Elrond's heart tore as the twins told him their decision. They couldn't leave him. He had already lost Elros and Arwen to mortality. "Why?" he asked in a broken voice. He tried desperately to hold back his sobs of anguish.

"Because, it is what we want, Ada," said Elladan, his heart hardened against the pain he could see in Elrond's eyes.

Elrohir was more sympathetic and went to their father. Wrapping his slender arms around Elrond's neck, he spoke softly. "We love you, Ada, but this is our choice. Elladan and I don't want to hurt you, but our decision has been made." Elrohir brought his lips to his father's ear. "I'm sorry, Ada." He let go of him and walked back to Elladan. Elrohir took his twin's hand in his and let Elladan lead him from the room. Tears fell from his grey eyes and he realized this was more than likely the last time he and his father would speak.


Elrond stared out at the gates of Imladris, watching the two sable-haired figures on horseback disappear into the distance. His sons... gone... He was alone now, so alone. Elrond now regretted his decision to be counted among the Firstborn, the decision that separated him from Elros. If he had chosen mortality, he would not be alone now; he would be dead.


Part 1

That night, Elrond went to the dining hall, accompanied only by Glorfindel and Erestor. They were but three old Elves in an enormous house. This was not The Last Homely House anymore, 'twas a tomb. Both Glorfindel and Erestor kept their gazes on their plates, afraid to say anything to provoke their beloved Lord's grief further.

Elrond surveyed the humorless room with a sigh; how he missed the mindless bickering and the happy voices of his children. "I am not hungry," he whispered, and he stood up to leave the table. He could not do this today; no, not today or any other day for that matter, he thought to himself. Elrond left the room and went to the gardens.


Silence rang throughout the small dining hall for what seemed an eternity after Elrond exited the room. Glorfindel sighed and looked over at Erestor. "We shall lose him too if something does not change."

Erestor nodded his eyes still focused on his untouched food. "I know," he whispered roughly. Tears pooled in his eyes, but he refused to let them fall. "There is nothing we can do."

"Erestor, you know that isn't true," Glorfindel scolded. The Elda narrowed his eyes as he looked at the dark-haired Elf.

The Noldo shook his head. "Glorfindel, for that to work there would have to be love from both parties, and he still loves our Lady Celebrian," Erestor replied softly, and his words sounded strained.

"Elrond is not in love with Celebrian; he never was. He loved her, yes, but he wasn't *in* love with her. Erestor, you have to do something, at least try. Go to him, mellonen," Glorfindel gently urged. They couldn't lose Elrond. Erestor loved their Lord and Glorfindel believed Elrond loved Erestor. He only hoped they would allow their love to blossom and heal Elrond's broken heart.


Part 2

'They've all left me,' Elrond thought as he sat on a bench facing the rushing waterfall. His eyes were unseeing; his ears were unhearing. He felt cold. His heart was heavy and burdened with loneliness, broken so that it may never be mended. 'I can't go on like this,' he thought. He felt so empty, his soul a void. 'There's nothing here for me.'


Glorfindel sat in his room, the oppressive silence surrounding him. The way he encouraged Erestor's affections for Elrond broke his heart. The ancient Balrog-slayer had loved Erestor for years, but never sought the dark Noldor out because of Erestor's love for Elrond. Glorfindel understood that only Elrond would make Erestor's heart whole, and he thought the quiet Councilor could mend Elrond's broken spirit. Maybe someday, he though, he would find the one meant only for him.


Erestor lay curled up on his bed, staring out one of his windows. The stars twinkled brightly in the night sky. His heart's rhythm was hard and strong, like his love for Elrond. He would willingly give himself to the other, but would Elrond accept him? Erestor wondered if he could withstand the sting of rejection if Elrond refused.

Erestor sighed; he had to try. He had to save the only one he had ever loved. Elrond couldn't fade, the Peredhel could not leave him.

