Title: Red
Series: Color
Author: Anestel
Email: Website:
Beta: Orchyd Constyne
Disclaimer: I don’t own any Elves.
Pairing: Maedhros/Amrod
Rating: G
Summary: Anger.
A/N: The idea for this series popped into my head so there you go. Enjoy! ^^


Red is the color of his anger.

I can feel it pulsating from every fiber of his being. The air throbs with it; the room stills. Everything holds its breath, waiting for the breaking point.

Maedhros goes through his fits of rage; I wait through them silently, unscathed by his anger. But still... still it radiates, scaring me. It pierces the joy we were sharing just moments before.


Guilt is the cause of his mad craze. At times he will unexpectedly scream with fury at our father, at himself, at me.

I do not respond.

The anger will pass and I will still be here waiting.



I hear his sweet, gentle voice. As I said, his anger would pass. Strong arms envelope me and I lean back.

“My peace...” he whispers.

“My heart,” I reply.


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