Chapter One

Seto sighed as he locked himself in his bedroom after another long day of work. Nothing was right any longer. He longed for the days when he was younger, with no responsibilities. Unlike now, now he had to many things to care for, Mokuba, Kaiba Corp., Duels… Sometimes he just felt overwhelmed, like tonight.

Mokuba thought Seto needed a lover, but he knew better. Seto didn’t need another thing to take care of; his needs never mattered. Everyone wanted something from him, but no one gave, well except Mokuba.

The brunette let out a frustrated sigh as he lay back on the bed and throw his pillow across the room. When had life become so hard? When had he become so discontent?

Yugi… That’s when things had started changing in his life. His world turned upside down when the kid with tri-colored hair entered his life uninvited. Seto wished now that the door had been locked and bolted, but it was to late. His thoughts were consumed with Yugi.

It was impossible, you see. Yugi and his friends didn’t like Seto and with good reason. It hurt Seto more than he cared to admit. Of course, it was his own corporate ass’ fault, but that was beside the point. Seto was lonely and he wanted Yugi.

Yugi was one of those rare innocents that no matter what happened they would stay that way. The teen must have stolen many hearts over the years. Maybe in the upcoming duel Seto could change something. Maybe if he could talk to Yugi but it was almost impossible with that Mutt Joey around. He sighed, he wanted to and he would try. ‘You never know,’ Seto thought, Yugi might feel the same way.

Silly dreams that was what this all was but… it was his dream and he would hold onto it. No matter how ridiculous it was.

Seto ignored the dull ache of hunger in his stomach as he turned over and grabbed another pillow. He buried his face in it and soon fell asleep, clothes and all. His dreams were haunted with visions of Yugi. Yugi laughing at him... after he confessed his feelings. He woke with a start to realize it was just a dream. Tears filled the executive’s eyes before he stripped down and buried himself beneath the blankets. He wouldn’t cry, not for Yugi, not for anyone.


Yugi’s eyes sparkled as Joey gave him a hug before leaving. “Thanks Yug, this was a lot of fun. We need to practice more often,” Joey said over his shoulder as he shut the door to the game store.

Yugi watched his best friend’s blond head vanish and then he shook himself back to his senses. He began doing everything that needed to be done before he had to close the store.

Yugi tried to escape the fact that although Joey was his best friend that he had felt so lonely the past few hours as they had practiced for the duels they each had the next day, giving advice and working on their decks. They both knew that regardless of all of that it came down to the heart of the cards.

The heart of the cards… Yugi knew he always talked about it but it seemed he gave more time to the card’s heart than his own. He had ignored the love he felt for Kaiba…not able to admit it even to himself. Kaiba was an enemy. Things would never work between them and Yugi would be a fool to try and convince himself or Seto Kaiba otherwise.

“Do you really believe that?” Yugi heard the familiar voice of Yami. As always knowing exactly how Yugi felt and what Yugi did *not* want to hear.

“Of course I do, Yami,” Yugi answered him, turning to look at the pharoah. “It’s an impossible dream. It will only hurt me to believe in it. I believe in so much, but Kaiba is where I draw the line of my faith. I can’t go past it.”

Yami sighed and shook his head. “Yugi, listen to how pathetic you sound! You can’t shut away your love for Seto Kaiba. Open your heart and let your dreams run wild, let hope cross the lines even if your faith can’t. Trust in *your* heart…and in Kaiba’s. I know you won’t go wrong, Yugi. Trust me,” Yami advised, smiling ever so slightly at Yugi.

Yugi smiled back at his Yami and nodded slightly. “When have I not trusted you? I owe you so much that it’s impossible not to do what you say, even though I can’t believe it, I’ll hope,” Yugi offered.

Yami smiled approvingly, nodding. “Then you’ll always win Yug. You have the heart of a true champion.” And you’ll need it in the future, Yami added in his head.


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