Tomorrow... tomorrow he would have to talk to Elrond. As he thought on the Imladrin Lord, his thoughts turned to Melcer. Erestor felt he should write the Elf in Lórien. The young Elf would be concerned about his foster father, and it might help Elrond to have the silver-haired Elf close. He would send word to Melcer, then. And immediately. Erestor rose from the mattress to sit at his desk. He chose a quill and opened the inkwell, and drew out a fresh, clean piece of parchment. He thought for a moment before beginning the letter.



Elladan and Elrohir have chosen as their Uncle, the Gift of Men. They have left the valley. Your Ada is not handling the choice well. Please, come home to Imladris if it possible.

Erestor signed the letter and then dusted the wet ink with fine sand. He then folded the parchment, and took a stick of deep green wax from a drawer in his desk. Erestor watched the wax heat in the flame of a candle, mesmerized for a moment. When the sealing wax softened, he brought it to the letter and smeared a large amount onto the seam of the parchment. He removed his signet ring, a heavy mithril piece that denoted his status and house, and he applied it to the cooling wax. He slipped out of his room, the letter held tightly in his hand, and made his way to the servant's quarters to find Lenwë. "Lenwë," he called softly as he knocked on the messenger's door. It was a few minutes before anyone answered. Erestor smiled at him when the door opened and handed him the letter. "I need this delivered to Prince Melcer in Lórien as soon as possible, please."

The messenger nodded and Erestor left, walking quickly back to his chambers. Once inside, he returned to his cold bed, falling into a restless sleep.


Part 3

Melcer thanked the Imladrin messenger. The messenger waited for the Prince to give him a reply for Lord Erestor.

The young Elf's face paled as he read the contents of the letter, and he quickly found a piece of parchment and a quill to hastily scribble a reply.

Chief Advisor Erestor,

I will leave as soon as I am able. Please, take care of Ada for me until I can arrive.


Prince Melcer

Melcer gave the letter to the Imladris Elf with instructions to return as soon as he could to his master. Once the messenger was dispatched, Melcer ran to Lord Celeborn's talan, climbing swiftly up the ladder.

Celeborn looked up and smiled at the Imladris Prince. "Mel, what is it?" he asked and then frowned when he saw the look on Melcer's face.

"M'lord... I need to ask leave to go home for a while. My brothers have left, and Ada is ill. He needs me," Melcer pleaded, looking at Celeborn with wide eyes.

"You did not even have to ask me, Melcer. You are needed; that is all that matters. Go; we have enough guardians to make up for your absence. Our family needs you, and I understand." Celeborn said, smiling at the young Elf.

"Thank you m'lord," Melcer said as he bowed. He turned and left quickly, returning to his talan. Quickly, he packed what was necessary for the trip to Imladris and then walked to the stable to get his horse. The messenger would arrive before him; he was sure of that.

Melcer saddled the horse and combed its mane. Then he swiftly mounted Ylfdanôl, who knew the way to Imladris. Melcer could relax as the mare rode as fast as she could, sensing the worry of her master.


Elrond drew his knees to his chest under the thick coverlet; the large bed seemed so cold and empty. He missed Gil-Galad and Celebrian, now more than ever. Elrond closed his eyes and began to imagine loving arms encircling him and holding him close, shielding him from the hurt. In his mind's eye, the face turned to his, and he realized it was Erestor, his chief advisor and best friend. He couldn't deal with this strange revelation; Elrond turned his head and instantly fell asleep.


Part Four

A few days later, Lenwë returned, bringing the message from Melcer. Erestor sighed with relief: Melcer would be here soon. He prayed to the Valar that the Prince would be able to do something. He was aware that the Elf had gifts, he just wasn’t sure whether they would be enough to help Elrond.

Elrond. Erestor thought of the Peredhel and struggled not to cry. He loved Elrond with all of his heart, and he wanted so desperately to help, to show him love. Maybe Glorfindel was right; maybe he should offer himself, his strength, his everything, to Elrond. Would Elrond accept? Could he? Erestor swore to any power that would listen that he would do anything to keep Elrond alive. Anything.


