I love him.

I have loved him from the moment I met him. His blond silk hair, flowing around his slender body. He is perfect. My sweet Legolas.

I wanted him.

I wanted him from the first time I laid eyes on him. Oh, but now he is mine.

All mine.

It is hard to believe that such a glorious creature would love me in return. I am not beautiful, neither am I talented or skilled in any way, but still he chose me.

"Legolas..." I murmur against his perfectly pointed ear. My hands gently caress his lithe body, perfectly toned from his training. He is so beautiful. "I love you."

He smiles at me, caressing my own body that pales in comparison to his perfection. "I love you too, Elladan," he whispers back in his melodic voice, ringing in my ear.

He loves me.

It is a concept that is so hard to grasp. Legolas loves me. I smile, and pull him close our arousals touching, sending sparks through us both. He moves in between my spread legs, probing my already stretched and oiled hole. I am waiting for him. I want him so badly but he enjoys teasing me.

A mischievous grin spreads across his beautiful face as he slowly adds a second finger, thrusting in and out. I moan, spreading my legs more, inviting him. Oh, how I need him.

Finally Legolas' torturing ends and I sigh in disappointed when he pulls his fingers out, but the disappointment soon lifts. His ample shaft presses into me, my willing body swallowing it.

Legolas' delicious moans fill the spacious room, echoing off the walls into my ears. Oh, how I love the sounds of pleasure he makes. His face is so wonderful when he is near his release, thrusting into my body. I wish he could see himself.

To see how perfect he is.

I move my hand to stroke my own length, throbbing with desire. Legolas moves in and out of my body, knowing how to pleasure me best. He knows me so well. I arch into his thrusts and the stroking of my own hand. "Legolas!" I cry desperately wanting more and more. I will never get enough of him.

His thrusts become more rapid and frenzied as his release draws near. I match my strokes to his thrusts and soon we both cry out in ecstasy, finding our release.

He takes me in his arms, holding me close. Legolas licks my hand clean, pressing a kiss to my lips. I taste my own cum and moan softly. Slowly he pulls back, caressing my cheek lovingly. "I love you, gellen," he whispers against my lips.

"I love you too, Meleth-e-guilen," I murmur in return, resting in his sheltering arms. I do not deserve his love, but he loves me all the same. I only hope that I can live to finally achieve worthiness of this precious gift of love he gives me everyday.

He loves me.



Gellen - My Joy
Meleth-e-guilen - Love of my life

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