Title: Peach
Series: Color
Author: Anestel
Beta: Bast
Cast: Elwing, Earendil, Elrond, Elros
Disclaimer: I don't own any Elves.
Rating: G
Summary: Contentment
A/N: The beginning sucks but I really like this one. I changed the color halfway through lol. From Yellow to Peach(Yes Peach *is* a color). Part Four in the Color Series


Peach, we are content in our newfound joys; I gazed at the identical chubby faces, two pairs of grey eyes watch me. A smile of contentment plays on Elwing's lips. Her long hair is stuck to her sweaty face, red from the prior exertion of childbirth; she is beautiful.

I look at our twin sons; I'm reminded of how lucky I am, I have love and now two miracles in my life. They are all healthy and more than I could ask for.

Children are such a rarity and to soon they will be grown and fly from our nest. But for now they are cooing infants, suckling on their mother's breast for their nourishment.

"They will change Arda," Elwing murmured tiredly, and soon the twins had fallen asleep in her arms.

I smiled, taking little Elrond in my arms. "Aye, they will," I replied, stroking his soft cheek with my finger. I cannot help but smile wider, my children. "Rest now, Elwing," I suggested to her, pushing back the hair from her face.

"I love you, Earendil," Elwing whispered, before exhaustion took over and her eyes became vacant.

"I love you too," I breathed, stroking her forehead, my other had still holding Elrond. Finally, I took Elros also, putting them into the crib I had made. They seemed to instantly roll to a position where they were touching. Their serene faces shone with peacefulness, reflecting my own face, of that I am sure.


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