Glorfindel stretched out in his bed and sighed sadly. He wondered if he would always be alone, if he would never be able to have love. He had thought he loved Erestor, but he knew now that could never be. Erestor and Elrond belonged together. Glorfindel prayed to the Valar and asked why they gave him his life back only to be alone. At that very moment, as if in answer to his plea, an exhausted rider rode through the gates of Imladris.


Elrond sat in his office, mindlessly working on letters to King Thranduil. He sighed as his thoughts turned yet again to Erestor. Why was he thinking these things about his best friend?

Elrond was confused; he felt he was going crazy. How could he suddenly be longing for Erestor to... to... He blushed at the thoughts and images he was having. Shaking his head, he pushed the impropriety from his mind with great effort, and struggled to return to his letter.

He had been trying to keep busy, hoping it would help him to forget the pain in his heart. The pain stubbornly refused to go away, though, and Elrond feared it would always be there -- that aching emptiness his sons had filled in him. More than ever, Elrond missed Melcer. He wished the boy would come home. If only.


Part 5

Finally, he was home, thought Melcer as he rode through the gates of Rivendell and straight to his father’s home. He handed Ylfdanôl's reins to the groom at the stables as he dismounted and watched as the horse was led away. He made his way to the front entrance, opened the door of the house and walked in. It was quiet, almost eerily so. He shuddered and then headed to the kitchen.

Melcer sighed as he sat down his bags and found some bread, butter, and mead. He sat down heavily at the small table and ate slowly, relishing the taste of bread less than a day old. That was one unfortunate thing about being a Marchwarden, he reflected, fresh bread was in short supply when on extended patrols. He sighed contently and closed his eyes.

The sound of footfalls brought him out of his reverie with a start. He turned around and smiled when he saw Imladris’ Chief Advisor standing in the doorway with his mouth hanging open in disbelief.

"Erestor, mellonen, if you leave your mouth open like that, you are bound to catch flies," Melcer said warmly and motioned for the dark-haired councilor to join him.

Erestor smiled weakly at him, sitting down with a heaviness that belied his exhaustion. There were dark circles under the Noldo's eyes that showed Erestor's lack of sleep. His rich chocolate eyes had become dull and lost some of their vibrant spark. He looked, well, his father's Advisor looked old. As aged as an Elf could look, that is. Erestor let out a soft sigh before he said, "Greetings, Prince Melcer. Welcome home."

"How many times do I have to ask you not to call me 'Prince'?!" Melcer scolded with a chuckle, but it faded when he fully took in the disheveled appearance of his companion. "You really should be sleeping, Erestor. You look terrible," Melcer told Erestor, his voice filled with concern.

Erestor sighed. "I suppose I should, but sleep does not come easily. My dreams are haunted by my fears and fraught with worries about your Ada," he said quietly, resting his arms on the table.

Melcer nodded, all trace of humor had vanished from his face. "I’m worried about him too," the young prince said, his face clouding with concern as he pushed back a lock of silver hair. "How has he been?" Melcer asked.

Erestor shook his head before he answered. "He hasn't been well at all, pen-neth. Not much work is done in a day, and I doubt he sleeps any more than I do. His appearance is far more ragged than mine." Erestor let out a long breath before continuing. "He is so distant... I fear he’s fading," Erestor concluded with dread and obvious pain in his voice.

Melcer felt the struggle within the other Elf; he reached out and took Erestor's hand in his own. "We will save him mellonen. I will not want to you both, for we know that you would follow him to Mandos," Melcer said. "I know you love him, Erestor. Trust in me, he loves you too. But, you will have to fight for him. I know it will be worth it for you both," he said softly, his voice fierce with his conviction.

Erestor nodded slowly, a little uncertain, his eyes never leaving the intense gaze of the younger Elf. "But, what--" he stopped abruptly when Melcer shook his head at him. "Melcer, I cannot help but worry."

