps and another with towels.

“You are to be a pleasure slave to Master Ciro’s son, Hephestion. It would go well if you would do as he says,” Tion advised. He and Silas had been pleasure slaves for years and they felt it their humble duty to train others in submission and discipline. A time would come when they would be the boy’s friends and confidants.

“A pleasure slave?” Kayan repeated, allowing the twins to pull off his ragged clothes. “What does that mean?” he asked.

Tion exchanged a worried glance with his brother before clearing his throat. “It means that Hephestion will use your body for carnal pleasures,” he explained carefully.

“I don’t understand,” Kayan whispered, crawling into the hot water.

Silas slowly removed his clothes, climbing int the bath behind Kayan, wrapping his arms around the boy. He began washing him, tilting his head, brushing his lips against the other’s neck. “He will take your body as he would a lover’s.”

Kayan shivered, feeling the blond’s lips upon his neck. “Oh,” he whimpered in realization under his breath.

Silas finally finished washing Kayan’s body and moved so that Tion could work on the boy’s hair, washing it several times with lilac scented oils. “There you go, little one, we’re done now, come out,” Tion cooed, holding out a towel. Kaya stepped out and to the towel.

Gently Tion dried Kayan before, bringing to the shelf of oils and various other bottles. The blonde opened a bottle of oil, pouring it on his hands, rubbing them together, warming the sweet scented oil; afterwards he began to slowly rub the oil over the boy’s body, relaxing the muscles.

Silas applied coal to Kayan’s eyes, outlining their exotic almond shape. The twins finally wrapped a sheer transparent dress over him, tied about the wasit with a gold belt; one shoulder was left bare, revealing his tanned shoulders and part of his chest. Golden bracelets are placed around his wrists and a matching armband is slipped around his right upper arm, completing the ensembel.

“You look beautiful, Kayan,” Tion commented, turning him around, making sure everything was in place.

“One more thing, do not fail to call Hephestion, master,” Silas advised, giving Kayan soft friendly kiss upon the lips. “We’ll take you to his quarters.”

Chapter Three

Kayan hesistated when the three of them stood before the door. "Will he hurt me?" he asked softly.

"He might, Kayan..." Tion answered, reaching his hand up to squeeze the boy's shoulders.

"But no matter what you *must* obey. Never question him," Silas finished for his twin, trying to keep his eyes from blatantly showing his concern.

Kayan nodded and the twins led him into the room, bowing before the man that stood there. Kayan followed what they did not sure what else he should do. The slave trembled in fear and nervousness.

Kayan looked around the room first, taking in the luxurious decor; he had never seen anything so lavish. Huge, plump feather pillows covered a gigantic bed; a white canopy much like the one in his own room only Hephestion's had gold fringes. Plants grew around the room, sitting on the floor and on various items of furniture. On the far wall was a clear door that led to a balcony the railing covered in green vines. The room was almost to big.

The dark eyes finally rested on the extremely tall Roman. The man had curly blond hair, his blue eyes studied Kayan hungrily; that gaze caused Kayan to tremble even more. Hephestion's skin was much lighter than Kayan's, a light olive color. The slave soon adverted his gaze to the floor; his feet unconciously took a step backwards.

Hephestion was pleased with his father's gift. By the way the boy was acting it was obvious he was unused. He would get to break in his toy all by himself, knowing no other had ever attempted to train him. 'Thank you, father,' he thought to himself; aloud he said, "You may leave Tion and Silas." The two slaves quickly obeyed, giving Kayan a look of encouragement.

When they were alone, Hephestion pointed to bed. "Over there," he commanded simply. He watched him hesitate and then scurry towards the bed, standing beside it. Hephestion sauntered toward him, caressing his face tenderly. "You are beautiful, slave. that your name?" he asked, his thumb running over the boy's bottom lip.

"Yes," Kayan answered simply.

Hephestion smirked at the tone and delivery of the slave's response. He would learn. "Undress for me and then remove my clothing," Hephestion said, blue eyes regarded Kayan sternly, daring him to disobey.

Kayan stepped back his cheeks flaming; he finally understood his position completely. He shakes his darkhead, eyes pleading with the other to take back the command.

The merchant's son hand came up fast, delivering a loud, stinging slap to the tanned face. "Learn your place, *slut*. You do as I say when I say it. I am your master," he growled lowly.

Kayan's eyes became moist with tears but he forced himself not to cry. "I'm sorry, Master," he whimpered in a tenor voice.

Hephestion's gaze softened, stroking the boy's slave where he had hit. "You must learn to be quick to obey me. though I will forgive me offense today. Now do as I told you."

