Elladan lazily watched his younger sister play in the spring. He was lying down on the grass, enjoying the sunshine, and occasionally making sure Arwen hadn't drowned. After a while, he heard footsteps approaching, and wondered who it could be, but wasn't bothered to lift his head. He could wait until the other came into his line of sight.

Elrohir had came looking for his twin and Arwen after their father had had a fit about the two not showing up for lessons. He shook his head Elladan wasn't the best influence on Arwen but the both of them enjoyed the outside more than studies. He flopped down lying across Elladan. "Ada is mad at you."

Elladan let out a small "oof" as his brother knocked the air from him, then wrapped a lazy arm around Elrohir's waist. "What else is new," he said, trying not to grin too obviously. " 'Sides, it's too nice outdoors to be studying."

"It would be easier for you to if you would simply show up! The lessons aren't that hard and you could finish them quickly and be free to do whatever you want. You should be careful else he would take away your priviledges and not allow you to train with Glorfindel for a month!"

Elladan's body went rigid. "He wouldn't do that!" he said, but his voice didn't sound convincing to his own ears.

"He would to!"

"Would not!" Elladan flashed back childishly, and grinning because he knew it. His hands moved down Elrohir's body, taking up a familiar position to start tickling...

Elrohir squirmed. "He would! And you know it!!" he screeched

Elladan cried out and rolled them over so that he was straddling his slightly younger brother. His fingers immedietly dug into Elrohir's sides and stomach, and under his ribs, tickeling merciless. "Would not, would not, would not!" Elladan cried back triumphantly.

Elrohir squirmed and giggled, attempting to push him off. "Stooppp itt!!!"

Elladan was stronger, however, prefering to spend his spare time working out whereas his brother was something more of a bookworm. Elladan continued tickling his brother, grinning manically. "Not until you give in!" Elladan said, avoiding his brother's arms.

"Finnneee!" he giggled his sides starting to hurt. "Now lett meee gooo"

Elladan was about to back off when suddenly the two brother heard a high pitched shriek, and the next thing they knew, a wet naked Arwen had jumped on Elladan's back, pushing the elder twin flat down onto Elrohir with a loud grunt.

"I rescuuueeed youuuu!" Arwen declared, bouncing on Elladan, and looking at Elrohir with a triumphant grin.

Elrohir laughed. "Let's get Elladan!" he said attacking his brotehr

Arwen squealed in delight, jumping off Elladan, and helping Elrohir attack their older brother together. Elladan cried for out for mercy.

Elrohir finally pulled away laughing.

Elladan stood up, scooping arwen into his arms with a towel he had brought along. "Valar save us from females!" he declared. "They are far too much for me to handle!

Arwen giggled. "Boy's are silly!" she said, snuggling against Elladan. Elladan threw his brother a look.

Elrohir chuckled and shrugged. "Oh come now, Arwen we know you have a crush on young Legolas!"

Arwen squealed indignation, but her face turned bright red! "I do not! I do not! He's just a silly boy! And he likes to put spiders down my dress!"

Elladan snorted, then quickly tried to cover it up with a cough.

Elrohir shook his head. "You do too like him! I saw you watching him with oogly eyes."

Arwen's mouth opened and shut, her face turning pinker, too young to think of a good come-back. So she pouted instead, and burried her head against Elladan's chest. Elladan hugged her close, laughing softly, and tipped his head to indicate to his brother they should head back home.

Elrohir nodded and stood up. "Arwen do you have your clothes?"

" 'Mm not talking to you!" came her muffled voice. Elladan rolled his eyes, and poined to a pile of robes by a rock.

Elrohir went and got them and handed them to Arwen

The brothers then started the long walk back to the house, neither in a hurry. After a while, Elladan looked down at the girl in his arms, then over to his brother. "I think she's asleep," he whispered, looking almost relieved.

Elrohir smiled. "Good..." he said.

"Was she really making eyes at that Mirkwood child?" Elladan asked, grinning.


Elladan sighed. "Ah, she is growing up fast...." Elladan then gave his brother a michevious look. "But, speaking of making eyes, you'll never guess who *I* saw making oogly eyes at Marchwarden Haldir....." Elladan gave Elrohir a knowing, cheeky grin.

"I did not!"

Elladan's grin broadened. "Oh yes brother, you did too!"

"I didn't!" he whined, blushing.

"Really?" Elladan said, sounding convinced. "Well, if you're not interested, you wont mind me making a pass at him tonight then."


"Yes. I think he's quite good looking. Do you reckon he'll go for me? I might where those tight black leggings I wore at last year's spring festival, and that open vest......"

"Ellladan!!!!!!!! don'tt!!!" he cried a little to loudly.

Arwen moved in Elladan's arms, but didn't wake. Elladan tried his best not to burst out laughing, having to pause for a moment to calm himself down. "Oh, you're too easy, brother!" he grinned.

"Am not!" Elrohir pouted.

Elladan poked his tongue out at his brother playfully, and started off towards home again. "I wonder if Haldir likes twins?" he mused.

Elrohir blushed brightly. "Are you going to ask him?

Now it was Elladan's turn to look surprised, and blush faintly. "Er.. maybe," he said non-commitally, looking painfully straight ahead.

Elrohir giggled. "You are silly!"

Elladan made a face. "Oh, don't *you* start. I don't need another sister, thank you very much."