"Of course, we all feel like that, meldir. For now, though, we need to find some rest, or we shall be of no help to anyone, "Melcer anyone,"Melcer said quietly. "We shall be unable to do any good if we can’t think straight."

Erestor nodded. "Your chambers are still as you left them."

Melcer smiled and nodded. "Hannon chen, Erestor." He placed a comforting hand on Erestor’s shoulder, sending him peace through his gift, knowing it would let the older Elf find some peace that night. He dared not use more, for he knew he needed all the strength he had to save two Elves from fading. Melcer took his bag, easily locating his old rooms. He undressed and fell onto the thick mattress, instantly finding sleep.


Erestor yawned, finally standing up to make his way back to his rooms. He mulled over Melcer’s words to him. The young Elf said Elrond loved him. Aye, Elrond was worth fighting for, but how was he to wage the battle? How could he save the Elf he had loved for so long? He simply had to. With those thoughts swirling through his mind, Erestor lay back on his bed and found reverie easily for the first time in days.


Part 6

The next morning, Glorfindel rose early and took a long, relaxing bath. Afterward, he dressed slowly then leisurely left his room and walked down to the training area to practice with his sword. For several hours, he parried and thrusted with no opponent but empty air. He was so entranced that he didn’t hear the footsteps of someone else entering the area and coming upon him.

Glorfindel jumped, startled, at the clang of metal against metal. His blue eyes shot up, alarmed, meeting the sparkling eyes of the Prince. He laughed as they continued to spar. It was the first time he had laughed since the twins had left.

Melcer chuckled, admiring the ancient Elda's technique, doing his best to counter Glorfindel's attacks. In the end, though, he was no match for the older, more experienced warrior. They sat down their weapons and embraced each other, holding each other a moment longer than usual. Considering the circumstances, neither of them minded.

Glorfindel finally released the Prince, almost reluctantly. " Welcome home, Mel," he said warmly. His heart jumped as Melcer beamed at him, but he quickly pushed the feeling away. It was nothing, he decided.

Melcer nodded. "Thank you. I’m glad to be home. How have you been?" Melcer said with a slightly more serious _expression on his handsome features.

Glorfindel sighed. "I have been fine, though I worry for both your father and Erestor," he said sadly. His azure eyes filled with sadness and regret that Melcer easily saw.

"Don’t worry, mellonen. They will be all right. They will find their way into each other’s arms," Melcer said firmly. "My worry is for you. I know you feel lonely, and my heart aches for you," the Prince continued, watching the blond warrior’s eyes reveal the truth. Glorfindel was indeed lonely and longing for love. There was emptiness in the Elda’s soul that only another could fill -- another such as Melcer himself. The silver-haired Prince pushed away the heavy thoughts and smiled at the handsome Elf. "Let’s go get breakfast," he suggested.

Glorfindel nodded, eager to spend as much time as he could with Melcer.


Part Seven

Reluctantly, Elrond climbed out of his warm bed at the sound of a knock on his door. He adjusted his robe and opened the door. "Yes?" Elrond said, slightly surprised to see Erestor standing there with a tray of food.

"Good morning, Elrond," Erestor said with a smile and slipped into the other’s room, setting the tray down on the table. He sent a silent prayer up to the Valar and hoped his plan would work. "Come on, let’s eat breakfast, and then we’re going to go out," Erestor said as he waited for Elrond to take a seat.

Elrond smiled weakly at his best friend. "Yes, naneth," he teased as he sat down, momentarily allowing himself to forget his grief. "What are you planning, meldir?" he asked, slightly suspicious.

"Well, first, since Melcer is back, we’ll go see him. Then we’re going outside; you’ve been cooped up in your rooms for far too long," Erestor answered with a smile. He felt so strained, but he had to do this. If this didn’t work, he didn’t know what would. All he knew was that Elrond couldn’t leave them -- couldn't leave *him*.

