“But Borsael, I don’t need to know all this Queyna anyway!” Maergorv complained, pushing away the document he was supposed to be translating. “I’m a warrior, not a scholar!” he added indignantly.

Borsael sighed, watching Maergorv in annoyance. “Ada said you have to complete this translation before you can go to sword practice again. Come on, it isn’t very long. You could finish it in time for practice…if you start now,” the elder brother insisted.

“Can’t you do it for me, Borsael?” Maergorv whined, shoving the work towards his brother. “You like that stuff anyway.”

Borsael sighed softly. “Maergorv, I will not do your work for you! Ada would know the difference!” he said, his brow creasing in exasperation.

“I’d let you fuck me if you do it,” Maergorv bargained with a smirk, scooting his chair closer to his brother. He tilted his head, kissing the most sensitive spot on Borsael’s neck, just above his collarbone, starting to suckle on it.

“Maergorv! You can’t bribe me with sex. That is not right, nor is it far!” Borsael exclaimed though his voice was breathy, giving away his stirring arousal.

“Mmm…You know you want to. You’d love to see me, my leggings pulled down, bent over this table. I would tremble in anticipation, waiting for you to thrust your hard member into my tight body, filling me,” Maergorv murmured naughtily into Borsael’s ear, taking the tip into his mouth, suckling. “You know you want it…”

“Maergorv,” Borsael moaned, closing his eyes, shuddering in pleasure. He shook his head helplessly, finally pulling away. “No, you need to do your own work,” he panted.

Maergorv smirked, knowing it wouldn’t take much more to break Borsael’s determination. He placed his hand over Borsael’s groin. “Hmm…what’s this? For me? I think your body wants it. You want to plunge your throbbing shaft into my passage, find your release inside my body. Fuck me, Borsael, please,” Maergorv purred, licking and sucking Borsael’s ear. The younger brother’s hands sneaked inside the folds of the robe, and into the under leggings, rubbing Borsael firmly.

Borsael trembled, biting hard on his lip, holding back the moans. He sighed in displeasure when Maergorv moved away. His blue eyes followed his brother as he stood. Borsael swallowed as Maergorv pushed his leggings down, bending over the table, his round firm globes exposed enticingly. This time when the other purred, “Fuck me,” Borsael could resist no longer.

The elder sibling shed his robes, casting them to the side, pulling off his leggings also. “I don’t have any oil,” he said, moving to lean over Maergorv, sucking on his shoulder, rubbing his scorching shaft against his brother’s backside.

“It’s all right. I’m not a virgin, use spit and your seed,” Maergorv instructed. “Hurry! I want you in me, now!” he pressed, rubbing back against Borsael, moaning wantonly.

Borsael bit his lip as he spat in his hand; the saliva and seed mixed as he coated his length, holding back moans of pleasure. “Ready?” he asked, breathing raggedly.

Maergorv nodded, trembling ever so slightly. “Fuck me hard, melethron.”

Borsael happily complied, plunging his member hard and fast into Maergorv’s quivering passage. He rested only a moment after he had completely sheathed himself before he began thrusting rapidly, possessing Maergorv’s body. He latched onto the younger’s shoulder to stay quiet as they were in the library, albeit alone for the moment, and Borsael wanted it to stay that way.

Maergorv bit his hand, stroking his own length and trying to muffle the groans and whimpers passing through his lips. He could hear Borsael’s breath grow more and more stilted with each thrust, faster and harder. Soon, all he could hear was the slap of flesh meeting flesh and Borsael gasping for air as he always did right before his release.

“Fill me, brother,” Maergorv moaned softly, stroking himself harder. He felt Borsael’s soft warm hand cover his, stroking with him. But soon the hand on his length tightened and he could feel his lover stiffen before he heard Borsael’s cry of pleasure as his warm essence filled Maergorv’s used passage. The feeling brought Maergorv to his own release, moaning, “Borsael,” as he found his pleasure at their hands.

They stayed that way for several minutes, both panting for breath, bodies sweaty. Borsael finally pulled his softening sex away, caressing Maergorv’s back lightly. “You’d better go to the baths before practice,” he said, licking his fingers before he dressed.

Maergorv did the same, pulling his leggings up and lacing them. “Melin chen, Borsael,” he said softly, planting a loving kiss on the elder brother’s lips.

Borsael smiled contently as Maergorv parted from him. “I love you too, maethoren vain,” he murmured, still a little breathless. “Now off you go so I can take a bath and begin translating this,” he commanded.

Maergorv winked, blowing a kiss back to Borsael as he ran from the room.

Borsael shook his head, gathering up the papers before walking down the corridor to his chambers.


Borsael pushed his damp blonde hair from his face, pull on a loose robe as he sat down at his desk. He smirked slightly, blue eyes sparkling with mischief as he began writing in the crude Westron script.



Melethron – lover
Melin chen – I love you
Maethoren vain – my beautiful warrior
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