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This is my website where I will update my fiction regularly. It is of the adult nature most of it rated NC-17 with questionable themes. All of it is homesexual. If this disturbs you Leave But if you like it go forward into one of the libraries or my artwork gallery.


Yes, I'm updating again! Are you glad? I'm hoping to get lots done today and this week since I'm not doing much else and I'm off work. *chuckles* Let's seeee! I've added A Deal's A Deal to the LotR section. Enjoy! ^_^ I'm going to be changing the layout again soon.



I've added all of True Love Can Conquer All in the Lord of the Rings Fiction section. It is finished! I also added Good Tidings to the Lord of the Ring section. Also added lots of art! I'm also reformatting the way I do the icons so...i've only gotten Pierrot and DBSK up...hope you like them. I'll add more later on. ^_~ Enjoy!


Changed the layout. It's Kirito and Aiji from Pierrot. Ruka made it for me and it is VERY PRETTY! ^_^ I loves it. ANd I think my website is all pretty now. tehe. I think I should do some updating and I will soon. ^_^

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