Title: My Only Love Sprung From My Only Hate
Author: Anestel
Beta: Bast
Pairing: Benvolio/Tybalt
Summary: What happens when two archenemies fall in love? Can they prevent tragedy?
Disclaimer: Most characters belong to Shakespeare
Warning: Angst and more later
A/N: Thanks to my rp buddy who helped be bunches on this plot. Sry this chapter is so short they will get longer I promise.
Chapter One
Blue Eyes

Tybalt leaned against the wall and looked over the party. His brown eyes scanned the dance. He sighed when Rosaline came to him and began flirting. He rolled his eyes as she vied for his attention. Finally, Tybalt told her off, gaining a reprimand from his uncle in the process. Rosaline was nothing but a whore and he would have nothing to do with her. She didn’t fit his fancy anyway. After she had gone he sighed with relief and went off to find some more wine.

Tybalt was sipping his wine when he noticed a stranger coming into the party. He was dressed in elegant clothes of midnight blue. The shoulder length black hair pulled back into a ponytail as a blue feathered mask covered most of his young face. He was dressed as well as a European Count and walked amongst the whirling silk gowns and dancing men. Tybalt sighed as he watched him. There was something familiar about him. Tybalt decided to keep his eye on him.


Benvolio sighed as he was swept into a dance. He didn’t want to make a spectacle of himself but he had no choice. He didn’t even want to be here. Romeo had dragged him here in hopes of seeing Rosaline.

It was Juliet who chose him to dance. They danced an elegant waltz, and moved as one through the room with extravagant steps that mesmerized the onlooking women. Benvolio was grateful he had maintained his balance and not fallen despite how nervous he was.

Tybalt finally joined the dancing at his Aunt’s prodding. He kept his eyes on the boy. He was beautiful and he would make it a point to talk to him this night. In the fray, the boy was ‘accidentally’ passed to Tybalt. Bright blue eyes looked up into Tybalt rich fiery brown ones. By the gods this boy could easily pass for a woman…no wonder he had got passed to Tybalt.


Romeo was hidden in the crowd and watched as his cousin got passed to Tybalt. It was hilarious! He couldn’t help but laugh. His cousin might as well be a woman. His laughter was interrupted as he saw a beautiful maiden across the room and suddenly his attention was elsewhere.


Chapter Two
Daft Montagues and Temperamental Capulets

Tybalt watched the young man as the danced and finally realized who he was. It was his beauty, though, that he saw instead of the name. It stopped him from declaring it, which was much unlike him. He stared into the other’s eyes and knew only their blue depths.

Benvolio was stupefied. He though he was dead for sure but the feel of the other’s arms around his waist in the dancing position caused him to blush a soft pink.

Tybalt led Benvolio away from the dance floor and to a quiet corner. “What are you doing here, Benvolio?” He asked in a harsh voice.

“Believe me, I didn’t want to be here.” Benvolio answered calmly as he reached up and pulled the mask away from his young effeminate face.

“Well it’s very stupid.” Tybalt said impulsively. “I should kill you where you stand!” but he made no move for his sword.

“You say such but you do not act upon your words.” Benvolio said softly He reached up again and pulled his jacked, doublet and shirt open to reveal his pale chest. “Do it!”

Tybalt tried not to stare at the beautiful pale bared chest. He swallowed and managed to say. “I said I should…not that I would. Lady Capulet would kill me if I were to ruin her party.”

Benvolio adjusted his clothes. “True enough.” He said.

“Now why are you here?” Tybalt asked.

“Only because Romeo is here.” Benvolio answered.

“Romeo?…” Tybalt shook his head. “You Montagues really are daft!” he exclaimed.

“And you Capulets are temperamental.” Benvolio shot back defensively. All the while thinking, /God, Tybalt is attractive, when he is angry./

“At least we don’t go to your parties! Are you looking for trouble?” Tybalt asked exasperated with Benvolio and himself. /If he weren’t so goddamned beautiful, I would have killed him by now./

“Romeo obviously is.” Benvolio said as he crossed his arms and leaned against the wall.

Tybalt rolled his eyes as he said, “And all of you follow him around like lost puppies.”

“I was forced to come along. I’m actually sick of parties.” He replied as he slipped of his jacket and tossed it aside.

“Then why don’t we…you leave?” Tybalt said and mentally cursed his slip up.

