Chapter One
The Prank

Legolas glanced at Maergorv, who snickered and pushed him into the library. He turned around and glared at his older brother, but the Elf just motioned for him to go on. He sighed and took the little phial of ink and snuck beside the two blondes that were kissing each other passionately. ‘They look like they are eating each other’s faces,’ thought Legolas distastefully.

Quietly, he replaced their phial of scented oil with the phial of ink. He covered his mouth to stifle the bubbling laughter as he crept back to the door, slipping beside Maergorv. They watched as Saelbeth took the ink and blindly poured it on his hardened member. They snickered as he thrusted into Silindë, who wailed like a maiden who had seen a rat-- which made them giggle again.

Maergorv stifled his laughter, though, when he heard footsteps echoing down the hall and quickly ran off. Legolas continued to laugh and didn’t notice the new presence until he felt a hand strong on his shoulder. He yelped and turned around with wide eyes. The Elf he saw towering above him made his heart stop. " Ada?" he whispered, the fright on his face plain to anyone who looked.

Thranduil hid a smile as he peeked into the library, but it quickly faded when he saw what was happening and… the ink. " Legolas, to my office. Now!" he said in a low, dangerous voice.

The King smothered his smirk as they walked to his office. Thranduil continued to fight the laughter welling in his throat and the more he thought about the prank, the more amusing it became. Maybe now his wanton advisors would keep their acts of carnal delight confined to their bedchamber. But, at this moment, he needed to chastise Legolas. His beautiful, glorious son. Oh, he had an idea of what that punishment would entail. Thranduil grinned as he thought of Legolas, spread over his lap with his leggings down, his pale backside a bright red from a thorough spanking.

Aye, if Legolas chose to act as a child, he would be punished as such, and Thranduil knew he would enjoy it.

Chapter Two
Two Disheveled Advisors

Legolas cringed as his father began to lecture. Thranduil paused for a moment, looking at his son, thinking for a moment. "Go to our rooms, Legolas. I will handle you later. My advisors are probably on their way here and I would rather you not be here," he said with annoyance.

Legolas nodded and quickly ran from the room.

Thranduil smiled as returned to his work, idly thumbing through missives and documents. He sighed, though, when the door burst open and two very disheveled, very irate, advisors entered his office. " Saelbeth, Silindë," he greeted without looking up.

"Sire, your son!" Saelbeth exclaimed angrily.

Thranduil looked up, carefully disguising his amusement behind an _expression of contemplative seriousness. "Which son?" he calmly asked.

"They… they…" Silindë stuttered, exasperated.

"We were in the library and they replaced our oil with ink!" Saelbeth spat out.

Silindë clenched his fists and snarled at the King. "Legolas is a wretch!"

Thranduil raised his brow. "Then why were you doing what is I am sure you were doing in the library of all places?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"That is beside the point! You have to punish Legolas!" Silindë cried.

"I do not have to do a thing!" Thranduil shouted, holding up his hand when the two Elves started to protest. "But, I will find something suitable in a way of punishment."

They nodded, pleased, and swiftly took their leave.

Thranduil sighed contentedly and on what he had in store for his troublesome son…

Chapter Three
The Punishment

Legolas paced across the room, impatiently waiting for his father to come to him. What sort of punishment would he receive? The look of lust in his Ada ’s eyes told him it wouldn’t be altogether unpleasant.

The Prince was beginning to think that having him wait in anticipation was to be Thranduil’s form of chastisement when the door opened. Thranduil stepped in, his face a mask of discontentment. " Ada!" Legolas exclaimed, rushing to him, easily forgetting he was in trouble.

Thranduil looked down at Legolas, caressing his son's cheek lightly. "If you insist on behaving like a child, you will be punished like a child," the Sinda King said softly, gazing into Legolas’ azure eyes. Thranduil's own eyes had darkened with his lust. "Undress Lassen," he commanded.

Legolas eyes were wide with confusion. Punish him like a child? What did his father mean by that? A resigned sigh escaped Legolas’ full lips as he pulled his tunic over his head. Almost hesitantly, he unlaced his leggings, pulling them down over his slim hips.

The elder Sinda watched eagerly as Legolas’ lithe body was uncovered and he restrained himself, trying not to simply throw Legolas onto the bed, taking the Prince before he was adequately punished. With careful movements, Thranduil sat on the bed. "Lay across my lap," he demanded, meeting the shocked eyes of his youngest son evenly. "Now!" the King hissed, his eyes narrowing in warning.

Legolas nervously laid himself across his father's lap, his length already throbbing with need. " Ada…" he started, but his words quickly changed into a yelp when Thranduil delivered a stinging slap to his backside. It wasn’t so much from pain as it was from surprise. His father was spanking him! Legolas was well passed his majority, much too old to simply be turned over his father's knee. " Ada!" he exclaimed as another blow fell on his firm buttocks.

Thranduil felt his member swell as he watched his son’s milky white skin turn a faint pink, and as he continued to spank him, turn an angry red. Legolas’ whimpers and cries of pain and need filled Thranduil’s ears until the King could no longer bear having his son squirming upon his lap. He pushed Legolas onto the bed, the Elf panting for breath and face down on the mattress. Blindly, Thranduil rummaged through the nightstand and found the oil, pouring it generously on his fingers. Thranduil quickly pressed his fingers into the young Prince, stretching him, preparing him.

Legolas moaned with desire, the delving finger flaming the fire in his loins. As his father withdrew his fingers, Legolas cried out, the empty feeling within him becoming acute until the fat, blunt head of his father’s large shaft pressed against him. Thranduil shifted Legolas, lifting his son's hips so he could claim the Prince more easily.

The Sinda King groaned as he pressed into his son heat, smoothly encasing himself within the young, tight body. He gave Legolas a few moments to adjust to his girth before he began thrusting.

The younger Elf still felt as tight as he had been the first time Thranduil had taken him. Legolas’ moans became louder as Thranduil pounded into him, and Thranduil reached his hand around to his son, grasping his dripping erection.

Legolas struggled to catch his breath as his father stroked him in time with the thrusts, driving him swiftly to the edge. When Legolas passed beyond his endurance, the young Elf reached his high, spilling his seed over Thranduil’s hand and onto the sheets.

Thranduil felt Legolas tighten around him and his son's body drew the King's climax from him. "Legolas," he groaned, filling Legolas’ body with his seed. When the aftershocks of his release tapered off, he reluctantly pulled out of the wet warmth of his son's body, drawing Legolas into his arms. "Legolas," he breathed, kissing the pale column of Legolas' throat.

The Prince turned in his father’s arms, wincing slightly as Thranduil caressed his buttocks gently. He wrapped his arms around the King’s neck and giggled childishly. "I should play pranks more often."

Thranduil yawned before capturing his son’s lips in a tender kiss. "Aye. But, next time you might get more than a spanking pen- neth."

"I look forward to it, Ada," he mumbled as sleep tugged at him.

"As do I," Thranduil whispered, falling into the oblivion of reverie with his son held tight against him.


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