Title: Gold
Series: Color
Author: Anestel
Beta: Orchyd Constyne
Disclaimer: Itís Tolkienís baseball diamond I just play with the balls.
Pairing: Lindir/?
Rating: G
Summary: Harmony
A/N: This is the 7th part of the Color series. Iím not sure how good this one is(itís really short) but I hope you can still enjoy it! Iíve also changed the format in this on to third person because it came naturally as I was writing.



Golden, shimmering light spreads throughout the small room. Lindir quietly plays his lute, plucking strings with practiced precision. The soft melody fills the room with happiness, representing the harmony of the two Elves.

A hand reaches up, winding a strand of soft, silver hair around its finger. Pewter eyes stare adoringly up at Lindir; dark hair mingles with silver. Moonlight and night, their hair mixes. Just as all the notes of Lindirís song made a beautiful masterpiece, so did the union of the two Elves' souls.

Their souls sang together. They laughed together, cried together, loved together.




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