Title: Moondance
Author: Anestel
Beta: Bast
Pairing: Starwind/Tallo (gets a new name later on)
Summary: A young boy's magical powers are out of control when Herald-Mage Savil finds him. Can she help this 16 year old by bringing him to the powerful Tayledras adept, Starwind. Will the meeting of these two souls end the hurt and loneliness of both…time can only tell.
Warning: angst, magic, more to come I'm sure
Disclaimer: these characters are not mine. They are from The Last Herald Mage Series (Magic's Pawn, Magic's Promise, and Magic's Price) by Mercedes Lackey, which I highly recommend. Tallo is 16 but in Pelgirs that is a mature age and considered an adult. So this is legal…Although I'll try to keep smut till later on in the story…there might be a few moments though. So if you're gonna bother me about it tell me now. I don't think this is wrong bc in the land it's set in it's a legal age…so that's my disclaimer…
A/N: There are some unfamiliar terms that will appear in this story so here are some if there are things that happen or are mentioned in the story that you don't understand just ask me.

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