Elrond raised his eyebrows slightly. "Melcer is here?" he asked softly. "I thought he was still in Lorien."

Erestor chuckled. "He took off to come and visit you." And to help us save you, he added, silently. Erestor took a deep breath; this charade was taxing him, but Elrond’s smile was worth it, and he hoped to keep the Peredhel smiling as long as possible.

Elrond nodded. "I’ll be happy to see him," He said quietly, though thoughts of his foster son brought back memories of the twins. Tears welled in his eyes; one fell down his cheek.

Erestor bit his lip and knelt before Elrond. He gently took Elrond’s hands in his. "Mellonen, there are still people here that need you and love you," Erestor said, giving his Lord's hands a squeeze. "Don’t give up. Don’t give into the pain and grief. I need you," Erestor told him fiercely, love shining in his eyes.

Elrond smiled weakly at him and returned the pressure of Erestor's hands. "I’m not planning on giving in. I have friends and another son to live for. I know this." Elrond felt his body warm with Erestor’s touch, but he pushed aside the questions this reaction brought forth. He knew he had feelings for Erestor, but he did not believe they would ever be returned.

"Now finish your meal, Elrond," Erestor said as released Elrond’s hands and reached up , wiping the tear from Elrond’s cheek. "Glorfindel and Melcer will be waiting for you." He moved away and sat in a chair across from Elrond's. Erestor resisted the urge to take the hurting Elf in his arms and kiss away the pain. Maybe someday... He had to be sure Elrond loved him first, and that he wasn’t simply a warm body for some comfort that the Peredhel would then throw away when he had no more need for such warmth.

Glorfindel’s eyes sparkled with mirth, watching Melcer almost choke on his wine due to the tale the Elda was telling. "And that is why Feänor was always so cranky."

Melcer coughed for a few moments more, taking a deep, calming breath before trying to speak. "Finrod really put a plug in his arse? No wonder he was such a bastard!" He overtaken by another bout of laughter, but this time he did sip from his goblet. His eyes met the blond's, and his heart began to race within his breast. It was then knew the truth of what he felt and what he wanted. And Glorfindel was at the heart of his desire.

Glorfindel watched Melcer as he laughed and couldn’t help but join him. The laughter subsided as their eyes met and a shiver shot through both of them. "Melcer," Glorfindel murmured softly but was at a loss as to what he wanted to say.

Melcer nodded and spoke in a soft voice. "I know, Glorfindel," he whispered. "I know." Their eyes remained locked together, each searching for reassurance of love in the other. "Glorfindel," he said in a hushed voice as he moved closer to the Balrog-slayer. He reached out a trembling hand and brushed his fingertips over Glorfindel's cheek. "I love you. I think I have for a long, long time," Melcer confessed to the ancient Elf.

"I love you too, Melcer. You warm me and chase away the loneliness. You fill a vacant place in my heart that has been empty for so very long..." Glorfindel said, his voice thick with awe as he moved even closer to the silver-haired prince. He gently pressed their lips together in a searing kiss full of wonder.

Melcer parted his lips and let the Elda's questing tongue into the warmth of his mouth. He became weak with want as Glorfindel skillfully searched his mouth. They managed to stand from the table, wrapping their arms around each other tightly. Melcer sighed contently into the kiss. The kiss seemed to last an eternity, but they finally parted, both gasping for breath. Melcer smiled reverently up at the golden Elf, and rested his head on the Elda’s shoulder, nuzzling Glorfindel's neck.

Glorfindel held the lithe, warm body close to him, and looked over his head to see Elrond and Erestor standing in the doorway. Both Elf-lords had their mouths covered to smother their laughter. Glorfindel blushed, something he had not done in many, many years, and he released Melcer quickly. The younger Elf turned around and also felt the redness creep into his cheeks at the sight of his father and Erestor. Glorfindel and Melcer knew they’d never hear the end of this.


