Shay'a'chern= gay

Ashke= Beloved

K'Treva = A certain clan of the Tayledras

Tayledras = a race of people that live in Pelgirs

K'Treva Vale = is where the K'Treva clan lives

Pelgirs = is their country

Nodes = A node is a place where streams of magic centralize forming a powerful source of magical energy that a sensitive mage or adept can tap into and use. (feel free to ask questions about this and I'll try to explain better)

Adepts = the most powerful kind of mage

Gating = A form of travel that a mage must use their own energy with no outside help to build a gate. (this will be explained in greater detail if I actually use it in the story, which I doubt at this point since it is complicated.)

Any Questions ask me.

:: indicates mindspeaking…where you talk to someone inside their head and hold a conversation that way.

Chapter One
Where Am I?

::What happened to him Savil?:: Starwind mindspoke as he looked at the young boy named Tallo. Well he couldn't be that young. He was probably old enough to be married but Starwind wasn't sure. Starwind's silver eyes were filled with concern as he looked at the dark headed boy.

Starwind face was young, but his hair was completely silver from working with the magic nodes and living in Pelgirs his whole life. He was only thirty and his face testified to that. a

Savil sighed, looking at the Tayledras and finally answered in the same manner. ::I'm not sure but his power is out of control and his mind wounded. I didn't know who else to bring him to Starwind:: She finally answered in the same manner. Savil also looked at Tallo worriedly. She had found the boy on the road after he had accidentally killed another boy with his rogue mage gift. She had quickly shielded them both and gated to Starwind.

Starwind sighed and sat on the boy's bed. Tallo was in need of powerful mindhealing and physical healing. Starwind was worried. If he tried to touch Tallo's mind it would set of his mage gift again, but he didn't have much choice or time. Tallo would never get better if he didn't. Starwind looked at Savil and she nodded encouragingly. He sighed and turned to Tallo.

Starwind closed his eyes and placed his fingers on the other's forehead. He focused and gently touched the other's mind. He tested Tallo's gift channels. He saw the boy not only had the mage gift but also healing and several others, all very powerful. He healed the channels that were raw from the rogue acts of the mage gift. When Starwind had done all he could and used all his ability for the boy he pulled back and opened his eyes.

It was several hours later. Savil had fallen asleep in a chair while he had been working. Starwind sighed tiredly and rested against the bedpost. He soon let himself fall asleep but stayed alert even in his rest for any change in the boy.


Pain resounded through Tallo's head as he woke up. He was vaguely aware that his head wasn't hurting him as much. Reluctantly he opened his eyes and looked around. Where was he? Bits and pieces flooded his mind. A woman taking him into a strange portal. Some silver haired being with silver eyes…beautiful creature…he thought. He couldn't bring all the pieces together though.

Tallo looked around. The room was unique. It seemed to be made of nature. The walls were of rock and the bed was a canopy of green. Again he wondered where he was . There were lots of green plants in here and he could here water close by.

Tallo's stomach growled and he tried to get up. He needed to find something to eat. Though with a pained grunt he fell back against the pillows. He would just have to wait for someone to find him. He hoped that would be soon.


Chapter Two

Starwind sighed and looked at Savil. "What else do you know about the boy, Wingsister?" He asked as he took a sip of his tea and let another sigh pass his lips.

"I really don't know anything. We're going to have to wait for the boy to talk to us." Savil answered.

Starwind nodded. "If that time will ever come. He's been so hurt, physically and emotionally. I barely even know where to begin with him. I healed all the damage I could but still…He's very severely wounded." Starwind said and closed his eyes a mask of deep concentration covered his face. "He's probably awake by now, and most likely hungry." With that he stood up, nodding to Savil to get some food for the boy. He then went ahead to the room where Tallo was sleeping.

To Starwind's surprise he found the boy sitting up. "Hello." He said in his soft melodious voice. "I see you are finally awake." The boy looked up. The __expression in his eyes much like that of a frightened deer. "It's alright young one. I'm here to help you. My name is Starwind. May I ask you what yours is."

"Tallo." The boy said in a hoarse voice thick with sleep. "Where am I?"

"You're in the K'Treva Vale in the land of the Tayledras." Starwind answered softly. He watched the brown eyes of the other flicker with uncertainty.

"How did I get here?" Tallo asked and then looked down unnerved by the silver-eyed Tayledras. "Why am I here?"

"Wingsister brought you here because you've been hurt beyond her ability to mend. Can you tell me what happened?" Starwind asked Tallo carefully.

