Chapter One

The boy sat in the middle row, middle seat. His black bangs fell into his eyes as he leaned his head to doodle in the margins of his notes; he wasn’t really paying attention. A startled look crossed his face when a paper is put on his desk...F...and a note that read, ‘See me after class.’ He scowled, pushing the test under his notes. It was math; what was math going to help him do? He sighed; he just wasn't good at it no matter how hard he tried.

The math Professor, Rei Amata, watched as one of his less promising students - Ichi Yuuki - pushed his failed test paper out of sight. He didn't even look upset that he had failed, only slightly put out that he would have to stay behind and listen to his teacher lecture him.

Amata handed out the rest of the papers, sitting down at his desk to wait out the last few minutes of class. He watched the boy, right in the middle of the room, continuing to doodle, those frustrating bangs obscuring his delicate, sharp 13-year-old features. Amata had seen those doodles before; hell, they had covered half the test paper. If the boy had spent as long trying to answer the equations as he did colouring in the test, he probably would have passed. And damn him, but he was a good artist.

Amata was going to lecture the shit out of Ichi, just for being him, for being annoying, for being good at art, when this was meant to be Math. For those bangs, for sitting right *there* in the middle of his class, right where Amata always looked, and never looking back.

The bell rang.

Ichi sighed and packed up his things, waiting for Kama-san Amata to start his long boring lecture. He pushed his bangs out of his face, not even bothering to look up. He sighed, just wanting to get out of there.

Amata waited until the last student shut the door before standing up. He was one of the younger teachers at the school, and perhaps his inexperience in years meant he was less patient with the children, but this student, Ichi, managed to get under his skin quicker than any other pupil. Amata straightened out his suit, ran a hand over his long hair pulled back in a pony-tail, and then began to pace up and down the front of the classroom.

"You are a disgrace to your family, to yourself, to this school, and to my class, Mr Yuuki. Not only do you sit through all my lessons and ignore me, drawing stupid pictures over your books, but you do not even attempt to make up for it during your tests. And what is worse, you spend half the exam time drawing ON THE TEST AS WELL, INSTEAD OF TRYING TO PASS!"

Amata stopped pacing, looked over to where Ichi sat, head bowed. Amata snarled and stormed over to him, slapping his hand down on the desk. "Are you listening to me, Mr Yuuki? Do you want me to give you detention?!"

Ichi flinched but didn't look up. "Of course I'm listening. You are too annoying to ignore," he sassed. He was truly hurt by the other's words but he would never allow that to show. He bit his lip, turning his head to stare out the window.

"Don't you *dare* talk back to me, child! And look at me when I'm talking to you!"

Amata grabbed the boy's chin and forced the small face to look into his own. He was about to continue his yelling when he noticed the look in the boy's eyes, realised that he was *touching* his face, and that they were bare inches apart.

Amata suddenly smiled.

Ichi scowled, staring at him. "I'm not a child! I'm 13..." he said, pulling back a little when he saw the smile that was very unnerving.

Amata laughed softly. "Thirteen indeed... practically a man then, I suppose?" he teased softly, not letting go of the boy's face, and allowing his fingers to lightly caress Ichi's skin. Amata suddenly realised how he could pay this boy back for all his trouble. It would be fun to watch Ichi squirm, and to pay attention to something other than his drawings.

Amata's dark gaze bore into the boy's eyes, watching for every tiny reaction, his fingers still stroking.

"What are you doing?" Ichi asked pulling away and standing up. "If you're done with your lecture...I need to go home," he said his body shaking, fear in the back of his eyes as he looked at the teacher. "I'll try to do better on the next exam…"

Amata watched the boy get up, a dark smile still touching his lips, and a darker gleam in his eyes. He waited until Ichi had reached the door before purring, "Detention, Ichi Yuuki. Tomorrow after school. You'd best tell your parents you'll be late home from school. Goodnight."