Benvolio looked at the other questioningly, “We?”

Tybalt glared at him. “I meant you.”

Benvolio could easily see Tybalt as the rough kind. One to force, not give…and the thought was an arousing one against his common sense. “I was about to.” Benvolio said and looked down.

Tybalt felt desire well up in him for this boy. He must be around the same age yet there was something about him. Something so…so young. He resisted the urge to touch him. His family came first. “That’s a good idea. You should take Romeo and the other’s with you.”

Benvolio nodded and regained his composure. He grabbed his jacket and turned to leave. Tybalt watched him turn away and something came over him. He took a deep breath and reached to grab the other and pressed their lips together not knowing what had gotten into him.

The kiss was over quickly and Tybalt let Benvolio go and ran out of the house. He stopped breathless when he was outside and leaned against the wall. What had he done?

Chapter Three
Night and Day

Benvolio gasped and staggered slightly when he was released. Gently he touched his lips. His eyes wide with shock as he looked to where the other had went. He followed him but stayed in the shadows.

Tybalt cursed his heart, body and soul as he leaned his head against the stone wall of the house. His arms braced against the cold hardness. How could he have done something so stupid? Benvolio was his enemy. Without warning the object of his thoughts slipped under Tybalt’s arms and appeared between the wall of the house and Tybalt’s body. He stared into Tybalt’s brown eyes. Tybalt scowled. “Why are you here?”

“Why did you kiss me?” Benvolio asked in a soft voice.

“I don’t know. I didn’t think.” Tybalt answered.

“It felt nice, Tybalt.” Benvolio confessed.

Tybalt sighed and looked away from the boy. “You’re a Montague, I’m a Capulet. It can never be.” He said coldly.

“Romeo and Juliet seem to think otherwise.” Benvolio said matter-of-factly.

Tybalt looked at him angrily. “And how would Juliet know he was a Montague!”

“She knows…Tybalt…do it again, but keep it for longer.” Benvolio says and looked up at him pleadingly.

Tybalt looked at him warily. “Benvolio…” He said in protest before his body took control and he pressed their lips together. This shouldn’t be happening. He should be killing him not kissing him!

This time Benvolio had time to return the kiss. One hand flew into Tybalt’s hair and pulled him closer as Tybalt wrapped his arms around Benvolio’s waist and he didn’t care who Benvolio was anymore, only that they were together. Like two pieces of the same puzzle did Benvolio and Tybalt meld together. The kiss was passionate and loving and desperate and neither wanted it to end, but finally Tybalt pulled away breathless. “Benvolio…we can’t…our families…”

“Do you think I care?” Benvolio asked in a whisper.


Benvolio smiled and asked just as softly. “Do you?”

Tybalt looked down. Two words that meant so much and could change his future…and Tybalt found his heart speaking for his mind. “I suppose not.” His mind protested but his heart had won and there was no turning back now.

Benvolio pressed up against Tybalt, his young body melted into each part of the older man. Tybalt groaned softly, “Not here, Benvolio.” He said and looked around knowing anyone could come upon them.

“Take me somewhere, Tybalt.” Benvolio whispered his words bearing a double meaning as he stared into the brown eyes, his own blue eyes uncertain. Could they make it? These two as different as night and day.

Chapter Four
One Chance

Tybalt nodded and led Benvolio to a secluded room, away from the partygoers. He locked the room behind them and said. “This should do.” He looked at Benvolio, who was blushing, his cheeks enhanced under the soft candlelight. “Why are you blushing Benvolio?” Tybalt asked as he pressed their bodies together and pushed him towards the bed.

“I admit that I’ve never been with a woman or man before.” Benvolio said softly.

“I see,” Tybalt said, “I will try to be gentle with you even though, as you may know, gentle is not my nature.”

“You don’t have to be.” Benvolio said softly and bit his lip.

“I’ll hurt you if I’m not. It will hurt even if I’m gentle.” He answered stubbornly. A virgin wouldn’t do well with what he was used to in the bedroom.

“I can take it!” Benvolio said quietly as he looked up to the other. He was not some little boy, he was a man.

“I will not hurt you anymore than necessary and that is final!” Tybalt growled as he pushed the other back onto the bed. He climbed in as the other landed with a soft thud. “I don’t want to hurt you, Benvolio.” Tybalt said as he undressed and motioned for Benvolio to do the same.

