"Erestor, is that all you are going to do all day?" Glorfindel asked, his boredom clearly showing. He lay down on the grass, resting his golden head on Erestor's lap, his strong arm carelessly flung over Erestor's crossed legs.

Erestor looked away from his book, setting it down. "Can you not simply enjoy another’s presence? Do we constantly have to speak or something of the sort?" the Noldo said, half annoyed, half amused. He ran his thin fingers through Glorfindel’s silky hair.

Glorfindel sighed loudly, reaching for Erestor’s other hand and massaging it lightly. "Nay, I love your presence, but it is simply that this is our day off… I thought I could spend it with you instead of your book," Glorfindel teased, bringing the Chief Advisor’s fingers to his lips, kissing them gently. "The book is not nearly as fair to gaze upon, my lord."

Erestor swattedGlorfindel lightly on the shoulder. "Flattery will not work," Erestor said firmly, trying to hide his smile.

"You lie," the golden one accused.

Erestor muttered something under his breath before returning to his book, causing Glorfindel to growl frustratedly. "Erestor," he said in a low voice, knocking the book away gently. "Must I undress and stand on my head, singing to gain your attention?" Glorfindel asked dramatically.

"Hmm... maybe, my lord," Erestor answered, somewhat miffed.

Glorfindel crawled onto Erestor’s lap, sitting up and wrapping his arms loosely around Erestor’s neck. "I think that there might be another way to gain your attention," Glorfindel whispered seductively, kissing Erestor’s neck.

A soft moan escaped Erestor’s lips. "Glorfindel, can you not leave me to my book for ten minutes? We just finished!" he exclaimed in mock annoyance.

"It’s been more than ten minutes - at least fifteen!" Glorfindel shot back, looking at Erestor pleadingly. "Please, my hunger for you grows, dear Lord Erestor, and only you can sate the wild beast that rages within my soul. Will you not help? Can you not stray from your book but for a minute to soothe my longing arousal?" Glorfindel pleaded playfully.

Erestor let out a long dramatic sigh, finally nodding. "All right, all right!" he agreed, doubting his wild golden flower would be sated for long. "I do hope that no one stumbles upon us in a compromising position, my lord. If so then I will blame it all on you and your charms."

"What charms? I have no charms!" Glorfindel said innocently. "Who could think I had charms? Bah! Now you, melethronen vron, you have many charms. The way you hold your book sends shivers down my spine…" Glorfindel teased, pushing Erestor back, lying atop him.

Erestor chuckled, parting his legs, letting the Elda fall between them. He reached up, his nimble hands making quick work of the other’s tunic and leggings, tossing them to the side. "I think my eyes fail me, for you are more beautiful than the last time I gazed upon your beautiful flesh."

Glorfindel feigned embarrassment and turned his head away; his hands unbuttoning Erestor’s robe all the while. "Melethronen vron, you are the beauty," he breathed, his azure gaze returning to Erestor. He studied the newly exposed porcelain skin. "Perfection."

Erestor said nothing as his eyes darkened with lust. A hand reached up, pulling the blond’s lips to his. "Melin chen, my lord Glorfindel," he breathed, before pressing his lips to Glorfindel’s.

The kiss was fierce and passionate as always. Their love for each other was clear in everything they did. When the kiss finally ended, Glorfindel smiled. "I love you too," he whispered, pulling the other’s lips down again to meet his in another fiery kiss. Glorfindel held onto the other tightly, pressing down against him as Erestor arched up. The blond’s tongue explored the Noldo’s mouth, eagerly tasting him.

Erestor wiggled slightly beneath the larger Elf until their lips finally parted. "Are you going to make me wait much longer? I do want to finish my book, you know…" Erestor taunted, licking the other’s cheek. "Mmmm," he moaned.

Glorfindel laughed deeply and spread Erestor’s legs further. "Do you think you are still well enough prepared from the last time?" he asked, reaching for the oil. Erestor nodded and Glorfindel smiled wickedly. "Good," he murmured, rubbing some oil on his hardened, dripping shaft. He positioned himself carefully, leaning over Erestor’s quivering body, a hand on either side of the dark one’s head. Without another thought, the blond Elda pressed smoothly into his lover’s tight body, groaning in pleasure.

The midnight lover gasped as he was entered, reaching up to grab hold of Glorfindel’s shoulders. He nodded when he was ready for him to move again. "Glorfindel…" Erestor moaned wantonly, wrapping his legs around his waist. The Advisor closed his eyes, giving into the wonderful feeling of Glorfindel’s shaft possessing him; it was the most amazing feeling ever.

Passions rose, as the thrusting became wilder, driving both Elves towards their release. Glorfindel grasped Erestor’s erection and pumped in time with his thrusts within Erestor. Too soon, it seemed, Erestor spilt his seed over Glorfindel’s hand, his inner muscles clamping around Glorfindel’s shaft, pulling his own climax from him. "Erestor," he panted softly as he came down from the high and then gently pulled out of his lover. "You have to admit, my love…that I’m much better than book…" Glorfindel said cockily, still breathless from their exertions.

"Well…maybe…but this is quite a good book. I think you might have to try ‘harder’ if you wish to compete with it," Erestor teased, kissing Glorfindel lightly on the nose. "By the way, we should take days off more often," he commented.

Neither seemed to care they were in the midst of Elrond’s gardens, naked and now dirty, too involved with each other to notice the eyes of another watching them. Two pairs of grey eyes sparkling with mischief. It was so fun when their tutors had the day off. The twins smiled at each other, thinking about their plans for the two that they had made. Soon…they thought to each other. Very soon…


A/N: that last paragraph…was totally unintentional. Since that came out I think it’s safe to say this is a prequel for another oneshot I’m working on "Favorites"


melethronen vron= my dark lover

melin chen = I love you


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