Title: Blue
Series: Color
Author: Anestel
Beta: Orchyd Constyne
Disclaimer: I don’t own Elves
Pairing: Ecthelion/Glorfindel
Rating: G
Summary: Depression
A/N: Second piece in the Color series. I don’t know if this is “canon” per se but it was the way it came out. This drabble isn’t as good as “Red” >< I hope you enjoy it anyway.


Blue is the color of his eyes. Blue is the color of his heart. I watch him. I see those tears cascading down his cheeks, rolling down his chin, wetting even his neck.


Tears ever falling. Tears of regret, tears of a breaking heart. I want to run to him, hold him. But… But this invisible wall prevents me from my love.

It is the wall of death.

Námo has not allowed me my return. I long for my golden warrior’s embrace. But alas, his tears will still fall.


My Glorfindel.

I wish you would forget. Oh, how I wish to hold you in my arms again. It is so cold here; you know how it feels to be in these void halls. You used to be my warmth, my salvation, but my savior has been ripped from me.


Stop crying, Glorfindel. Tease and jest, be your true self. I would weep forever, so that never again shall a tear fall from your eyes.

I am your fountain of tears.


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