Chapter One

~ Viggo ~

"Hey Vig, over here!" I heard someone call. It was my first day on set and I searched for the source of the voice. It was Sean Bean. I smiled as I quickly made my way over to him. "What's up?" I asked, my hands in my pockets.

"I have someone I want you to meet," Sean answered as he pulled me over to a man with a blond wig on. "Orlando, how are you doing?" he asked the 'Elf'.

"How's it look like I'm doing... Great... just great!" the young man said sarcastically.

I ignored the flutter of my heart as I looked at him. My first impression of this 'boy' was that he was annoying, sarcastic and immature. What a brat! Orlando looked at me with contempt, almost glaring at me. I restrained myself from speaking the first thought that came to me: We've only just met -- how can you hate me already?

Sean interrupted our cold glares by demanding our attention. "Orlando, this is Viggo; Viggo this is Orlando." Sean seemed oblivious to the tension between Orlando and I. I shook my head, not quite understanding my instant dislike for Orlando. It's not like me.

~ Orlando ~

I watch Sean bring some guy up to me. He looks oddly familiar, but I decide that it doesn't matter. This stupid wig is annoying and the contacts irritate my eyes. Talking to someone is not what I want to do at the moment. Besides that, my horse smells like a horse -- which means *I* smell like a horse! How annoying is that?! You would think they could spray it with a deodorizer or something.

Sean asks the stupid question of how I'm doing. Fuck, do I look I'm doing well? What a dumbass question! "How's it look like I'm doing... Great... just great!" I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

Sean introduces us. Viggo... What kind of name is that? What kind of parent would name their child Viggo? Whatever... I nod as politely as I can manage and then stalk away, resisting the urge to stomp and throw a tantrum like a child.

~ Sean ~

What was wrong with these two? It seemed like I had just entered the North Pole. I shrugged after I introduced them, and watched as Orlando stalked off like a child. Well, he practically is a child compared to me... The brat...

I then take Viggo to the costume trailer so we can get changed. Peter will be calling for us soon and we were supposed to be in costume thirty minutes ago. I'm still curious why those two were so cold to each other. It's not like either of them. Maybe they have PMS or something.... Well... You know it *could* happen...


Chapter Two


Exhausted, I fell into my chair. What a taxing scene! After only two days of sword training I was expected to film Weathertop; at least I seemed to be a natural with the sword. The younger actors were refreshing to work with. Though it seemed they're always mentioning *him* -- Orlando -- which, for some reason, upsets me.

I don't understand my instant dislike the young, and apparently talented, actor. He haunts my thoughts, with those vibrant chocolate eyes and his head shaved except for that strip down the middle. Yes, Orlando was beautiful; so why do I dislike him?

Finally, I'm able to leave, dressed in my everyday clothes. Of course, I take my sword with me. It really is a beautiful weapon. I shook my head and laughed softly as I laid it on the front seat. I heard a tap on my window and smiled when I saw it was Sean. I rolled down my window and asked, "Hey Sean, what are you doing here?" I knew he wasn't in the filming for another few days.

"Come to see if you wanted to go for a beer or two," Sean said with a smile.

"I don't know, I'm exhausted from the filming," I protested, knowing Sean would end up convincing me.

"Well then, come with me and we'll relax with a couple beers," he prodded, grinning at me.

I sighed, not wanting to argue, knowing I would lose anyway. "Fine, I'll go. Meet you at the pub in an hour," I conceded. Sean nodded, his smile spreading, and he dashed off to his car.


My plan may fail, but I gotta try. I can't stand two of my friends being at each other's throats like this. Not to mention, Orlando and Viggo are perfect for each other.

Viggo is so into Orlando, and I know Orlando is into Viggo. I just don't understand why they won't admit it. Oh well, I now have a chance to do some matchmaking. This will definitely be fun, and hopefully the Hobbits came through on their end with Orlando.


Sean asked me to go to the bar tonight. I'd rather not, but then the Hobbits called and begged and so I'm going. I just hope Viggo wasn't invited.

I don't know why the hell I don't like Viggo... I simply don't. As soon as I figure it out, I'll be a much happier man.


Chapter Three


The bar was busy when I finally walked in. I searched for Sean and groaned when I saw that he was with Orlando. I turned to leave but Sean called my name! ĎDamn it, Sean!í I thought, and stiffly turned around, marching to the table.

I tried not to look at Orlando, simply smiled cordially at Sean; all the while, I wanted to strangle him.

"Sit down," Sean said, his green eyes sparkled. I started to sit beside Sean, but he shook his blond head. "Thatís Astinís seat," Sean told me. "Sit by Orlando."

I scowled, but I had no valid reason to say no. "Hello Orlando," I replied politely as I sat beside him.

"Hello," he answered in a clipped voice. His accent sent shivers down my spine. What was it I felt for the Brit? With a sigh I sat back, taking Seanís beer in hand.

Sean protested, but I ignored him. He was beginning to grate on my nerves. What was wrong with me? I should go home, call Henry and then crash in my bed. Though, I doubt that will happen for a while.


Damn Sean! I thought the wanker was planning this somehow. Viggo wasnít supposed to be here! I sighed softly. Maybe Iíll just complain of back pain and return to my flat, though I doubt Sean will allow it.

When Viggo sat beside me, I struggled not to look at him. What is it that draws me to him? He was practically old enough to be my dad!

~Sean B.~

Everything is going according to plan...

~Sean A.~

Too bad the other Hobbits havenít showed up yet...


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