Orophin's horse came charging into the main yard of Imladris. It had been several months since Orophin had last seen his lover: the golden Lord -- *his* golden Lord -- who blessed his bed with his presence. As soon as Celeborn had given him the leave to do so, he had rushed from Lórien, his mind bent on the journey to the valley. Now that he was here, he hoped Glorfindel would be happy to see him, and that he would have the time today to spend with him. He rushed Celonoll into the stable yard and dismounted in one fluid movement, landing with a grace and beauty Men envied. There were no stable hands, so Orophin took his mare into one of the stalls, his impatience growing. He needed Glorfindel.

Glorfindel had been grooming Asfaloth when the Silvan Elf charged into the stables. A mischievous smile appeared on his face; the rushed, desperate glint in his lover's eyes caused his heart to swell within his breast. Seeing the intense need in his young love's eyes and body language reassured him of Orophin's devotion. Maybe he could gain the upper hand this time. Needless to say, it was hard for Glorfindel -- the great Balrog-slayer -- to yield to anyone. Especially a younger, smaller Elf, but he had. But, he had. With a grin, he crept behind Orophin and wrapped his arms around him, biting the Silvan Elf's neck playfully.

The Lórien Elf, his reflexes still on edge, drew his elbow forward and brought it back, sinking it into his attacker's midriff. He spun around and drew his blade, his eyes wide. Who would dare attack him in Rivendell?

Glorfindel grabbed his middle and groaned softly. "Orophin!" he managed. "Such a nice way to greet your lover."

Orophin resheathed his knife and looked contrite. "Sorry?" he offered, approaching his pained mate. "I didn't realize how tense I was."

"It's all right. I shouldn't have crept up like that," Glorfindel said, still rubbing his middle.

The warrior took his Balrog-slayer into his arms and embraced him tenderly. "I have missed you, melethen," he breathed against a delicate ear.

"I have missed you, too," he panted softly, kissing Orophin's pale throat again.

Orophin groaned, feeling his body react to Glorfindel's touch. "If you continue to do that, we will not leave this stall and Celonoll might be offended," he teased.

"I have not the will to stop," Glorfindel said softly, bringing his lips to Orophin's.

The silver-haired Elf turned his head to avoid the kiss. "At least let us move to the hayloft; I do not fancy being tumbled in my horse's stall!"

"Oh, I'm certain he would love to see it," Glorfindel taunted as he moved from the stall.

Orophin followed the golden Elf-lord up into the hayloft, feeling like a child hiding from his Naneth as he did something naughty. When Glorfindel finally reached the top, he found a pile of hay and laid on it, looking up at Orophin with a seductive smile.

"You look like a cat who has taken the cream, Glorfindel," he said softly, crawling toward his lover.

Glorfindel grinned wickedly. "Oh, I would take the cream," he said, licking his full lips suggestively.

Orophin laid himself atop the taller frame of the Elda, and teased those petal-pale lips with his tongue. "Would you, my Lord?" he asked, his voice low and thick with lust.

"Aye," Glorfindel murmured, catching Orophin's tongue gently between his teeth before suckling tenderly and wrapping his arms around the lover's neck.

Orophin returned the kiss ardently, rubbing his groin suggestively against Glorfindel's thigh.

Glorfindel grinned. "Now who is the cat?"

The border guard meowed like a cat, licking playfully at Glorfindel's jaw while he unfastened the Seneschal's tunic.

"That is sexy," he murmured. "My kitten..." he purred as he moved to catch Orophin's lips and sucked younger Elf's tongue into his mouth.

Orophin chuckled and spread open his lover's tunic, baring the smooth, unblemished flesh to his eyes. "I have missed the taste and feel of you, melethron," he said before he latched onto one of Glorfindel's nipples, laving it with his tongue.

Glorfindel gasped, quickly burying his hands in the silver hair. "You have?" he moaned quietly. "I would think your fellow guardians would have made you forget."

The Lórien Elf bit down on the nipple between his lips, then looked up at Glorfindel with a look of mock-disdain. "Are you implying that I have not yearned for you? That I have been unfaithful to you, meleth?"

"Nay, I was only teasing, Orophin," he said softly, kissing the offended Elf tenderly.

Taking Glorfindel's hand, Orophin kissed the palm softly, then slid the hand between them and placed it on his firm arousal. "You should know by know how I ache for you when we are apart."

Glorfindel groaned, his eyes closing for a moment as he fondled his lover through the fabric of his leggings. "Aye, I know. I wish we did not have to be parted. I would leave everything and come to Lórien if Elrond would permit it."

"Your place is here, my dearest," he said between kisses, grinding his hips eagerly against Glorfindel's hand.

Glorfindel smiled, his sapphire gaze dark with love. "But my heart's place is with you."

"It is not the place of your heart that interests me at this moment," Orophin said cheekily as he slid to his knees. He deftly untied Glorfindel's leggings and drew out the Elda's arousal, sucking the smooth length into his mouth with a single motion.

Glorfindel cried out and arched against the bale of hay as he was engulfed by moist heat. "Orophin..." he moaned in ecstasy.

Orophin sucked eagerly at his lover's length, swallowing as he took him in and teasing the slit when he drew back. He pushed his hands beneath Glorfindel's backside to massage the firm muscles there, urging him to thrust into his mouth. The Elda gladly complied and thrust eagerly into the wet cavern, moaning in delight.

The Silvan Elf moved one hand to follow the line in Glorfindel's buttocks, slipping a finger between the flesh to caress the opening, mewling as his mouth was plundered.

Glorfindel stiffened slightly and gripped the silver locks tightly, pushing Orophin down on him harder. "Please," he begged.