Kayan bowed his head, unclasping the belt, falling to the plush carpet with a soft clunk. The sheer dress fell from his slender body, revealing tanned unblemished skin; his body was flawless and he sparkled from gold shimmer that Silas had rubbed on his body after the bath.

"Now me, Kayan," Hephestion reminded, seeing the boy stand still in humiliation. The slave quickly obeyed and within minutes Hephestion pressed his naked body to Kayan's, pushing the boy back onto the bed.

Kayan landed with a soft 'oomph', closing his eyes fearfully. He felt Hephestion's lips over his own, then his chin, neck shoulder...lips, teeth, tongue...his hands. Everything Hephestion was doing was so overwhelming.

"You are mine, Kayan. I am your master," Hephestion breathed against Kayan's lips before plundering them again. Kayan was his; this exotic beauty was all his. He growled slightly, grabbing a flask of oil. "I will be kind to you your first time, but from now you make sure to come prepared if you want yourself to be stretched. I will not do this for you all the time," he said his voice thick with lust, pouring the oil over his fingers.

Kayan stared at him; his dark eyes were filled with fear and anticipation of what was going to happen. He squeezed his eyes shut, feeling a probing finger against his entrance. A soft whimper passed through his lips, tensing against the intrusion of the hard digit. As Hephestion pressed in slowly with his finger, it was more uncomfortable than painful and soon his muscles relaxed around the hard digit.

Hephestion slowly thrusted his finger in and out of Kayan, feeling his tight muscles relax. Slowly he added a second finger, carefully scissoring the two, stretch Kayan for what would come next. "You're doing good, Kayan," he murmured, leaning so that his lips brushed the boy's ear.

Kayan moaned, feeling a slight tinge of pain when the second finger was added but it soon passed. The slave's length was hard with arousal. Kayan's face was flushed with embarassment as another moan passed through his swollen lips. He whimpered whn Hephestion removed his fingers, opening his eyes, watching his master.

Hephestion smirked at the whimper, reaching for the oil again, coating his ample length. He positioned himself at Kayan's entrance, covering the boy with his body. He pressed kisses onto Kayan's shoulders, making a slow path up his neck, chin and jaw; finally he hovered just above the bow-shaped lips parted slightly.

Kayan stared up into the lust-filled blue yes of his master. Slowly he closed his eyes, feeling Hephestion's lips, mashing against him in a passionate kiss only meant to distract.

Hephestion thrusted his tongue into Kayan's mouth at the same moment pressing his shaft past the barrier instantly surrounded gy the tight heat of his slut. He moaned into Kayan's mouth, his pleasure mixing withe boy's cry of pain.

Hephestion pulled back from the kiss, his hips moving back and forth. He looked at Kayan's tear streaked face and gently brushed it dry as he continued thrusting. He soon found his release in his slave, pulling out. Gently he stroked Kayan's still hard length, enjoying the moans of pleasure coming from the boy. "That's it Kayan find your pleasure," he encouraged.

Kayan moaned forgetting the ache, arching into the strokes. "Ah," he moaned as his body stiffened, releasing over Hephestion's hand. The pleasure spread through his body, tingling. He panted softly, watching Hephestion now, his eyes heavy.

Hephestion licked the cum off his hand and turned, pulling a gold tassled rope. Kayan looked confused but Hephestion simply smiled, kissing him lightly. He climbed off the bed, motioning for Kayan to do the same. "Come. I'll help you dress."

The slave quickly obeyed, standing before Hephestion. Hephestion gently placed the dress on Kayan, tieing the belt. "You're perfect, Kayan. You pleased me tonight. Go with Tion and rest," he said. The door opened and Tion stepped in. The slave bowed his head, waiting for instructions.

Hephestion smiled at Tion over Kayan's head, stepping closer to Kayan. A gentle hand caressed down Kayan's side behind his hips to cup one of the firm round globes. He lifted the hem of the dress, taking one hand to spread the globes, using the other to probe the opening. "No one besides me, Tion and Silas is to touch you here or..." The hands moved and he cupped Kayan's groin, squeezing. "Here," he finished, drawing his hands away. "Go with Tion to your room."

Kayan blushed, feeling Tion's gentle hand wrap around his wrist as the dress fell covering him again. The other led him from the room. He closed his eyes shoulders shaking. "Is that all I am to live for?" he asked, biting his lip.

"No," Tion answered gently. "You will gain friends. Silas and I and there are other slaves. You can be happy, but you must continue to please your master. Please him and stay in his favor and your life will be rich and full."

Kayan nodded. "He was so gentle..." he whispered, and soon they were in his room and Tion removed the clothes, jewelery and makeup. A bath was drawn and Kayan cleaned up before Tion put the boy to bed.

"You will do fine..." Tion whispered when the other was sleeping. "You're gonna be all right."


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