Celeborn's voice resounded in Legolas' ears as he stared into the icy blue eyes of his lover.

"Never come back."

The words pierced Legolas' heart and he felt tears well in his eyes as he tried to fight back a sob. "But... Celeborn... you cannot mean to truly send me away," he said, his voice catching.

"I do mean it. I have tired of you. You have ceased to be anything to me. Leave Lorien now and do not return." Celeborn's voice was cool and held a cruel edge to it.

Legolas shivered as Celeborn's voice froze his once vibrant soul. How could Celeborn throw what they had away? After all these centuries...

As Legolas turned and left the Lorien Lord, he realized that hearts did chill as time passed and lovers could simply fade away.


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