Orophin let Glorfindel slowly slip from his mouth and gripped the slick shaft with his hand, pumping furiously and watching his lover's face. "Aye, melethen," he whispered heatedly, pressing against the Elda's entrance with his other hand.

The Seneschal continued to moan wantonly, alternately pushing against the invading teasing fingers and the tight fist. He knew his release was near, and he begged shamelessly for Orophin to bring him to that completion.

The archer ran his thumb over the dark, swollen head, smearing the clear fluid, and slid a finger a little way into his lover's passage.

Glorfindel bucked, crying out. "I'm going to come!" he breathlessly panted as he pushed against the invading finger.

"Good," Orophin murmured. "I do believe that is my intent; I am glad it's working," he chuckled, squeezing slightly more, urging the Elf-lord's release.

A long, low moan fell from Glorfindel's lips as his back arched again. With a few more strokes of the tight, slick hand, he felt his seed flow over Orophin's hand and onto his belly, his cries of pleasure echoing in the small loft. "Orophin!"

Orophin shuddered with need, watching his lover find completion. Once Glorfindel stilled, though, Orophin could not restrain himself. He removed his leggings and gathered the milky fluid from Glorfindel's stomach, smearing it along his turgid length. He took the rest of his lover's seed and stroked the opening to Glorfindel's body, easily slipping two fingers into the elder Elf and eyeing him hungrily.

Glorfindel panted in the aftermath of his orgasm and felt the breaching of his body, welcoming the slight sting and sweet fullness. "Aiya, Orophin," he breathed.

"You are always so hot and tight, melethen," he said huskily. Orophin could wait no longer and covered the Elda's body again, mounting the Elf-lord in one eager, smooth thrust. He let out a loud cry of possession and buried his face in Glorfindel's neck.

The intense sensation of being filled and stretched ripped a groan from Glorfindel. The Elda wrapped his arms around Orophin, pulling his lover closer. "And you are so well-endowed," he replied in a strained voice as he adjusted to the intrusion.


Elladan held onto Elrohir's hand, smothering his laughter as he heard his tutor talk to the visiting guardian. "Let us fetch Ada," his brother said, tugging his hand. "And perhaps Erestor." The two Elflings ran off for the main house, seeking their father and their other tutor, giggling madly as they went.


Orophin began to move within Glorfindel's body, and brought their lips together in a kiss. The archer swallowed his lover's moans and cries as he took him slowly, savoring the Elda's submission.

Glorfindel met Orophin's thrusts, silently begging to be taken harder. He loved the feel of Orophin within him again and hungrily consumed the Silvan Elf's lips. He loved Orophin with all his being and put all the emotion he could behind the kiss.

Panting, Orophin broke the kiss and angled his thrusts, hoping to reawaken Glorfindel's desire again. He slowly withdrew and reentered, nipping and suckling at the Elda's throat, marking him as his.

The Elda felt pleasure surge through his body with each stroke inside him and moaned as he felt his shaft swell and stiffen again. Orophin hit his mark with unerring accuracy, causing Glorfindel to writhe in need beneath him and loudly moan his lover's name.


Erestor covered his mouth and looked with wide eyes at Elrond. The Half-Elf cast his eyes up at the entrance to the hayloft and crossed his arms.


Orophin took Glorfindel in hand again, quickening his pace. He could feel his release welling and he wanted to feel the Elda's body find its completion. He never felt as whole as he did when he reached that level of physical pleasure with his love.

Glorfindel moaned with reckless abandon. "Aye, Orophin, harder... aye... faster... please!" He thrust up into the fist in search of release.

The archer shifted his position so he could thrust more forcefully, giving Glorfindel what he begged for. He stroked steadily and pounded into Glorfindel's passage, so very close to his own release, but he tried to hold it off just a little longer. "You are so needy, melethen," Orophin panted, kissing him with bruising force.

A smothered moan filled the air before Glorfindel drew away, his impending orgasm wringing little cries from his lips. He sucked on the pale column of Orophin's throat, wanting to leave his own mark of love upon the archer. As the overwhelming release tore threw him, a strangled scream of bliss made its way from his lips. He held the younger Elf tightly as he came down from his euphoric high; his seed was spread heavily between their bodies.

The Silvan Elf shuddered, his own release tearing through him as he filled the Elda's passage with his essence. Glorfindel's name spilled from his lips and he thrust a few more times, determined to enjoy every moment of his orgasm.


Elrond shook his head. "You shall frighten the horses should you make this a habit, Seneschal!" he called up.

Glorfindel opened his eyes in shock. "Elrond!" he croaked, and then buried his face in the Orophin's bruise-covered neck, turning a bright shade of scarlet.

"You have the twins asking some complicated questions," Erestor added. "I am pleased to inform you that it will be your duty to explain to them what Orophin was doing to cause you to make such noises, meldir."

"But... but..." he protested. "I cannot tell them that!"

"Next time," Elrond chastised as he turned to leave the barn, "make it to your chambers where curious young ears will not place you in such a complicated position."

Erestor laughed. "Though, I am sure the position Orophin has you in at this moment is just as complicated."

"Oh, shut up!" the embarrassed Elda yelled down to them, chuckling through his mortification.

Orophin shook with silent laughter.

"It's not funny!" Glorfindel hissed, pinching Orophin's hip.

"From here," he said, slipping out of Glorfindel's body and sitting up, "it is." He grinned down at the disheveled warrior, quite pleased with the extent of their lovemaking.

"Oh, and Orophin?" Elrond called up. "You have to help in that lesson," he said, before disappearing out the stable doors.

Orophin's face flushed crimson and he looked at Glorfindel with a murderous eye. "No will to stop?" he snapped, recalling Glorfindel's excuse earlier in the horse's stall. "Next time, I gag you."


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