He looked back, his eyes narrowing. "You better not be trying anything," he said simply before, leaving, shutting the door behind him. His stomach fluttered, something about Amata was off and it frightened him.

Amata laughed at Ichi's shaky warning. Did the boy think he was an amateur at this?

Amata boarded at the school, like some of the other teachers who were single and had little social life. That night he was intimate with his hand, images of dark bangs and delicate doodles in his head...


"I can't believe Amata gave me detention!" Ichi fumed to his best friend, Mitsou, before class the next day. It was the last class of the day and they had a short break. Ichi covered his fear with anger, his eyes flashing. "It's not fair!" he complained, looking at his friend, flopping down into his desk.

Mitsou shrugged. "That really sucks. But you know Kama-san Amata. They say he likes to torture kids for fun, which is why he lives at the school... I mean, not that he will torture you!" Mitsou bit his lip. "He wouldn't dare. But you know what I mean. He doesn't like kids. He is a math teacher after all. What did you say to him to make him so angry?"

"I didn't do anything...and what do you mean by torture?" he asked worriedly.

Mitsou patted Ichi's shoulder. "You know - just torment them in class. I don't think he knows how to treat people who are younger than him. But Ichi - you must have said or done something. I know Amata can be a hard arse, but he is usually fair. You had to do something for him to give you detention!"

Ichi bowed his head. "Yesterday he kept holding my chin...stroking my face. He was acting weird, Mitsou...He scared me," he said quietly, making sure no one else could hear. "I didn't do anything, Mitsou. He just pulled my face up and held it, looking at me oddly. He purred when he told me I had detention!"

Mitsou looked at Ichi strangely, and seemed on the brink of saying something, before changing his mind and shrugging. "You're probably just imagining things. He probably just liked the idea that he could give you detention. I mean, you haven't exactly done much to make Amata like you, Ichi. Why do you hate him so much, and try and annoy him in class? I don't mean to sound unfair, but it's almost like you try and provoke him to give you attention - I mean, detention."

Ichi made a face. "He really scared me, Mitsou...I didn't imagine it..." he said, turning in his seat. "Nevermind," he whispered, biting his lip.

Mitsou squeezed Ichi's hand, realising his friend was more upset than he first thought. "What's wrong, Ichi? We've been friends since we can remember."

"I told you and you told me I was imagining things!" Ichi said, keeping hold of the other’s hand.

"But Amata's a *teacher*. He wouldn't do anything to hurt you."

"I'm not sure...he...." Ichi started but Amata stepped in the room and he pulled his hand back and stared straight ahead.

Mistou sighed and looked ahead. His friend was just over-exaggerating.

Amata set the class to working out the corrections on the questions they got wrong in the exam. Those students who finished early could start on their homework. Amata pretended to be doing his own work at his desk, occasionally walking about the class and looking over the student's shoulders.

He looked over Ichi's shoulder most. He would stand right behind the boy, bend over - practically shielding them from the rest of the class. He would breath softly against the boy's neck, whisper corrections Ichi could make, touching his hand or shoulder with his fingers, and then suddenly walk off, leaving the boy bare and bereft.

Ichi bit his lip, unnerved and barely able to concentrate as he worked on the corrections. Mitsou had long finished and he glanced to see if the other had noticed. He sighed shivering with fear and something he couldn't identify. His member was hard...Funny how a male's body reacts to most stimuli the same way. Or maybe Ichi was reacting to something he didn't know he felt.

Mitsou didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Amata leaned over everyone - and he couldn't see the way the Professor touched his friend. Besides, he didn't want to get detention as well for not paying attention to his work.

Amata eventually sat down in his chair, and for the rest of the class, watched Ichi, pondering over the course of the evening. Only 20 minutes left...

Ichi finally finished the corrections just as the bell rang. "Bye Mitsou..." he said as he moved towards the desk. "I'll call you later."

