Elfish Translations:
Herdiren- My master Herdir- master
HerdirdÓn - his master
Iqista- please (Quenya)
penneth- young one


Lindir's bright eyes of stared up at herdirdÓn. He loved Elrond with all his being and lived to please him. His life revolved around his masterís happiness. "HerdirenÖ" Lindir moaned as the Half-Elf caressed his rigid length. "Herdiren, please, do not tease me so."

Elrondís eyes hardened, looking his young slave in the eyes. "Did I give permission to speak?" Elrond hissed harshly.

Lindir shivered under the stern gaze and shook his head. He moaned when Elrond continued to stroke him, lifting his hips to meet the Peredhelís hand eagerly. "Iqista!"

Elrond removed his hand and slapped Lindir's angelic face. "I told you not to speak! You have displeased me, penneth," he spat angrily. "You are not to find your release until I say you do."

With those parting words herdirdÓn left him trembling on the bed, holding his cheek. Lindirís body hummed with desire, but he must please herdirdÓn and so he waited.


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