The soft glow of the fire-light filtered through the room. In one corner stood an 8-foot evergreen decorated with various ornaments; instead of only the traditional multi-color blinking lights, candles were lit on the tree, positioned carefully. Crosses, little dolls, even an eyeball ornament were hung on the tree as well as many traditional ornaments. As a small joke, a homemade model of Gackt in his black Le Ciel costume crowned the top of the tree gracefully. Beneath the tree were many gifts, though not all for the two of them but also for their friends who would come the next day.

On the blue and red sofa in the center of the large living room lay the lovers, side by side. Közi’s arm was haphazardly thrown over Mana’s middle. The latter was dozing peacefully; the former watched the serene face, love shining in his dark eyes. His dyed auburn hair fell over his left eye annoyingly and he had to constantly push it back.

The soft strains of Silent Night played through the room. Közi softly hummed along, his eyes still studying the pale face of his lover. Long dark lashes curled naturally against the skin under Mana’s eyes. The bow shaped lips were parted slightly. Unable to resist Mana's beauty, Közi lowered his head and kissed him chastely on the lips.

The black haired doll’s eyes fluttered before Mana opened them all the way. He looked up at Közi groggily. “Mmm… why don’t you wake me up like that more often?” he asked tiredly, his eyes filled with mirth.

Közi laughed quietly, nuzzling his cheek. “Are you going to sleep all Christmas Eve?” he asked in mock annoyance.

“Do you have something you want to do?” Mana murmured, eyes mischievous.

“I could think of a few things…” Közi said suggestively, running his fingers down Mana’s side. He brushed their lips together again. “What say you to a walk?” he asked.

Mana giggled, “Közi! Have you looked outside? It’s practically a blizzard!” Mana shook his head. “I’ll have to take a rain-check on that. Do you have any ideas for indoor…activities?”

Közi caressed Mana’s rear with a smirk. “A few,” he murmured. He rolled over, holding onto Mana, falling off the sofa. Közi landed on his back with a giggling Mana sprawled atop him Wasting no time, he rolled them twice more; Mana now rested on his back, Kozi, laying on top of him.

“Közi, you’re insane!” Mana giggled breathlessly. He mewled softly when Közi claimed his lips in a possessive, bruising kiss. He wrapped his arms around Közi’s neck lightly, holding his head close. When the two lovers finally parted for breath, Mana's dazed, adoring eyes gazed at Közi. "I love you, my kôtaishi.*"

"Aishiteru***, my kôjo,**" Közi replied. His voice was soft, melodic and the only other sounds in the room were their harsh breathing and the crackle of the fire. The orange light bathed their bodies, and soon Közi began pulling at Mana’s shirt, taking it over the other’s head. He easily pulled down the other’s skirt, tossing it towards the shirt. Luckily Mana was wearing nothing else or it might have been ripped off.

Next Közi pulled off his own clothes hastily, tossing them aside carelessly. Közi pressed their nude bodies against each other, gasping as their scorching shafts brushed each other with an electric shock. “So beautiful,” the man murmured, leaning his head back down to capture Mana’s lips again, sucking on his tongue teasingly. He rubbed their erections together, his hands running up and down the other’s sides.

Mana spread his legs eagerly, letting Közi fall in between them. Since they had made love that morning, Mana knew he didn’t need to be prepared and a little roughness was always a nice element. It meant it was never the same. He smiled a little at Közi, watching as the other used both of their precum to wet his cock a decent amount.

It wasn’t long before Közi pressed his shaft into Mana’s passage, claiming the man as his again. He grasped Mana’s shaft, beginning to thrust and stroke in tandem. The guitarist groaned softly against his lover’s neck, biting on it, sucking at it; a bright purple passion mark would be there for many days to come. He licked the spot to soothe it.

Mana’s melodic moans rang through the room like a magnificent symphony meant only for the two of them to hear. Their bodies moved as one, hearts beating as one. An aura of love surrounded them as their climax spiraled up to its pinnacle. They cried out each other’s names in unison.

Sated, Közi collapsed upon Mana, panting softly. “Merry Christmas,” he murmured.

Mana chuckled. “Exhausted already, old man?” Mana challenged, with a wink. Közi shook his head with a growl and sat up, and hugged Mana close, his soft member hardening in him as he carried him off the their bedroom awkwardly but reluctant to let go of the physical bond that represented the bond of love and trust that ran much deeper than their bodies.


*kôtaishi is a shinto term for Prince. It is not a literal translation to English since it is a Shinto term from my underestanding. Mana would not use this for real as far as I know he is not Shinto. But I just didn't like the other word for Prince that I found. Hope you aren't bothered. And Közi will be using the Shinto term for Princess to keep it consistent. Any terms I use will be Shinto terms unless indicated otherwise! ^^

** kôjo is a shinto term for Princess. I guess I should explain further why this is not particularlly culturally correct. From what i've gathered they are more politcal Emperor, Empress, Crowned Prince etc

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