Mistou nodded, and patted Ichi on the back before leaving. "Call me when you get home, okay? I'll wait up. See ya."

Amata watched as one of his better students left the classroom. Now they were alone. Ichi and he.

Amata just stared at the boy, not saying anything, a soft smile playing on his lips.

He put the corrections on the test, and then sat back down. He shifted uncomfortably under the other's gaze. He just wanted to go home and call Mitsou to tell the other that he had been right and that Amata had done nothing. He sighed, glancing at the clock.

Amata looked at the paper. He picked it up, giving it a cursory glance, and then filed it away in a drawer. He then stood up, walked over to the classroom door, and locked it. Nothing unusual - except that he hid the fact that he locked it with a key, and it could only be unlocked - inside and out - with the same key. He put it inside his jacket pocket.

The professor walked back to the front of the class, sat on the desk, and stared at Ichi again. He wondered how long it would take for the boy to crack. /Let's see you be sassy now,/ he thought to himself, and smirked.

"How long is my detention?" Ichi asked staring at the desk.

Amata looked up at the clock, as though considering. And considering, and considering... Soon it became clear he wasn't going to answer.

"Why won't you answer?" Ichi demanded, nearly flying out of his seat, becoming more frightened.

Amata smiled. "I am the teacher here, *Ichi*," he purred, inspecting his fingernails. "It would be good if you remember that." He paused for a moment and then added, "Take your jacket off. You're making me feel hot just looking at you."

As if to prove a point, the Professor took off his own jacket, and pulled his tie over his head, undoing the top few buttons of his shirt.

"I'm cold," Ichi argued a moment and then thought better, slipping his jacket off. He bit his lip nervously, staring down at his desk. He just wanted to go home. His stomach was knotted with fear.

Amata quirked an eyebrow. "Cold? In this weather? My, my. Well, we'd best think of something for you to do to bring your heart rate up. There's a bucket and sponge in the cupboard over there. You can start washing the desktops."

Amata slid off the desk and moved over to the blackboard, and began writing up some notes of the board, ignoring the boy.

Ichi sighed and started to wash the desks, scrubbing them. He kept splashing himself as he worked, sighing heavily.

Amata watched the boy out the corner of his eye. When he saw Ichi become engrossed in scrubbing the desks, he moved silently over, until he had pinned the boy against a table. Ironic, he noticed it was Ichi's own.

"You're soaking," he murmured.

Ichi gasped and turned around, pushing his chest. "Get away from me," he growled, his eyes flashing.

Amata laughed but didn't move back. "Scared, are we?" He asked. "You should be. I do not think you realise just how much trouble you're in, Ichi. You've made a fool of me one too many times. It's time for you to learn who the real master is, and for you to learn some subservience."

The professor grabbed the boy's slender waist, easily lifting him up onto the wet desk, and then captured the teenager's lips in a brutal kiss.

Ichi pushed him away, whimpering. "What are you talking about, you bastard?" he growled trying to move away. "Don't touch me!" he whimpered his eyes full of fear. Master...subservience...the words echoed… What the hell was he talking about?

Amata growled and pushed the boy back against the desk, knowing Ichi's pants and shirt were now sopping wet.

"You don't have much say in this, angel," Amata teased. He kissed Ichi again, one hand moving down to the boy's groin. He forced his large, hot tongue inside Ichi's sweet mouth as he gently, skillfully fondled the boy's lax length.

Ichi struggled, consumed by the other. Amata took possession of his mouth, his tongue, everywhere. He whimpered as the other groped him; his length hardening against his will. He bit Amata's tongue wanting the other to go away.

Amata wrenched his face away, and slapped the boy hard across the cheek.

"Stupid child!" The professor hissed. As Ichi lay momentarily stunned from being struck, Amata mercilessly wrenched the school pants down slender hips and thighs, pulling shoes and socks off with them. He then wrenched opened the shirt, buttons flying, and looked down at his prize.

