I whimper softly as the whip falls across my back. The mixture of pleasure and pain flooding my body. This secret need that my father broke into me from the time I was an Elfling. This need to be controlled to feel pain and pleasure at anotherís hand.

My father had always told me a good leader knows what is like to be lead. Maybe that is why he did this to me. Why he left me like this. Though maybe it was because he loved me. I will never know. I never got the chance to ask him.

Now it is Saelbeth behind me, pushing slowly into my body, spanking my abused buttocks. It is Saelbeth and not father. I am an adult and not a child anymore. I understand now. I understand this secret life. I will pass it on to my son, and he will pass it to his. But for now it is my secret.


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