Part Eight

Erestor couldn't help but laugh as he and Elrond walked in on Glorfindel and Melcer kissing passionately in the kitchen. He looked over to Elrond, who was also doing his best to contain his laughter.

The stricken looks that the blond and silver-haired Elves gave them were absolutely hysterical, and the two dark-haired Elves tried to control their laughter, quite unsuccessfully. It had been a long time since laughter filled the Last Homely House like this. It was a welcome sound.

Elrond smiled at his foster son and drew him into an embrace when he had finally stopped laughing. "Welcome home ionen." He said and kissed his forehead. "Of course, it seems you've settled back in just fine." His voice was light and teasing as he looked between Melcer and Glorfindel.

Both Melcer and Glorfindel blushed deeply. Glorfindel opened his mouth to say something but thought better of it. Melcer went back to Glorfindel and the blond wrapped one of his arms around the younger Elf and Melcer returned the gesture. "How are you, Ada?" he asked a glint of worry made its way into his eyes. Glorfindel instinctively tightened his hold on Melcer, drawing him closer.

Elrond sighed softly and closed his eyes. "I'll be fine eventually, Mel. It hurts, and it will for a long time. But, with close friends like Erestor and Glorfindel, and a son like you, I know I'll make it," Elrond told Melcer. He opened his eyes and smiled weakly at his son. "I'm not giving up yet," he whispered.

Erestor smiled slightly, standing behind him. He watched Elrond lovingly and longingly, which did not escape Melcer's or Glorfindel's notice. "Ada, why don't you and Erestor go outside for a walk. I'm quite sure it's been some time since you've left the confines of this house," Melcer suggested, grinning at Elrond and Erestor.

"That is a good idea," Erestor said and looked at Elrond. "Would you join me for a mid-morning walk?"

"Of course, Erestor," Elrond said as he looked at Erestor with a genuine smile.

Melcer watched the two and knew it wouldn't be long until they were in each other's arms. His Ada was in good hands. The two left, and he was alone with Glorfindel again. He smiled at Glorfindel as the Elda drew him closer. Their lips inches apart, they stared adoringly at one another. As lips met and eyes closed, they knew they had each found their true love.

"Let us go to your room," Glorfindel whispered seductively into Melcer's ear, who nodded. They quickly made their way to the Prince's room, each eager to have their hands on the other.


Elrond sighed as he and Erestor walked out into the sunshine. The warm rays of sun, blue skies and singing birds lifted his spirit even more. He let himself dwell on how much he enjoyed Erestor's company. His affection was growing. "Erestor? May I ask you a personal question?"

"Of course," Erestor answered as he looked at Elrond with a smile.

"Have you ever been in love?" Elrond asked, looking down as they continued to walk the well trodden paths of Imladris' garden.

Erestor almost stopped in mid-step but managed to keep going. He answered in a surprisingly steady voice. "Yes, for a long time."

Elrond turned and smiled at Erestor. "What's he like?"

Erestor blushed as he answered, "He's wonderful. Beautiful eyes, and the silkiest hair you've ever seen. He's smart and well -- he's just perfect."

Elrond looked at him mischievously. "Who is it? Saelbeth?" Erestor shook his head. "Thranduil?" Another shake of the head was followed by more suggestions. "Well, who is it?" asked Elrond, exasperated.

"You," Erestor said softly.

"Me?" Elrond said as he stopped, staring at Erestor in shock.

"Yes, you."


Part 9

Melcer lay on his side, staring into Glorfindel’s eyes. His fingers idly twirled the Elda's wavy blond hair, and a gentle smile played on his lips. He truly loved Glorfindel, and now, finally, they were together. "Glorfindel." He said the name as if it were a rare treat he was privileged to taste.

A loving smiled graced the Elda’s features as he gazed upon Melcer’s nude form. Long, elegant fingers caressed the silken skin, learning every secret of Melcer’s body. His questing fingers found Melcer’s entrance. Glorfindel pressed a digit against his new lover’s body, lightly teasing him.

