I was so flighty. I didn’t really think about what repercussions my actions caused. I didn’t care. I only thought about myself, what I wanted. I selfishly loved Hotohori-sama and did my best to keep others away. I even tried to get rid of Miaka. The priestess. Our hope. Our lifeline.

I was so selfish.

I wish I could have realized all this in time…But there is one last thing I can do. I know I am not going to live. Mitsukake could never get here in time.

I am the only one that can move that boulder. I stumble to it; my bracelets change and a surge of superhuman strength fills me and I push the boulder away, smiling a little. At least they can go on…even if it is without me.

I only wish I could say that I am sorry…That they meant so much to me.


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