I had fun writing this! I really love this band and talking about them is becoming one of my favorite pasttimes! I hope this doesn't bore you! What is from a different site is in Italics!

Member Name: Tetsu
Date of Birth: 12/12
Joined Band: 8/92
Position: Vocals
Color: The color of FAILURE
Additional Credits: Now vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Zigzo.
Additional Notes: Malice Mizer’s first, and most… ‘unique’ vocalist. Tetsu
recorded one album with the band, “Memoire”, before Mana kicked him
out on 12/27/94 for having a bad voice and refusing to dance.

I totally agree with Mana. Tetsu has a *TERRIBLE* voice. Though the music from the time he was in the band is very cool the singing is lacking talent. I like their indie rock sound but his voice dampens my appreciation for the rest of the group's talent.

Tetsu I think is also very...odd...I think he is ugly. Period. And from all the research I've done he is not a very nice person. I have no idea why mana let Tetsu stay in the group as long as he did but their sucess skyrocketed after he left and their next vocalist. *coughGacktcough* arrived.

Member Name: Gackt
Date of Birth: 7/4/1540 ^_^
Joined Band: 10/10/95
Position: Vocals, Piano
Color: Black
Additional Credits: Selling the fine coffee ‘Kirin Fire’ with the aid of Stevie Wonder.
Additional Notes: Malice Mizer's second vocalist. Gackt's entry into the band marked their exploration into a more French/romantic sound. He composed one song for the band, "Le Ciel". Gackt left the band on 1/19/99 to pursue a solo career.

First of...Gackt was really *not* born in 1540(well duh) but for some reason he prefers not to release his actual birth year. I would guess sometime in the 70s. He is at least in his late twenties.

Gackt Camui was the second vocalist in Malice Mizer and the most popular. He was also a part of the group the longest. It was Gackt that made way for Malice Mizer's true sucess.

In my honest opinion I think he made a mistake leaving the band for a solo career. He worked very well with Malice Mizer and I think his career benfited with them the most. As a whole the ensemble of Gackt, Mana, Yu~ki, Kozi and Kami is the best fit for Malice Mizer. It is the ensemble that lasted the longest.

Gackt's voice had/has a lower tone than Tetsu's voice had had. When Gackt joined Malice Mizer they graciously wrote new songs for his voice instead of Gackt having to change the tone of his voice to match Tetsu's. As the above said Gackt brought a bout a change in the style of music that Malice Mizer played. Before they had done Indie Rock and now the shifted into a kind of rock/french/gothic/romance type music. All in all I love their sound during this period. "Le Ciel" is a beautiful song and one of the best I believe that Gackt has ever composed. The music video is also very emotional and nice.

Anyway Gackt left the group to persue his own career(as I mentioned before I believe this was a mistake). He has as a lot of sucess runnign solo but Malice Mizer is legendary. Gackt still falls in their shadow.

Member Name: Klaha
Date of Birth: 5/3
Joined Band: 8/23/00
Position: Vocals
Color: Black
Additional Credits: Originally from Pride of Mind.
Additional Notes: Malice Mizer’s third and current vocalist. Klaha first
appeared as a fill-in singer on their latest album, “Bara no Seidou”, before joining officially in August 2000.

I'll be honest. I don't know that much about Khala. I haven't had time to research him yet. But he has an amazing voice that is very similiar to Gackt's(I'm still partial to Gackt). I think Malice Mizer did a good job picking him as a replacement for Gackt. Their music style didn't shift as much but it did come somewhat away from the French/romance sound.

Once I research him, Kozi and Yu~ki more I'll write more full opinions on them. But right now I only have complete opinions on Tetsu, Gackt and Mana.

Member Name: Mana
Date of Birth: 3/19
Joined Band: 8/92
Position: Guitar, Synth Guitar
Color: Blue
Additional Credits: Originally from the band Matenrou.
Additional Notes: Malice Mizer is Mana’s baby. Mana-sama owns the world’s most beautiful guitar, Jeune Fille, and composes the majority of the band’s songs.

Mana...Mana...Mana...There is so much to say about this man. I've never seen/heard about anyone even near like him. He is an egnima to me. I very much love him. Anyway…

Mana is the creator of Malice Mizer. He is the main writer and he is very talented as is Gackt(who I forgot to mention has mastered over 20 instruments probably closer to 50(okay that *could* be an exagerration but then again maybe not. He knows the piano, every brass instrument, guitar, some strings, some woodwinds the drums….etc.)); Mana writes music and lyrics, he plays the synth guitar, the guitar, the violin this keyboard type thing and other instruments.

He can dance and is an amazing actor(you should see some of the concerts and music videos!) He is amazingly sexy.

Mana is also the best crossdresser I’ve ever seen. He never speaks in public. I’ve only seen one interview where he talked once and then the rest of the time he whispered to Gackt who repeated what he had said. In interviews his responses are either written and put in captions or he talks to another band member. In my opinion he seemed to be closest with Gackt and Yu~ki.


After Malice Mizer split up, Mana became the guitarist for Moi dix Mois(most commonly referred to as Dix and yes it is said practically like you would think. Dicks.)