“You won’t…” Benvolio said stubbornly as he undressed and let his clothes fall to the floor.

“I will not take you like I usually take my partners. You’re a virgin…it would be cruel to take you in such a way. I will be gentle and you will not argue with me anymore.”

Benvolio nodded stunned as he sat there revealed to the other’s lustful eyes. He brushed back black locks from his eyes, the small tattoo of a blue rose seen on his inner thigh.

Tybalt studied the other, imagining him writhing in pain beneath him. The thought was arousing, but not his first time. He had to make it special so Benvolio would come back to him. He had one chance…

Chapter Five

Tybalt kissed the other lovingly and explored the warm moist mouth with his tongue. His hand caressed the other’s body. Memorizing every inch of pale flesh, and the way it trembled beneath his fingers. Oh how he loved Benvolio.

Benvolio’s body burned with pent up lust as the older man touched the secret parts of his body, awakening new pleasures within him. This man…Tybalt, the object of his undying love, the creator of his lust. Oh Tybalt…his Tybalt.

Tybalt began to move his lips lower. Gently caressing Benvolio’s neck with his lips before biting his neck just hard enough to leave a mark, to mark Benvolio as his. He licked the bite, soothing away the pain and creating pleasure in its place as he moved down. He sucked and bit gently on each of Benvolio’s nipples until they grew taunt and hard against this tongue.

Slowly he continued his tortuous path down, dipping his tongue into Benvolio’s navel sending a bolt of lust through the younger man. Finally he reached the center of the young man’s lust. The hard rod proudly erect. Tybalt took the hard member into his mouth, relaxing his throat to allow Benvolio to be fully encased.

Benvolio moaned and trembled in pleasure as Tybalt began to move his mouth up and down on his length. The older man hummed sending vibrations through Benvolio’s body. Tybalt brought Benvolio to the edge over and over again, torturing him, enjoying the moans of need and lust, the soft words of pleading. Finally he pulled away and moved back up. He straddled Benvolio’s chest and placed his member at the younger man’s lips for him to take into his mouth and wet thoroughly. Tybalt didn’t have any oil and saliva would be the only thing to ease the way.

Benvolio opened his mouth obediently and took the length into his mouth. He swirled his tongue up around the large member. Tybalt was larger than any other male he had seen and he had trouble relaxing his throat to keep from gagging.

Tybalt closed his eyes in ecstasy as Benvolio sucked diligently on his member. When he was satisfied he was prepared enough he moved to the other’s legs and spread them falling between them He pulled other’s legs onto his shoulder’s then and pushed into the other’s entrance carefully.

Benvolio gasped in shock and pain as Tybalt breached his body and completely sheathed himself. He forced his muscles to relax and accept the hard member. The pain eased and he looked into the other’s eyes, seeing concern there. “I’m alright.” He purred.

Tybalt smiled and slowly began to thrust into Benvolio’s young body. His hands lovingly caressing each inch of his body. He really did love this young man below him. With every thrust his feelings became more obvious.

The moans of both young men filled the air as they released their seed. Tybalt held Benvolio close and they rode the waves of pleasure together. The orgasms left them panting and Benvolio was trembling. “I love you…” Tybalt said against Benvolio’s ear.

Benvolio laughed softly. “I love you to, my Tybalt,” he said with a smile. Benvolio sighed when Tybalt pulled out of his body then. He curled up against the other’s body. His head resting on the other’s chest.

Tybalt wrapped his arms around Benvolio as they fell asleep. Both wondered how they could ever work. Their families would very likely kill them if they ever found out. They would have to keep this a secret. They would have to keep it safe.

Chapter Six

The next morning, Benvolio woke wrapped in Tybalt’s arms. A soft sigh escaped his lips. He loved Tybalt more than anyone, caring not that Tybalt was a Capulet. Ironic that his only true love was born of his only true hate.

Gently, Benvolio kissed Tybalt’s lips, waking him. The brown eyes fluttered open, only to fall closed again as he returned the Montague’s kiss. “Good morning, m’love,” Benvolio breathed.

“Morning, Benvolio,” slurred the older man, claiming Benvolio’s lips again with a loving kiss. He pulled the other closer to his own body, nibbling on Benvolio’s lip.

