Chapter One
He's an Angel

"Go on, Thranduil. I will be fine. I have raised three children of my own, as you are aware. I believe I can handle Legolas for a few hours," Elrond told his lover, whose eyes still showed doubt.

Thranduil sighed. "All right, but be sure to keep him away from sugar, or you shall have an Orcling on your hands." He looked pointedly at Elrond, his _expression utterly serious.

Elrond laughed, his eyes sparkling with his mirth. "Oh, come now, meldir; he is but a child and cannot be that difficult. He is ever the angel in my care!"

Thranduil rolled his eyes, shaking his head. He bent down and gave Elrond a brief kiss, and then looked at his five-year-old son. Legolas was playing with some blocks, oblivious to the conversation being had about him. A slight smile appeared on the King's face as he walked over and picked up the small boy. "Behave for Elrond while I am away, ionen," he said, giving the child a stern look.

Legolas nodded and grinned sweetly at his father, but a mischievous glint was reflected in his deep sapphire eyes as he answered. "Yes, Ada."

Thranduil smiled at him, and kissed his cheek. He then turned to look at Elrond. "You know where I'll be if he becomes too much trouble," the Elf-king said, setting his golden son down. He offered Elrond a final wistful smile before leaving the two alone, heading to a meeting he did not want to attend.

Legolas stared at the door for a moment, as if he were making certain his Ada was not coming back. When he was convinced, he looked at Elrond with an impish grin before returning his attention to the blocks.

Elrond watched the boy, a smile playing on his lips. Thranduil was worried over nothing. He could handle the little Prince just fine. The child was a little angel.

Or so he thought...


Chapter Two
Hide and Seek

About an hour after Thranduil had left, Elrond felt a tug on his robe. He put his quill aside and looked down with a small smile. "What is it, Legolas?"

Legolas looked up at the Imladrin Lord with wide, innocent blue eyes, his lips curved in a delicate pout. "Will you play with me?" he asked, his voice sweet and innocent.

Elrond sighed, closed the book, and pulled Legolas into his lap. "What do you want to play, pen-neth?" he asked.

"Hide and seek!" Legolas said without hesitation.

Elrond sighed again; a voice in the back of his mind told him this was a bad idea. He pushed the warning voice back, though. "All right, Legolas. I will count to one-hundred," Elrond told the Elfling.

Legolas beamed at him and jumped off his lap. "Close your eyes! No peaking!" he reminded dutifully before scurrying away.

Elrond closed his eyes and began to count. "One... two... three..."

Legolas snuck silently to the door opening and closing the door without a sound before running down the hallway and into the kitchen. He peaked around the doorway to be sure no one was in the large room. He climbed onto one of the cool marble counters and opened one of the cabinets. The small child rummaged through the compartment before he grabbed a bag of sweetcakes. With a triumphant squeal of joy, he jumped down and hid in the closet. Once safe in his hiding place, Legolas opened the bag and began to eat the sweets.

Back in the room, Elrond was finished counting. He searched everywhere in the room, but he couldn't find the child. With a heavy sigh, he left the room to go seeking the wayward Elfling. Where could the boy have run off to? He stopped a servant and asked if anyone had seen the Mirkwood King's son run through. The servant thought for a moment, then smiled. He informed Elrond that the child was last spotted on his way to the kitchens. Elrond thanked him and set off for the kitchen, his pace quick and light; Thranduil's warning about the child and sweets echoed in his mind.

When he entered the kitchen, he found it empty. The Peredhel bit his lip in worry; it would not do to lose his lover's son. He could just hear Thranduil now. Elrond turned to leave and seeking Legolas elsewhere, but he heard a giggle coming from the closet. With a sinking heart, he opened the door. His eyes fell onto the golden head of the Elfling who looked up at him with pride as he ate the last sweetcake. Dismay clouded Elrond's face at this discovery, and Legolas seemed to wilt under the unhappy gaze of his keeper. Elrond sighed and picked up the small child, trying to keep as much of the sticky child from his clothing as he could.

They made their way to the Elf-lord's room. Without a second thought, he took them both into the bathing chamber. He ran the water while helping Legolas undress. Elrond removed his robe and under tunic; he left his leggings on. Legolas giggled and bubbled with the vivaciousness only a young child full of sweets could manage. No, Elrond was not looking forward to bathing the now hyper child. He sighed and eased himself into the tub, and was not prepared for the handful of bubbles Legolas thrust in his face. He sighed; had Elladan and Elrohir been this difficult?


Chapter Three
Boy Was He Wrong!

"But I don’t want to!" Legolas screamed, darting away from Elrond, on the verge of tears.

Elrond looked at him frustrated. "Legolas Thrandullion, you will get in that bath right now!" Elrond said sternly. He grabbed the child’s arm and picked him up. Elrond sat him in the bath and began the daunting task of washing the sticky sugar off of him. Legolas screamed and thrashed about constantly, and Elrond was a sopping, angry mess when the young Prince was finally clean. Elrond carried Legolas from the bathroom and dried him off. Finally, panting and exhausted, Elrond was able to dress the young Elf.

