Title: Crimson
Series: Color
Author: Anestel
Website: and
Beta: Bast
Disclaimer: I don't own any Elves.
Pairing: Oropher/Gil-Galad
Rating: G
Summary: Betrayal
A/N: This is the 5th part of the Color series. I'm not sure of the canon factor of this and just used bits and pieces from what I've heard. I don't like this part but I couldn't think of anything else. This could almost be bitter too.    



  My vision is crimson. His betrayal tinting and distorting everything I see. "Gil-Galad...How could you?" I whisper in a choked voice. 

  Even though he has not come, I must ride ahead; I know this will result in the slaughter of my troops.  

Maybe our sacrifice will be a stepping stone in this war, not a stumbling block. That is the only hope I have. I do not hope to live.  

  I do not want live.   

I want to die. 

Gil-Galad failed me.  

  He lied.  

  I can never forgive him. This feeling overcomes me. Even my love for him is shadowed. I can't help my disgust with him. He left me here to die. 

  I will die. It will be his fault. 


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