Ichi's face turned red and he scrambled to the other side of the desk. "HELP!" he screamed trying to hide his body, running to the other side of the room to the door, pulling on the handle. "HELP LET ME OUT!!!" He screamed.

Amata cursed himself for allowing the boy to get out from beneath him. He was a quick thing; Amata would have to be more careful of that in the future.

He stormed over to where the boy pulled on the door, frantic, but Amata wasn't concerned. The teachers who lived at the school had gone out tonight to watch a movie. Only Amata had declined.

When the Professor reached the boy, he slapped him again, harder this time, knocking the slender, almost naked boy to the floor.

"Don't run away from me!" Amata yelled, and reached out to grab hold of that silken black hair. Those damn bangs.

"HELP!!!!" He cried in pain, struggling against the other as he was pulled to his feet. He whimpered. "Let me go...please!!" he cried, tears falling from his eyes.

"I don't think you understand," Amata growled as he pulled the boy by his hair over to his large desk at the front. "I am never letting you go again. You will learn to respect me, and you will be mine."

Amata lifted the boy onto his table, and held onto the fragile wrists so the boy couldn't pull away. With his other hand, he began stroking Ichi's member again, a little more roughly this time.

Ichi struggled though his member told a different story, starting weep as evidence of his guilty pleasure. "Please...let me go..." he begged, his eyes wide. He tried to pull away, panting from the pleasure that he tried to ignore. "I don't want to be yours..."

Amata laughed darkly. "You don't have a choice, angel. Besides, I think you're lying." He lent over the side of the desk, pulling out one of Ichi's assignments, and opened to a page filled with doodles. Of a man. Who looked suspiciously like Rei Amata.

"Tell me, Ichi," Amata purred, beginning to nuzzle his pupil's neck. "Have you ever touched yourself? Have you ever been with a man. Have you ever come over someone's hand, or inside someone's mouth?" He started stroking faster, firmer, his lips nibbling at tender skin.

"N...no..." Ichi answered, whimpering. He closed his eyes, not wanting to admit he wanted the other. He tilted his head without thinking, exposing his neck. His orgasm was fast approaching and he struggled to hold it back.

"Good," Amata purred in pleasure. "Because I want you to feel every tiny sensation of this as you orgasm. For it will be the first - and last time - you ever come like this."

Without explaining further, Amata bent down, and started doing incredible things to Ichi's slender cock. Wrapping his tongue about it, teasing the slit, licking under the head, and eventually sucking it into his mouth, all the way down his throat.

Ichi cried out, lifting his hips. "Ah...ah...." he groaned, whimpering. "What do you mean..." he cried near his release. His last? That was silly...What was Amata talking about?

Amata didn't answer. He bobbed his head up and down, taking the swollen organ into his mouth over and over, sucking hard and persistently. His fingers moved down to Ichi's tight balls, and lightly stroked them, pulling gently.

Ichi cried out again and soon came in the other's mouth, sobbing a little. He was breathless, his cock softening, eyelids heavy. The euphoria slowly drifting away, leaving his body limp. He stared at the other, biting his lip. "Let me go now." he said quietly.

Amata let the boy's cock slip from his mouth, and stood up, licking his partly swollen lips. "Go ahead," he said, indicating Ichi was free to go, smiling at the way the boy appeared utterly exhausted and confused.

Amata moved over to a cupboard and pulled out a box, seemingly ignoring Ichi again.

Ichi moved and gathered his pants pulling them on and then his socks and shoes reaching for his shirt, his movements slow. He was so confused. What had the other man been talking about? He moved to the door, trying to open it. "Kama-san Amata...can you unlock the door?"

Amata considered the request for a moment. "I can. But I don't think I want to just yet. So no."

"What...what are you going to do to me? Rape me?" he asked sitting in the back desk.

Amata grinned predatorally. "Probably," he agreed. "Among other things. Now, if I were you, I would take those clothes off, unless you want me to get angry again and hit you more."