Legolas whimpered and looked up at Elrond as if betrayed. Elrond sighed, drawing him into a damp hug. Legolas quieted but tried to wiggle away. Elrond laughed, releasing him to go and play. The Elf-lord returned to his desk and took up writing again. Maybe he wouldn’t be as bad as Thranduil had thought. There couldn’t that much sugar in the sweetcakes.

They were Arwen’s, after all, and she was on a diet.


It wasn’t until mid-day archery practice that Elrond was given a first-hand example of what the word ‘hyper’ truly meant. Legolas was usually something of a protégé when it came to archery. At his young age he could draw a bow twice his size. But this day...

As Elrond entered the practice yard to check on Legolas, and he realized something was wrong. After all, you didn’t need the senses of a Dwarf to realize that arrows were flying everywhere; Elves were running, hiding behind bushes as a little Elfling ran around the field shooting arrows at them.

"Legolas!" shouted Elrond, aghast. "What are you doing?!"

"I’m playing Elves and Orcs!" replied the smiling Legolas, his eyes shining up at him innocently. "It’s fun!" Legolas giggled before he returned to his previous activities.

Elrond growled and grabbed the bow and quiver from him. "Go back to our rooms, you tenacious little Orcling," he ordered, his face stern.

Legolas screamed when his deadly ‘toy’ was taken away and sat down on the ground with his arms crossed. He stuck his bottom lip out and pouted. "I want to play Elves and Orcs!" he wailed.

Elrond looked at him in frustrated annoyance. "Legolas get inside now!" he snapped, placing on hand on his hip while other pointed back to The Last Homely House. "Or I will make sure you regret disobeying me. I am sure your Ada will most pleased to hear about your behavior this afternoon."

Legolas looked at him with frightened wide eyes, but he stood up and glared at his feet sullenly. Elrond offered his hand, which Legolas took, and they went back to their room. Elrond sighed when they entered the cool room and sat back down behind his desk. He turned around in order to check what mischief Legolas was wreaking. The Peredhel smiled seeing Legolas playing with his blocks again. Maybe the worst was over... but, then again, maybe not.


Chapter Four
The Day That Never Ends

It was quiet. Too quiet. Not even a random giggle came from Legolas's direction. Elrond felt a tinge of worry as he turned around. The blocks were scattered on the floor, abandoned. "Not again," Elrond muttered. He scanned the room, uttering a sigh of relief when he saw Legolas one of the nightstands... Until he saw what the child was holding.

Legolas was holding a vial of oil he had found in one of the drawers. With an impish grin, he managed to pry the lid off. It was a large jar, and the Elfling had trouble balancing the vessel with one hand, so he added his other, steadying the jar. He then brought it up and promptly poured it's contents over his head. He closed his eyes and let out a peal of giggles as he saturated his hair, face, and clothes.

"Legolas!" Elrond hollered when he realized what the Elfling was doing. "Stop that!" But, it was too late. The bottle was empty. Thranduil would kill him! He took a deep breath, calming his frayed nerves and counting to ten in Quenya. This was the last time he would agree to watch a five-year-old. Elrond stormed over to the misbehaving child and snatched the empty jar from him. "Come on, little imp, you’re getting another bath," he said, his tone one of defeat.

"Will you take a bath with me? Like Ada does?" Legolas asked sweetly, offering Elrond an adoring, bright smile. "Please?"

Elrond sighed. This child would be the end of him. "Fine!" He ushered the child into the bathroom and they both stripped. He placed Legolas into the warm water, climbing in after him.

"Rondy..." Legolas began with a cheeky grin. "Why aren’t you as big as Ada?" he asked, staring at Elrond’s groin.

"Because... That's none of your concern," Elrond said through clenched teeth. The child was trying his patience. The Half-Elf knew his face was flushed crimson with embarrassment. He sighed and washed the oil in Legolas’ hair and on the Elfling's squirming body, calming himself.

Legolas giggled again. "What were those loud sounds coming from Ada and your bedroom last night?" he asked, giggling before he continued. "It sounded like a cat in heat... Does my Ada have a cat?"

Elrond almost squeaked, his face aflame with humiliation. "When *is* your Ada to return?" Elrond said softly, pouring water over the laughing child.

It seemed the day would never end.


Chapter Five

They had finally got the bath finished and Elrond dressed Legolas in clean clothes. With a tired sigh the Peredhel collapsed in his chair and closed his eyes tiredly. Legolas began running around the room screaming and giggling, acting as if he was flying. Elrond soon fell asleep even with Legolas being as loud as a war band.

Not long after Thranduil opened the door and Legolas ran and jumped into Thranduil’s arms. "Ada, Ada! I was actually good for Rondy!" Legolas giggled innocently, wrapping his arms around Thranduil’s neck.

Thranduil laughed and looked at his sleeping lover. Somehow he doubted Legolas’ words. He set the boy down and gave him a kiss on the head. Slowly he made his way to Elrond’s side and shook his lover’s shoulder gently. "Elrond, how was Legolas?"

Elrond started awake and looked up at Thranduil. "Hello, love." He murmured sleepily, "Legolas was fine." A yawn escaped him, causing Thranduil to laugh and Elrond soon joined him. Though he motioned for Thranduil to quiet down when he saw little Legolas curled up asleep looking like the angel he wasn’t.


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