And though no band is good enough to match Malice Mizer Moi dix Mois runs a close second. The lead singer(I have yet to learn is name) is extradinary and very funny(well I think he is even though I can’t tell what he’s saying. Mana seems to like him also.

The other guitarist for Moi dix Mois while being a good musician is not all that attractive from the pictures I’ve seen of him.


Now… for the last part about Mana though I could go on forever… Is his guitar. Jeune Fille is truly the most beautiful guitar I’ve ever seen. Mana plays it beautifully as well. It is blue and it’s just beautiful. LOL…I think I have a pictuer… Here we go…


Member Name: Kozi
Date of Birth: 5/29
Joined Band: 8/92
Position: Guitar, Synth Guitar, some backup vocals
Color: Red
Additional Credits: Like Mana, also came from Matenrou.
Additional Notes: Kozi composes most of the songs that Mana doesn’t.

I like Kozi plain and simple. He is cute and funny. He has a *sexy* voice and he plays the guitar very good but not quite as well as Mana. Mana is hard to compete with in my book though Only Gackt and Josh could even begin to compete.

Kozi also has a beautiful baritone singing voice. I adore his costumes. I really like his bard one but the one from Gardenia(as shown in his pictures) I think has to be my favorite, besides one of the costumes he wore for a perfomacnes of Illumanti. Him and Mana looked absolutely stunning and hott in that clingin black leather!

I’m not sure what songs he has composed but I will research him and as I said with Khala give you a more throughough bio and opinion on him!

Member Name: Yu~ki
Date of Birth: 8/8
Joined Band: 8/92
Position: Bass
Color: Yellow
Additional Credits: Likes top hats and chocolate. ^_^
Additional Notes: Shortly after the band’s formation, Mana and Kozi stole Yu~ki from the band he was with at the time. He plays a mean bass, and has also composed one song, “Syunikiss”.

I also *love* Yu~ki...most of the time...Sometimes he is a little wacky with his hairstyle and it makes him look terrible. Overall he is cute(I couldn't resist using the above picture). He is extremely talented! I don't have much more to say about him because I have researched him the least except for maybe Gaz and Shue, two which I do not plan on researching solely.

Member Name: Gaz
Date of Birth: ??
Joined Band: 8/92
Position: Drums
Color: The color of ABANDONMENT
Additional Credits: Upon leaving Malice Mizer, joined KneuKlid Romance.
Additional Notes: The original drummer, Gaz only released one actual song with Malice Mizer, “Speed of Desperate”, before leaving on 3/15/93.

Gaz is an ugly really bad drummer. That is the truth. KneuKlid is not a good band...Anyway the above bio really says all that needs to be said. He is not important really to the the history and my opinion of the band, but I had to at least mention him.

Member Name: Kami
Date of Birth: 2/1
Joined Band: 3/17/93
Position: Drums
Color: Purple
Additional Credits: Originally from KneuKlid Romance.
Additional Notes: Kami started off as a support drummer, but when original drummer Gaz left, Kami took his place. Sadly, Kami passed away on 6/21/99. The remaining members released the box set “Shinwa” in his honor on 2/1/00, just in time for his birthday.


Kami died of a brain annurism which from my understanding is a bubble of air in one the arteries in your brain and it explodes and kills you. NOt the most scientific explanation but that is basically it.


Now Kami is my third favorite member of the band though I haven't researched him as throughougly.

He is the drummer and is damned good. I've never heard a better drummer. His drumset had over 20 pieces and I cant' remember how many to be exact. He had a legendary move of throwing his drumstick high up into the air whillle still playing the drums and then catching it. You can't even tell he was playing with one hand.

Kami did duets with Gackt and I think they were the closest to each other. I've read that Gackt was the one most effected by Kami's death(Gackt also is "pychic" and believs he can see and talk to ghosts though since he's grown older the occurences have lessened but still happened...can anyone say plotbunny?). Anyway Kami is amazing! He looks good with pink hair just in case you were wondering. :P

It is a tragedy that he died and though his legacy lives on and his talent is still shared its just...Kami will never record a new song. If I had to say one reaon why Malice Mizer is not together today is because of Kami's death. There was no replacement that could come half as close to being as good as Kami. Finally the band disbanded a little over a year after their beloved Kami died.

Member Name: Shue
Date of Birth: ??
Joined Band: ??
Position: Drums
Color: The color of DISGUISE
Additional Credits: Unseen by anyone! Hides in the Shadows.
Additional Notes: Shue was the backup drummer during the Budokan
live performance in 2000, yet he went unseen for the entire concert. While not an official member, he has the daunting task of trying to live up to Kami’s legacy.

As you can guess I really no nothing about Shue. I do know he is not a good drummer especially when you compare him to Kami. *sniffles* And of course he could not get out of Kami's shadow and that in large part is the reason Malice Mizer broke up.


*Smiles* I enjoyed writing this. I never thought it would be this long. I hope you enjoyed reading it! :D So please tell me what you think. And if you AIM i'm always open to sending you .mp3s and vids! Email me if you want

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