The boy's face flickered with a series of emotions, awe, fear, pain and anguish. "I…I don't want to think about it sir…" Tallo stuttered and looked at Starwind pleadingly.

Starwind nodded. "That is fine, young one. I hope you will confide in me someday." He said and then smiled. "But please don't call me sir, my name is Starwind."

"Yes si…I mean Starwind." Tallo said looking at the Tayledras in awe.

Starwind smiled again maybe this young one could heal and begin again. He would see to his training himself. A quiet cough caused him to turn around. He motioned for Savil to join them with the tray of food. "Thank you, Wingsister." He gave the tray to Tallo, setting it on his lap. Then he introduced them. "Tallo this is Wingsister, she's the one that brought you here." Wingsister this is Tallo."

Savil smiled warmly at Tallo. "Nice to meet you Tallo, now eat up." She commanded in a firm motherly voice.

Tallo nodded and slowly ate the meal. It was different from the food he was used to but good all the same. "Thank you." He murmured as he finished eating his hands began to ache again and he closed his eyes and did his best to block the pain. They would eventually find out what he had done, but his sin would never be remitted. He deserved this pain.

Starwind sensed the other's feelings with his gift of empathy. ::Wingsister can I have a moment alone with him?:: Starwind sent mentally to Savil, who nodded and quickly left.

After she had gone Starwind took Tallo into his arms and held him close. Although he knew the boy had the gift of mindspeech. He decided it would be better to wait till Tallo was trained. Also his voice would be more comforting. "Tallo…what happened wasn't your fault, whatever it is. It was an accident, I'm sure. Know that I'm here for you whenever you decide to talk." Starwind told him lacing as much comfort as he could into his words. "I'll train you and teach you how to control your gifts and use them for good." He continued softly.

Tallo looked up at him shocked. "Gifts?" he asked with uncertainty.

"Yes you have several, including the mage gift, but we'll discuss that later. For now you need to rest and get well." Starwind said with a slight smile. "Rest well young Tallo." He whispered as he released the boy and slowly exited the room.

Tallo stared at the Tayledras and missed the strong arms around him and the soothing sound of the melodious voice. An ache grew in his young heart accompanied by a trust that would never be broken, of that he was sure.

With a sigh he laid back against the pillows and closed his eyes. Images of his past lover floated through his mind. He hadn't meant to kill him, only to scare him, but the power he possessed had gotten control of him. That raw power now scared him. Scared him more than anything…except Starwind.

Chapter Three

His hands were burning, lighting flashed. A look of terror was on the other boy's face. The stench of burning flesh reached his nostrils…

Tallo screamed in his nightmare and sat straight up in his bed. He panted and tired to escape the still present claws of the nightmare.

Starwind ran to the room. He felt Tallo's fear and agony from his own room. The boy was a shivering mess when he finally reached him. Sobs wracked the thin shoulders and Starwind pulled the other into his arms as he sat down. "Shh…It was just a dream. You're alright…" he murmured into the other's ear.

Tallo shuddered and buried his face in Starwind's chest, taking comfort in his closeness. "I didn't mean to…It was an accident." He said over and over into the firm comfort of the other's body.

"Shh…I know. It's alright." Starwind whispered softly and rocked the boy gently. He let Tallo cry on his shoulder. He knew it would help him and Starwind would do anything to help this boy. In truth he didn't know why, but in his heart he did.

Tallo finally stopped crying and looked at Starwind sadly. "I murdered him…I only meant to scare him. I…" He stopped a second a lump rising in his throat. Tallo felt Starwind's arms tighten around him and he sighed contently. The dark claws of the nightmare finally receded but he didn't want Starwind to leave him. The Tayledras made him feel safe and his body was so warm and welcoming.

Starwind held Tallo close and enjoyed the feeling of another in his arms. For a moment his loneliness abated and he relished the feeling. The feeling of being whole.

Tallo yawned quietly and asked, "Would you stay with me tonight?"

Starwind nodded and smiled slightly at him. "Of course I would." He said and they both crawled under the heavy blankets. Starwind smiled as Tallo snuggled against him and he wrapped his arm around the other. They both fell into a restful sleep. Filled with fantasies instead of nightmares.


Savil looked on the two sleeping figures and smiled. Maybe bringing Tallo here for help she was also helping Starwind. He was thirty and had yet to take a lover other than a few here and there, nothing permanent. Nothing like she knew the Tayledras desired.