Melcer gasped, and pushed back against the finger. "Glorfindel," he panted. "Please, do not tease me so." His blue eyes dilated with lust, and he rested his hand on his lover's shoulder. A soft moan fell from his lips when Glorfindel's finger finally breached him. Melcer had taken lovers before, but he had never permitted himself to be taken. For Glorfindel, though, he would gladly give his body in submission.

Glorfindel further penetrated the tight heat of Melcer, savoring how the channel encased his finger. With his free hand he caressed Melcer’s lovely, flushed face; he brought their lips together, lovingly exploring the silver-haired Elf’s mouth. His young lover was so sweet and beautiful. Glorfindel thoroughly prepared Melcer, and he wished the night would last forever. He knew, though, that not all wishes came true. This night may not last forever, but he prayed to the Valar that their love would.

Love and trust shone in Melcer’s eyes as the kiss ended. The fingers moving within him brushed the sensitive gland that he knew his previous lovers bodies possessed. The touch elicited a loud moan of pleasure from the silver-haired Elf, and Melcer pushed back against the fingers. "Please, Glorfindel, I’m ready," he whispered hotly against Glorfindel’s ear, and he licked the sensitive tip.

Glorfindel groaned softly, leaning his head towards the moist mouth. "Aye…" he agreed and reached for the phial of oil beside the bed. He hastily poured the liquid on his member, preparing himself for what was to happen next. His gentle hands traced the lean muscles of the younger Elf's supple body as he positioned his hardened shaft at Melcer’s tight ring of muscle. "Don’t tense," he murmured against his prince's lips.

Melcer nodded, forcing his muscles to relax though they threatened to tense in apprehension. Glorfindel’s loving touches eased his fears. With a gentle push, Glorfindel’s engorged flesh breached his body. Slowly and carefully the Noldo sheathed himself within the younger Elf’s body. When he could go no further, Glorfindel stilled, panting against Melcer’s neck, and waited for his lover to become accustomed to the intrusion.

After a few moments, Melcer nodded that he was ready for Glorfindel to proceed. At first, the thrusts were gentle, Glorfindel taking care not to hurt the Silvan Elf. As passion rose, the thrusts became more frantic. Their lips found each other locked in a sensual embrace of love and lust. Glorfindel thrust powerfully into Melcer, his movements no longer controlled as his release drew near.

Moaning Glorfindel's name, Melcer closed his eyes in ecstasy and began to stroke himself. It did not take long before he reached his peak, tumbling over the edge of pleasure. His seed spilled between their bodies, creating a sticky mess.

Glorfindel felt his lover’s body tightened around him, drawing out his own release. A loud growl of pleasure escaped from low in his throat and he plunged into the other, releasing his seed deep inside Melcer.

Glorfindel slowly pulled out, and Melcer moved into his arms. They kissed each other lovingly. The Silvan Elf rested his head on the Elda's shoulder.

"Melin chen," came the sated murmur of the elder elf, kissing the top of Melcer’s head, reveling in its softness.

Melcer sighed happily, answering softly, "As I love you, Glorfindel."

They lay together, the warm rays of the afternoon sun caressing their bodies as they fell into a light sleep, their arms and legs entangled as one.


Part 10

Elrond stared into the brown eyes of the Elf who had just bound himself to him. Love shone from the dark orbs, setting aflame Elrond’s soul. How long had their passionate love been hidden? How could a love, such as theirs, have remained hidden for so long? Oh, but he was happy to have his Erestor now: the god of his idolatry, the sun in his sky, and the center of the universe: Erestor was everything to him. "Melethen dholen," he breathed against dark Elf's lips.

"Our love is no longer hidden. I am yours for the life of Arda. Melin chen, Elrond," he whispered lovingly, and softly kissing him.

"I love you too, Erestor," the Noldo said as they held each other in an embrace of love that was pure and true, and no longer hidden -- but now bared for the world to see.


Melethen dholen – hidden love

Melin chen – I love you


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