Heís dead. The two words brought Erestorís world to a crashing halt. Glorfindel is dead. It couldn't be; there were so many things left to say, left to do. This couldn't be the end. Glorfindel couldn't be gone. Lost in battle. "No." Erestorís heart refuses to believe what his mind knew to be true.

How could this be? Glorfindel should not have died so soon. Erestor felt his will to live, his hope, his soul crushed by those two words. Heís dead. ĎOh, cruel Valar, how could you take him from me?í Erestor thought in anguish. He looked for someone to blame, something to hate. Bitterness overwhelmed him as he lay on the bed he and Glorfindel had shared for so many years. It wasnít fair that he was left behind when his lover had been taken. ĎOh, take me too,í he pleaded, wanting his life to end.

Tears began to fall from the Noldo's eyes. He would never hold Glorfindel again. He would never hear another bawdy joke or pick up the golden Lord's tunics from the floor. Sobs overtook him and he buried his face in the pillow that still smelled of his lover. Before long, his tears slowed and his eyes became glassy with reverie as his body slipped into a defensive, healing sleep.


Erestor heard a familiar voice calling his name. His tear-filled eyes turned in the direction of the sound. He was surprised to see his lover there, golden hair flowing about him with his mischievous smile intact. This couldnít be. Oh, my sweet Erestor. Do not mourn so. Do not throw your life away. This is not the end.

But you are dead, Glorfindel. Erestor replied looking at him in shocked weariness. I donít want to live without you.

Glorfindel shook his head and reached to caress Erestorís cheek. Itís not the end. This is not the end. You will not always be alone. I will come back to you. Hold on to our love and keep it alive. As long as our love is alive, then I will live. This is not the end. With those parting words, Glorfindel captured his lips in a loving kiss. Donít forget me. He whispered as he wiped the tears away. Live for me. Always remember, this is not the end.

I love you Glorfindel, Erestor said, desperately trying not to cry. As I love you, my Erestor. At Erestorís name the vision faded and Erestor woke. He still felt thetouch on his lips where Glorfindel had kissed him. The remnant of the gentle caress on his cheek remained.

This is not the end.


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