Benvolio sighed contently as he nestled his face against Tybalt’s neck. “I’ll have to go soon,” the blue-eyed boy said, pulling away reluctantly. “My kinsmen and friends will be looking for me.”

Tybalt sighed, pulling Benvolio back into his strong arms, kissing him passionately. Finally, they parted, unwillingly. Tybalt ran his fingers through the Montague’s hair “Will I see you again?” he asked.

Benvolio nodded, chuckling “Of course, Tybalt.” He stood up, collected his clothes and dressed. “I love you,” he confessed again as he ran his fingers through his hair, smoothing it.

“I love you too,” Tybalt replied. “We will meet tonight, by the fountain.”

Benvolio smiled and nodded. “I can’t wait to be held in your embrace again.”

Tybalt smiled as he stood up, walking towards Benvolio. Lovingly, he took his young lover in his arms, pressing their lips together. “Until we meet again,” Tybalt whispered as Benvolio ran out of the room, turning to give the Tybalt an intoxicatingly charming smile.

Tybalt sighed, falling back on the bed. Night would never come.


Benvolio walked down to the palazzo, humming softly to himself. “Is the sun shining brighter today, or is it simply that my eyes are opened to the full beauty of it? Maybe both; maybe the sun shines brighter rejoicing my love, and Tybalt has opened my eyes to see it,” Benvolio mused aloud.

“Benvolio.” Someone called his name, drawing him from his reverie. “Benvolio,” the voice repeated. It was Balthasar, Romeo’s servant.

“Anon,” Benvolio called as the young teenager ran up to him. “What is it, Balthasar?”

“Master has not come back yet. We could not find him after the masque,” Balthasar panted, trying to catch his breath.

“I’m sure Romeo is fine,” Benvolio answered. “Nothing could be wrong this day.”

Balthasar looked doubtful, but nodded.

“Oh! Mercutio has been looking for you all morning,” Balthasar added suddenly, as if he had just remembered.

“All right, thank you, Balthasar,” he said dismissing the servant, who bowed before running off.

Chapter Seven
Talk of Nothing

“There you are, you wicked boy. Where have you been all night and morning?” Mercutio asked, coming up behind Benvolio.

The Montague turned and smiled when he saw Mercutio and Romeo. “Nothing,” he answered as he clapped the blond on his shoulder.

“Nothing?! Nothing always means something, even if it is nothing!” exclaimed Mercutio, putting his hands on his hips. “Now, dear Benvolio, you must tell me who you were with.”

“You talk of nothing, Mercutio! Now Romeo, how are you?” Benvolio asked, dismissing any questions directed at him.

Romeo was beaming and Benvolio remembered Tybalt’s words. “Were you with Rosaline last night?”

“No, no. Rosaline is dead to me,” Romeo breathed, stars in his eyes.

“Romeo! Just yesterday you were bemoaning Rosaline. What has brought about this change so quickly?" Benvolio exclaimed, his blue eyes wide. Could Tybalt have been right about Romeo and Juliet?

“Nay, her beauty has been dimmed by another star. Ah, my heart beats wild with new love,” Romeo answered, awestruck.

Benvolio and Mercutio shook their heads; Romeo confused the both of them. “Who is it, Romeo?” Mercutio asked in a low voice.

“I shall not tell you, my dear Mercutio,” Romeo chuckled.

Mercutio looked crestfallen and crossed his arms. “Don’t you trust me anymore?” he pouted.

“No!” Romeo said with mock seriousness. “You are the lowest, most untrustworthy scum of the Earth that I have ever had the displeasure to meet – and I’m glad you’re my best friend,” he laughed as he threw his arms around Mercutio’s neck. Mercutio shook his head and spun Romeo around.

Benvolio chuckled while he watched the two. He had everything: friends, family and Tybalt. There wasn’t much more he could ask for; except that the feud would end -- but that was a hopeless and far away dream.

“I’m going to find some breakfast you guys, I’ll see you later,” Benvolio called over his shoulder, making his way to the market.

“Farewell, Benvolio!” they answered in unison before breaking out in laughter; Benvolio simply shook his head as he walked away.


The sound of fighting reached Benvolio’s ears and he groaned in frustration. Not again, he thought and he followed the loud clanging of metal on metal. When he reached the center of the square and pressed through the crowed, dismay filled him. Tybalt was fighting – with Romeo.