Ichi whimpered but obeyed. He just wanted this to be over so he could go home and talk to Mitsou, hear his reassuring voice. He put the clothes on the desk and moved back to the big desk, sitting on it. "Why are you doing this to me?" he asked softly, tears escaping his eyes.

"I'm the teacher, Ichi. I ask the questions. Put your feet up here, by the edge of the desk so your knees are bent up. And spread your legs wide. You can lie back if you want."

Ichi closed his eyes. This was it. This was how he would lose his precious virginity to this bastard. He had always thought it would be Mitsou. He sighed, getting into position. He didn't lie back just yet, watching the other. His heart was racing. He hoped the man would at least prepare him so he wouldn't get hurt to badly but Amati undoubtedly wouldn't.

Amata opened the fly to his pants, and pulled out his hard erection, throbbing and needy. It looked ridiculously large next to the small boy, and especially huge to the tiny hole it was destined to slip into.

Amata felt a delicious shiver run down his back at the thought of shoving his cock into that tiny, tight hole.

He reached out and touched the boy's naked thigh, watching the flesh twitch and tremble. His finger moved down, traced the curve of a firm backside, up past the puckered hole - massaging it for a moment - before continuing up, and starting to rub the head of Ichi's cock.

Ichi moaned his cock responded hardening slowly even though he had already come once. His skin tingled at the other's touch. "Are you going to hurt me?" he asked softly, looking at the other with big innocent eyes. He was resigned to the fact he would be raped. He only hoped the other wouldn't be cruel.

Amata looked into Ichi's eyes. "*I* ask the questions, angel," he reminded. At the same time, his hand moved down, and he shoved two large fingers into the boy's passage.

Ichi's eyes widened and he cried out as the dry fingers pushed into his entrance. "Ah...that hurts!" he protested trying to close his legs.

Amata grinned. "And it will hurt more if you don't stay still, that's a promise..."

He continued fingering the passage, scissoring it and stretching it wide, feeling the inner muscles tremble about his digits.

Ichi cried out in pain and whimpered. He forced his body to remain still. It hurt so much...He could feel the tissues tearing as the other pushed past his resistance.

Amata finally removed his fingers, and reaching into the box he had pulled out earlier, found some lube. He squeezed a small amount and rubbed it onto his throbbing cock.

Parting Ichi's legs wide and pulling slender hips towards him, he pushed his cock inside the boy. It resisted for a moment before the force became too much, and the virgin muscle gave way and opened to his large length.

Amata groaned in pleasure.

Ichi screamed in pain, his eyes squeezing shut. "STOP IT!!!" he cried in agony, whimpering even more. He started to sob in pain but his cock was hard and throbbing with need.

Amata pushed all the way in, his breath hissing out as he was sucked and constricted about. He paused a moment, before pulling out half way, and thrusting in again. He continued thrusting experimentally until he felt the passage give way, and become a little easier to move inside.

That's when he aimed for Ichi's prostate. And rubbed it. Again. And again. And again, and again. And faster, and harder, and again, again, again.

Ichi cried out the pain subsided and his body was filled with pleasure. His cock throbbed as he was about to reach his climax again. He whimpered. "Oh..." he whimpered so near...

Amata felt the muscles about his cock tremble, Ichi on the verge of orgasm. He suddenly stopped thrusting - forcing himself to think clearly - and reached for his box again. The thing he pulled out this time wasn't nearly so friendly as lube.

The sharp utensil caught the light and flashed with deadly purpose.

Amata took hold of Ichi's penis and rubbed it a few times. "You did this to yourself," Amata said, looking down at the boy.

"I did what?" he asked confused, staring at the utensil whimpering. He was so close, his body was tense, waiting for the moment.

Amata, as usual, didn't respond. He waited until Ichi's full attention had been drawn to the sharp blade he held in his hand. He waved it back a forth, before allowing it to rest by the base of the boy's erect penis. The razor edge drew a fine line of blood. Amata's cock was still buried deep inside the child, pulsing.