Elrohir laughed and shook his head. "But it is true."

"And why is that, Oh Wise Brother Mine?" Elladan asked, adjusting his hold on Arwen.

The younger brother shrugged. "You just are, Adan."

"And you're too smart for your own good, Elie," Elladan said affectionately.

Suddenly from infront they could hear the sounds of a horse, and soon enough Glorfindel could be seen on his white stallion. "Hail, Twin Lords!" The seneschal cried with a smile.

Elladan grinned. "Hail Fin!"

Elrohir looked up, bowing to Glorfindel in respect

"What have you got there, Master Elladan?" Glorfindel said, raising his chin at Arwen.

"My sister," Elladan said.

Glorfindel nodded. "Would you like me to relieve you of the little princess?"

Elladan grinned gratefully. "Thank you, yes, that would be great." He approached Glorfindel, and handed the sleeping Arwen over to GLorfindel. Arwen half woke, mumbled something about spiders, and then went back to sleep. When Glorfindel had a secure hold on the little girl, he ruffled Elladn's hair affectionately.

"I hope you're not gonna miss training today, like you did your father's lessons, hmm?"

Elladan blushed, brushing a hand through his hair. "No sir."

"Good", Glorfindel winked, and then bid them a good day, and rode off.

Elrohir laughed softly. "You have a crush on him!"

Elladan's back stiffened. "Don't be ridiculous!" he scoffed.

"You do!" Elrohir laughed "It's obvious!"

Elladan went very red, and crossed his arms in front of his chest. "I - I don't! I admire and respect him - as a fellow warrior!"

Elrohir snorted and rolled his eyes.

Elladan ran his fingers angrily through his hair, trying to tidy it up, and started marching back home again, still blushing.

Elrohir hurried after the other. "Dont be mad! You wanna know someone else I like?"

Elladan slowed down, and flashed his brother a shy, embarrased look. "Who?"

"You," Elrohir whispered in his ear.

Elladan suddenly froze, and looked at his brother, not knowing what to say.

Elrohir blushed and then ran into their home and to their bedroom shutting the door as he went in the bathroom and locked it.

Elladan wanted to call out after his brother, but couldn't make his voice work. he continued back towards the house at a slower pace, and when he arrived at their room, could hear his brother in the bathroom. He knocked softly on the door.


"Go away!"

Elladan rolled his eyes. "Like that has worked so well in the past before."

Elrohir unlocked the door but didn't open it.

Elladan opened the door and stepped inside. Elrohir wasn't looking at him.

"You gonna talk to me, or shall we just sulk in here together?" Elladan asked, putting his hands on his hips.

"I can't believe I said it..." the younger twin whispered staring at the ground.

Elladan sat down on the floor, playing with his sleeve. "Why did you say it?"

"'s true..." Elrohir whispered.

Elladan was silent for a while. When he spoke, his voice was a little thick. "How true?"

"The most truest thing i've ever said..."

"You know..." Elladan began, paused, then continued, "They say that Amras and Amrod were..." he waved his hand about, then fell silent again.

Elrohir blushed brightly and nodded.

Elladan sighed. "I don't think Ada and Nanna would approve," he said, as if trying to reason how they could make such a thing work.

"We wouldn't have to tell..."

Elladan smiled. "I think they might get suspicious after a while..." Elladan seemed to come to a descision and stood up. "Come here," he said, indicating for Elrohir to approach him.

Elrohir moved towards him nervously.

Elladan put his hands on Elrohir's waist, drawing the other close against him so their bodies were touching. Elladan then looked into his brother's eyes, and smiled. "Okay?" he asked, his voice still sounding a little thick.

Elrohir nodded, his breathing hard staring into Elladan's eyes identical to his own.

"Good," Elladan purred, and then suddenly his fingers were dug back into his brother's sides, tickling his twin without cease.

Elrohir squealed pulling away, crossing his arms.

Elladan laughed, following after his brother and capturing Elrohir's lips with his own, hugging the slender elf to his body.

Elrohir gasped softly moaning a little. A cough drew his attention and there was their father and mother.

Elrond raised an eyebrow.

Celebrain was trying not to smirk. "Your father and I wanted to know where your sister was?"

"Uh... with Fin," Elladan rasped out, his heart hammering in his chest at a thousand miles per hour, his body still pressed snug to his twin's. "Um... I can explain..."

Elrond rolled his eyes. Celebrain gave up holding back her smile. "It's ok, loves. We've known for years." And the two walked off.

Elladan looked to his twin. "Well, you think they could have told us!"

Elrohir blushed brightly ducking his head in Elladan's chest.

Elladan looked down at his brother, smiling. "How did they know?"

"I dunno," he mumbled into his chest

Elladan grinned. "I think they must have seen me make oogly eyes at you."

He blushed. 'You have?"

Elladan nodded, and nuzzled the side of Elrohir's face. "When Glorfindel hasn't been there," he teased.

Elrohir giggled, looking up at the other.

Elladan grinned. "I love you," he said softly.

"I love you too," he whispered.

Elladan kissed Elrohir's lips softly, then pulled back. "C'mon," he said, taking Elrohir's hand in his. "We can still make the lunch feast, and we can make eyes at everyone and each other all day long."

Elrohir giggled and nodded, holding his twin's hand tightly.


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