“Stop! Stop it!” Benvolio cried as he ran to stand between the two. “Did you not hear the Prince’s orders and what the consequences would be if you disobeyed? Death! If you are caught disturbing the peace you will be punished by death! Now, stop! Both of you!” Benvolio’s eyes were fierce as he met Tybalt’s battle-raged gaze. “Tybalt, please,” he said softly, and then turned to his cousin. “Please stop this Romeo.”

Romeo and Tybalt stared at one another coldly before Tybalt sheathed his sword and stormed away.

Benvolio looked at Romeo, disappointment marring his features. “Stop participating in these fights, you fool,” he said angrily, blue eyes flashing dangerously before he left, seeking the solace of the Montague orchard.

Deep in the center of the orchard he searched for the heart of his emotions. Why had he been angered so easily? The answer was simple – Tybalt – No one had that much control over him before and now it frightened him.


Tybalt groaned as he fell back on his bed. How could he have been so stupid? Fighting with Romeo of all people! What if Benvolio hates him now? Tybalt couldn’t forget how angry the Montague had looked. He wondered if Benvolio would be there to meet him.

A soft hesitant knock sounded on his door, and Tybalt called for them to enter. A young petite girl of about thirteen stepped into the room. Tybalt sat up and smiled. “Juliet.”

“Why did you fight again?” Juliet asked without preamble. “You must stop it, or we all will lose everything!” she said, looking at Tybalt with wide eyes.

Tybalt smiled and reached out to give her a hug. “Ah, fair Juliet, I have been thinking the same thing. Be patient with me, cousin.”

“Tybalt, you know patience is not one of my virtues,” Juliet said softly.

“What virtue?” he teased.

Juliet laughed, placing a kiss on his cheek before leaving; she hoped Benvolio would stop the fighting before their lives were ruined.

Chapter Eight

Later, Benvolio came home to eat dinner, and he sat beside Romeo. The busy chatter filled the dining hall. Benvolio finally led his cousin to a more secluded area. “Romeo, promise me you won’t fight again, especially Tybalt,” Benvolio petitioned calmly.

Romeo sighed softly. “I did not mean to fight him. It is over and I don’t intend to do it again anytime soon,” Romeo told Benvolio softly.

Benvolio smiled, placing his hand on his cousin's shoulder, squeezing lightly. “Thank you, Romeo,” he said as he released Romeo's shoulder.

Romeo shook his head slowly. “I’m doing it for you, Benvolio. I’m doing it for my love,” he whispered softly. His eyes searched the area to make sure they were completely alone. “I married Juliet today, Tybalt’s cousin.”

Benvolio stared at Romeo in shock at the mention of 'marriage' and 'Juliet'. Then his mind raced. Did Tybalt know? Was that why he had fought Romeo? “Do Lord Montague and Lord Capulet know of this?” Benvolio questioned, his blue eyes beseeching his younger cousin.

“No, and please don’t tell them!” Romeo whispered harshly, his eyes pleading with him. “I would be killed!”

Benvolio nodded, considering for a moment confessing his new relationship with Tybalt, but then thought better of it. “Your secret is safe with me," he promised softly. He looked outside the window and saw that the sun was setting; it was time to meet Tybalt. “I must leave now, dear cousin. Go to Juliet,” he told Romeo before leaving.


Dinner seemed to last forever. Tybalt couldn’t wait to get the piazzo, and yet he dreaded it. What if Benvolio wasn’t at the fountain? He had looked that afternoon. A deep sigh passed his lips as he entered the city streets, heading towards the piazzo.

The previous night had been life changing, extraordinary. Never had he *made* love. He had only ever had sex... a lot, but nothing as wonderful as he experienced with Benvolio, the gentleness as he experienced with Benvolio. The gentleness he exhibited the night before was not Tybalt’s typical behavior. He had delved deep into the secret and dark realms of painful pleasure. Tybalt wanted to share this side of himself with Benvolio, but the relationship was unstable. Feelings were too new and Tybalt was afraid to lose Benvolio; it would remain a secret, forever.

Soon, Tybalt reached the deserted piazzo. His brown eyes sought out the fountain. Sought out Benvolio.