She knew how lonely Starwind was and she also knew he deserved someone to love him. Tallo was perfect for Starwind. Just maybe…"I'll just have to play matchmaker." Savil murmured to herself as she quietly left the room, a mischievous glint in her eyes. Chapter Four

Starwind woke the next morning holding Tallo in his arms. The memories of the previous night flooded back and he sighed. The boy had had a nightmare and had asked him to stay. Starwind wondered why this close proximity to the boy had caused him to have such a reaction. The fantasies from his dreams came rushing back.

A sigh escaped his lips as he pulled away from the boy. Tallo moaned in displeasure at the absence of the comforting warmth. The Tayledras smiled. Turning around, he saw Savil, who looked at him mischievously. "What?"

"Nothing," she said, covering her mouth to hide the smirk. "It's just that you and Tallo are so adorable together."

Starwind shook his head. "He's to young, Savil."

"He's sixteen; many his age are married with children," Savil argued, "I know you are fond of him, and he trusts you more than anyone right now."

Starwind looked at her sadly. "I will not seduce an injured boy that is half my age."

Savil threw up her hands in frustration. "You'll see one day that I'm right, you bull-headed idiot of a Tayledras!" With that outburst she stalked away, her back rigid with her annoyance. Starwind would never learn!

Chapter Five

The bed was empty.

That was the first thing that came to Tallo's mind when he woke. The previous night was vague, but he could almost swear Starwind had slept in the bed with him. Maybe he had been hallucinating. It wouldn't surprise him if he had been.

The door opened slowly and a younger Tayledras stepped in. Tallo didn't know *how* he could tell she was younger, with her silver hair, but he knew. She carried a tray and she smiled at him. "Hello, Tallo. I'm Rainsong. Did you sleep well? Are you hungry? I brought you breakfast," Rainsong chattered cheerfully.

Tallo looked at her warily but nodded slowly. He had slept well; better than he had since that fateful night and he was ravenously hungry for a change. "Yes," Tallo said softly, his voice hoarse from sleep.

Rainsong chuckled and placed the tray beside him. It was heaped with bread, fruits and a glass of juice. "I hope this is to your liking. If not, I'm sure I can find something else for you," she offered shyly.

Tallo shook his head and smiled weakly. "This is fine," he mumbled, reaching for an apple. "Thank you."

"Oh, you're welcome! It's no problem really," Rainsong said brightly, sitting down on the edge of the bed. "Why are you here in K'Treva Vale?" she asked, her eyes shining with curiosity.

Tallo shrugged slightly. "I don't really know."

"Oh," Rainsong said, studying him intently.

The door opened again and the regal figure of Starwind slipped in. He chuckled when he saw Rainsong seated on the bed. "Has she talked your leg off yet?" he asked as he winked teasingly at Rainsong. Rainsong blushed and looked away.

"No, she is fine," Tallo said softly, looking at his food and choosing some bread.

Starwind nodded. "Rainsong you may go now," he said dismissively, and the young maiden bowed and left the room quickly. "How are you Tallo?" Starwind asked as soon as she had left. He sat on the bed, resisting the strong urge to touch the young boy. His heart jumped at the simply being close to Tallo.

Tallo shrugged. "I... I'm fine," he whispered. Tallo's stomach was flipping; he was intoxicated with the presence of Starwind, the Tayledras was so beautiful.

Starwind couldn't resist the urge to touch Tallo any longer, and he gently pushed back a lock of brown hair. He hurriedly pulled his hand away, scolding himself. He couldn't let his emotions start ruling him. He couldn't love, though he feared it was already too late for that. Clearing his throat, Starwind gathered his thoughts and put them back into order. "I'll be teaching you how to control your gifts," Starwind said carefully.

Tallo's brown eyes shot up, locking onto Starwind's silver orbs. "What gifts?" he asked.

"You have several gifts, including the Mage gift. Your Mage gift is what we are most concerned about, it is out of control," Starwind tried to explain, but the confused look in Tallo's eyes remained. Starwind sighed. "You have the potential to become a powerful Herald-Mage, if you are trained correctly. If not, the past will repeat itself in greater proportions..." he said, hinting at the accidental death of the boy's friend. "Let me train you, Tallo."

Tallo's heart was caught in his throat. Not again... no... he would do anything to keep that from happening again. Even face these curses others called 'gifts'. Maybe if he could control them, they would go away. Everything would be fine if this curse would just go away. "I... you may train me," he stuttered. The more Tallo thought about the prospect, the more excited he became at the idea. He would be with Starwind more. For some reason, just being around Starwind made him feel content and safe.

Perhaps this wouldn't be so bad after all.


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