Maybe our love is wrong, but that does not change our hearts. I don’t want to let him go.

I can’t.

We don’t make love, we both agreed to wait, but we still show love.

His body curls against mine.

He is a child, but so wise, so mature. Some times if not for his size he might be mistaken as older than me. He knows so much and feels so much passion for life, yet he feels useless. But he is not.

I love him.

I need him.

“Tasuki,” his gentle voice breaks through to my mind and I turn my gaze to his big beautiful eyes.

“Hmm…” I replied, stroking his hair which had been let down for the night, crowning his face. My lips brushed over his cheek lightly.

“Tasuki, why do you love me? I am such a burden to you and the others. I know that our relationship must be strenous on you, not being able to consummate our love,” Chiriko whispered, tears welled in his eyes.

I sigh softly, my lips brushing over his bow-shaped ones. “Chiriko, I love you, because I do. And haven’t I told you before you are *not* a burden,” I paused, kissing him again, harder this time. “I will wait to make love to you forever if I have to,” I said those words, knowing that I meant them from the bottom of my heart.

I’m not sure what the others would do if they were to find out about us, but I doubt it would affect how Chiriko and I feel for each other.

But who is to say they wouldn’t attempt to separate us? I wouldn’t let me take him away from me. They would feel the burn of my harrisan, hear my cry of ‘Rikka Shi’ en!!!!’ before they even came close to a foot from Chiriko.

We belong together.

Across time and space, life and death, youth and old age our love will remain true and I will wait an eternity for him if I have to, he is worth it.

“I love you too, Tasuki.”


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