Benvolio was already there, sitting on the stone wall that kept the water from escaping. The mess of brown curls raised and cheerful blue eyes met his. “Benvolio...” he whispered, falling to his knees in front of his seated lover, resting his head in his lap.

Benvolio chuckled, petting Tybalt’s hair lovingly. “I’m glad you remember my name,” he teased. He was so happy that Tybalt had come. Benvolio had been so afraid Tybalt would have been angry with him for stopping the fight.

“I’m sorry for fighting Romeo,” Tybalt murmured, looking into the Montague’s eyes. “I don’t even know how it started.”

Benvolio smiled pulling Tybalt up, indicating for him to sit beside him. The older man obeyed, and Benvolio snuggled up against him. “It’s alright, but promise me you’ll stop fighting,’ Benvolio said softly, a desperate edge creeping into his voice.

Tybalt kissed Benvolio tenderly. “I promise,” he breathed against Benvolio’s lips. “Only in self defense will I fight,” the Capulet vowed, sealing it with a kiss.

Benvolio sighed into the kiss, the muscles that had been tense since the fight finally relaxed. “Thank you, m’love,” he whispered. “Do you wish to go to my home?” he asked, and Tybalt simply nodded.


Wide green eyes watched Benvolio and Tybalt. Why were these two meeting? What would their Lords say? Are they not of opposing houses? Yet, they meet as if lovers. Had they taken after Romeo and Juliet, whom this boy had just delivered a rope to? All in all, the little spy was confused. Though he knew just who to talk to in the morning...

Chapter Nine
Cover of Darkness

Soft rays of sunlight poured through the window, warming the two lover's faces, slowly awakening them. Tybalt's arms were locked securely around Benvolio, possessively. The older of the two young men woke first, his brown eyes opening slowly, smelling Benvolio's curly brown hair; Tybalt gently kissed the Capulet's head. "I love you, Benvolio," he whispered softly, his lips moving to brush the other's forehead.

Blue eyes fluttered open, the Montague's words finding their way inside his head. "Love you, too," Benvolio mumbled groggily, forcing his eyes to open and stay open, yawning.

Tybalt laughed softly. "Morning," he greeted, kissing the other gently on his lips. "I wish we could stay here forever," he said wistfully, holding Benvolio tighter, their legs tangled together beneath the blankets.

Benvolio nodded. "We'll make it, Tybalt. We love each other and we'll make it work, no matter what happens," Benvolio promised, smiling at his lover. He reached up caressing Tybalt's cheek, ghosting his fingers on the Montague's neck.

Tybalt grinned. "We'll have to meet again...and again," he whispered, kissing Benvolio, tasting his sweet mouth as if it were sweet wine; tongues battled playfully, lazily.

Finally, they pulled away, breathless. Benvolio panted his eyes becoming thoughtful. "Will our families ever stop fighting?" he asked, searching Tybalt's eyes for the answer to the question plaguing him that only time would know the answer to.

Tybalt sighed softly, kissing Benvolio's lips with a tenderness he rarely bestowed on anyone. "I don't know. The only thing I can tell you is that I swear never to fight again, less it be solely in self defense," Tybalt vowed, pulling Benvolio closer. "I love you, Benvolio," he murmured.

For what seemed an eternity the lovers lay in an entangled mess, holding one another. They kissed and whispered sweet nothings, time running away unnoted. But soon the sun was fully risen and for the sake of their lives they would have to part again till they could find each other in the cover of darkness.


Even from far away, Balthasar could hear the recitation of flowers, herbs and other plants. The servant boy followed the cheerful voice soon coming upon a man dressed in a drab brown clothing, Friar Lawerence. "Good morning, Friar!" Balthasar called as he came upon him.

The Friar looked up from the ground smiling at the boy. "Balthasar, Good morning! What brings you here?" he said, picking up another plant and placing it in his basket, absently naming it.

"Well I saw something last night and I thought you might want to know about it..." Balthasar answered hesitantly.

"What? Is something wrong with Romeo and Juliet?" Friar asked instantly.

"No. It's Tybalt and Benvolio," Balthasar said quietly, "I saw them meeting at the fountain, like they were lovers."

The Friar looked thoughtful. "Maybe that is a good thing, Balthasar. Tybalt is by far the most violent and dangerous of the Capulets. Maybe this will change him and therefore end this ridiculous feud between the Montagues and Capulets."


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