Title: See the Soul
Author: Anestel
Email: Anestel@hithanaur.net
Website: www.hithanaur.net/anestel/
Livejournal: www.livejournal.com/users/anestel
Beta: None
Pairing: Adrian/Lucian
Genre: Original
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Both Adrian and Lucian belong to me as well as all the characters in this story. This is an original though some concepts of vampires may be borrowed from Anita Blake or various other writers.
Summary: Adrian is a whore in a brothel in London. Events lead a strange man into his life, like none he has ever met before. This man will change his life and save him from his career as a prostitute.
A/N: Well this is just the product of my imagination how you like it.

Title: The Cost of Capture
Genre: Orignal
Disclaimer: Its mine. All mine. Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Get the point?!
Rating: NC-17
Warning: m/m, slavery, punishments, minor(wouldnt be considered minor in the Roman empire though)
Summary: When Sycthia falls to the Romans, Kayan is taken as a slave. He is sold to a merchant Ciro who bought him to be a pleasure slave for his youngest son Hephestion.
A/N: I know Alex the Great was Macedonian but using that wouldn’t have gone with the story. I should have used Julias Ceasar but I made a mistake. Sorry.

Title: Teacher's Pet
Author: Anestel and Bone Fauna
Email: Anestel@hithanaur.net or bone_fauna@yahoo.com.au
Website: http://anestel19.tripod.com/index.html or http://www.lotrfanfiction.com/viewuser.php?uid=198
Livejournal: www.livejournal.com/users/anestel or www.livejournal.com/users/bone_fauna/
Beta: Alex
Warnings: SHOTO!!(adult/teen), minor, sex, mutilation(castration), questionable consent(pretty much rape at first), n/c, angst, somewhat bdsm though at first, it isn't consensual, graphic violent scenes, gore.
Genre: Original
Pairing: Amata/Ichi, Mitsou/Ichi
Summary: Amata is Ichi's teacher. Suddenly he forces himself to be something more in Ichi's life...his master.
Anestel A/N: Whatever Bony says, this is *not* all my fault. :D This is not a fic for those of a weak stomach. It's gross, perverted and twisted. Also no flaming us. *We* *don't* *care* *if* *you* *think* *this* *is* *wrong*. We warned you. It is fiction and in no way shape or form would we condone this happening to a real student or person even unless they consented to it. *bows* Please enjoy if you wish to continue.
Bony's A/N: It's all Kit's fault!!!! *whines* LOL - no, I have to take some of the blame. He wanted castration, and damn him for persuading me to write it with him. But I love pushing the limits of acceptability with my writing *coughsBIcoughs*, and experimenting in all genres. I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS IS RIGHT, NOR CONDONE ANY REAL-LIFE BEHAVIOUR OF SHOTO/CASTRATION/RAPE/ETC (unless for some reason the guy really really wants to be castrated). This is fantasy. It's confronting, experimental writing. This is sick, and anyone who reads it and enjoys it is sick. Pure and simple. But hey, welcome to the club :P Enter if you dare… :D

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