Ichi's eyes were wide, pain starting to prick as he was cut. "What are you doing!!!??" he demanded in a choked voice, jerking away.

"Making you mine. Showing you some subservience," Amata answered. He took a firm grip of Ichi's member with his free hand.

And then he began pressing the blade into the erect, tender flesh. Very slowly slicing through the sensitive base, blood already flowing over his hands.

Ichi screamed in pain, shaking his head. "STOP IT!!!! " he cried, staring as his manhood was removed, pain slicing through his body. "It hurts!" He sobbed.

Amata was ruthless. He continued cutting through. Occasionally stopping just to stare at the half-attached column of flesh with the sliver blade dug into the side. Sometimes he sawed at it, just to watch the boy's reaction.

Eventually the knife appeared from the other side, and Amata held the now limp-penis in his palm. He suddenly climaxed as the writhing and contracting passage milked his orgasm from him. He filled the boy with his seed. When he came down from his high, he put the penis next to Ichi's head, and grabbed some salts and cloth to stop the bleeding. From his box he also produced a small, strange hollow stick, which he ruthlessly shoved into the tiny hole in the middle of the bleeding mess. It was to prevent the hole from closing over.

Ichi couldn't stop screaming as he stared at his mutilated groin. "No..." he cried in pain and then convulsed in pain when the stick was shoved in ruthlessly. The pain was overwhelming and he was dizzy from the loss of blood. He barely hung to consciousness, staring at Amata. "How could you do this?" he asked hoarsely, his body shaking.

He glanced at his detached penis and quickly turned his head away, sobbing as his stomach wretched, throwing up on the floor. "You'll get in trouble for this!" he vowed.

Amata laughed ruthlessly. "And who will you tell? Who would believe you anyway? I would deny everything, and feign shock and indignation at your accusations. Then I would tell the principal and your parents that I often worried about you in class because you showed neurotic behaviour, - and I will show them your failed results, and say you were trying to get me in trouble because I wouldn't let you pass... Would you even dare show everyone this hideous mess that is now your groin? Everyone would know then that you're no longer a man. You are little better than a girl. Be grateful I have put this," - and Amata sadistically twisted the fine stick - "in here, so that you can still piss and come - if I let you."

The teacher wiped some of the vomit away from Ichi's mouth with the boy's shirt, and then picked up the flax, detached penis, and waved it about in front of the boy's lips.

"Suck it," Amata commanded.

Ichi knew Amati’s words were true but he didn't want to believe them. He stared at him as he lay there. His breathing was hard, his body filled with pain, aching from every part of him. He shook his head and pressed his lips together, feeling bile rise again at the thought of touching his detached penis.

What was he going to do? Amata was right. He couldn’t tell anyone. Would he have to obey this bastard forever?

After pushing the distorted flesh down Ichi's throat, Amata pulled it out and wrapped the cock in a cloth and put it aside. From his box, he pulled out a vial filled with some nasty looking substance. It would help the boy's wound heal cleanly, but it would sting. A lot. Amata doubted the child would stay conscious with the pain.

"Remember who you belong to," Amata said as a last message. He pulled out of Ichi, tucked himself in, and scooped some of the ointment out and smeared it on the still partially bleeding wound.

Ichi screamed in agony before his body soon fell into unconsciousness. It wasn't restful though. Not at all.

Amata wasn't surprised when the boy passed out. He continued tending to the raw wound until he was satisfied it would heal cleanly - if painfully - and not close over the little hole. He bandaged the wound and clothed the boy, clearing the office and then carrying the fragile body outside to his rarely used car. He knew where Ichi lived.

When he arrived at the Yuuki's home, he pulled out a small vial of strong smelling salts, and held it under Ichi's nose, waiting for the boy to wake up in the passenger seat of his car.


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